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Lin Zheng visits Wuhan to attend the Hubei-Hong Kong Cooperation Conference: the establishment of the cooperation mechanism between the two places is just right in time


Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue-e started his visit to Wuhan and attended the Hubei-Hong Kong High-level Meeting and the first meeting of the Hubei-Hong Kong Cooperation Conference today (29th). In her opening speech, she pointed out that Hubei and Wuhan had made great sacrifices to fight the epidemic.

Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue-e started his visit to Wuhan and attended the Hubei-Hong Kong High-level Meeting and the first meeting of the Hubei-Hong Kong Cooperation Conference today (29th).

In her opening speech, she pointed out that Hubei and Wuhan had made great sacrifices to fight the epidemic. The Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have always followed President Xi Jinping's spirit of "people first and life first" and led all the people of Wuhan to close the city with strong leadership. Successfully defeated the epidemic in 76 days.

Lin Zheng stated that it took only 10 days for Wuhan to build Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals, allowing the world to see the "speed of China, the power of Wuhan". She especially thanked the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government for their care for Hong Kong compatriots. At the beginning, the provincial government quickly coordinated various cities to provide support for stranded Hong Kong residents, deliver emergency medicines and daily necessities, and fully supported the SAR government in arranging special planes to allow more than 1,000 Hong Kong residents to return home smoothly.

She pointed out that Hong Kong is standing at a new starting point where "one country, two systems" is back on track and stable and long-term. The establishment of the Hubei-Hong Kong cooperation mechanism at this time is just right, and it also indicates that Hong Kong will better integrate into the overall development of the country.

Admire the full recovery of Hubei's economy in a short period of time

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor pointed out that with the full support of the central, provincial party committee and provincial government, Hubei's economy has recovered in a short period of time, which is admirable. He also said that Hong Kong's society and economy have suffered from "riots" and the new crown epidemic in the past two years. Under the strong leadership and promotion of the central government, the National People’s Congress successively promulgated the "Hong Kong National Security Law" and passed the decision to improve the election system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Returning to the original aspiration of "one country, two systems" and on the right track, the momentum of economic recovery is also good.

Lin Zheng continued that the central government is also full of expectations for Hong Kong’s transformation from chaos to governance and from governance to prosperity. The "14th Five-Year Plan" clearly supports Hong Kong in consolidating and enhancing its competitive advantages, better integrating into the overall development of the country, and supporting Hong Kong’s development for the first time. The international aviation hub, the international innovation and technology center, the regional intellectual property trading center, and the Sino-foreign cultural and artistic exchange center believe that the "eight centers" of Hong Kong can fully connect with the "five centers" that Wuhan is actively building, namely, the national economic center and the national center. The science and technology innovation center, the national trade and logistics center, the international exchange center, and the regional financial center, the two places can play to their complementary advantages and work together for a win-win situation.

Lin Zheng also pointed out that the Hubei and Hong Kong governments have established 13 areas to strengthen exchanges and cooperation after many months of preparations. The content is rich and comprehensive. In terms of aviation logistics, Hubei is accelerating the construction of Asia's first professional cargo airport, and Hong Kong is As an international aviation hub, even under the impact of the epidemic, the total cargo volume last year was still at the forefront of the world. It pointed out that the Wuhan Office of the Special Administrative Region Government had arranged for the Airport Authority to visit Hubei for on-site inspections. It is hoped that the two parties can further discuss specific cooperation arrangements in the future. .

Lin Zheng said that the establishment of the Hubei-Hong Kong mechanism symbolizes a new level of friendship and relations between the two places. It is believed that under the personal guidance of Hubei Provincial Party Committee Secretary Ying Yong, Hubei Provincial Governor Wang Zhonglin, and the joint efforts of government colleagues in the two places, fruitful results will be achieved. , And invited the two to visit Hong Kong at an appropriate time next year to "jointly witness the important moment of the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland."

Ying Yong: The experience of Hubei and Hong Kong in the past two years is like "seeing rainbow after wind and rain"

In his speech, Hubei Provincial Party Secretary Ying Yong said that the past two years have been extraordinary for Hubei and Hong Kong, but under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the two places have overcome severe tests and achieved major victories. He described all experiences as "see you after the storm." "Rainbow" has given the two places a deeper understanding of the steady and healthy economic and social development and the importance of win-win cooperation.

Huang Liuquan, deputy director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office.

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Huang Liuquan: Hong Kong director is gaining momentum

In his speech, Huang Liuquan, deputy director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council, said that with the implementation of Hong Kong’s National Security Law, the improvement of the electoral system and the implementation of patriots ruling Hong Kong, the practice of “one country, two systems” has returned to the right track, starting from chaos to governance, from governance to prosperity, and proactive. Integrate into the new era of the overall situation of national development.

Huang Liuquan said that Hong Kong is currently actively linking up with national strategies such as the National Fourteenth Five-Year Plan and the outline of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan. The director of Hong Kong is gaining momentum to help the country's needs.

The Hubei-Hong Kong Cooperation Conference, as the first official cooperation mechanism between the central region of the Mainland and Hong Kong, will help Hubei to make good use of Hong Kong’s advantages in internationalization, legalization, and marketization. It will also enable Hong Kong’s capital, technology, and talent to integrate into the central region of the country. Rise, in the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategy, has obtained a broad space for development, and at the same time provides an important carrier and support for the all-round cooperation between Hong Kong and the central region.

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