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How to Shop for the Most Popular and Hard-to-Find Tech Gifts This Year


Here you can buy the most wanted consoles, headphones, video games and gadgets for the 2021 Christmas season.

In the blink of an eye we are already in December.

While this is fantastic news, it can be stressful for anyone with a long Christmas shopping list.

Fortunately, we've got you back with a list of the best tech gifts, including many of the season's most popular and sought-after items.

And we've even given some shopping tips, as well as some alternatives to any out of stock item.

So relax and get ready to make your shopping list.

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Playstation 5

We won't sugarcoat it - you'd have a better chance of beating Sonic the Hedgehog in a foot race than finding a PlayStation 5 on a retail shelf.

With an impressive lineup of games and control that truly delivers on the promise of the next generation, the popularity of the PS5 is justified.

But with a little diligence, a little luck, and a lot of persistence, you could buy this console.

We recommend that you confirm that you have accounts and cards registered at the retailer of your choice in order to quickly complete your purchase.

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Sony's latest video game console comes in two variations: the standard PS5 (

MX $ 13,995 and 

USD $ 499;

on Amazon) has a disc drive and the PS5 Digital (

MX $ 11,499 and 

USD $ 399) which is a cheaper model that does not have a disc player, so you will have to download all your games.

Xbox Series X and S

Like Sony's system, the Xbox Series X is almost as difficult to track today as it was last Christmas season.

While the same tips offered above for securing a PS5 also apply when searching for an Xbox Series X, we also suggest looking for the Xbox Series S.

Yes, it's less powerful, lacks the disk drive of its bigger brother, and supports lower resolution (1440p vs. 4K on the X), but it still delivers next-gen gaming products.

This is especially important when combined with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, which includes access to 'Halo Infinite' and 'Forza Horizon 5'.

Also, the S Series is cheaper and easier to find.

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The Xbox Series S also has a special edition with exclusive content from 'Rocket League' and 'Fortnite'.

In the United States it is already available through Amazon for 

 USD $ 438

, while in Amazon Mexico you can already for

 MX $ 8,499


While the S Series in its regular version is also available and is cheaper:

 MX $ 6,699 / 

 USD $ 368.

Nintendo Switch OLED

With an OLED screen (

USD $ 350 /

 MX $ 9,998) bigger and brighter, Nintendo's latest version of its popular Switch platform is, unsurprisingly, another highly sought after gaming system.

That said, while it is the latest and greatest Switch, its updates and enhancements are not so significant that its older versions are obsolete.

In fact, if you're looking for someone who wants to get lost in the island simulation paradise of 'Animal Crossing: New Horizon' (

USD $ 59.99 /

 MX $ 1,199) or tackle Samus Aran's latest sci-fi adventure in 'Metroid Dread' (

USD $ 59 /

 MX $ 1,287) both the standard Switch and the portable Switch Lite have you covered.

Also, these older versions are much easier to find.

You can buy the Nintendo Switch at

USD $ 320 and includes a SanDisk memory /

 MX $ 7,819 or also the Lite edition that is portable in

USD $ 276 /

 MX $ 5,299.

Oculus Quest 2

A great gift for the gamer or tech enthusiast on your list, the Oculus Quest 2 (

USD $ 299 /

 MX $ 7,752) offers an affordable and accessible introduction to the immersive world of virtual reality.

With an extensive library of apps, games, entertainment platforms, and even some surprisingly effective fitness experiences, wireless headphones truly have something for everyone.

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It's readily available too, has a solid selection of games for serious gamers and casual folks alike, and has a wow factor that will possibly drop more jaws than any next-gen system, making it a viable gift alternative too.

Apple AirTag

IPhone users talented with losing their keys, wallet, or even wandering pets will love this tracker.

Once paired with an Apple device, the AirTag (

USD $ 29 /

 MX $ 699) has the ability to track anything you can connect it to.


Choosing the right AirPods, between the second and third generation options, as well as the Pro and Max versions, can be a complicated task.

However, for the average user, you can count on the AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro to deliver an above-average audio experience.

The AirPods 3 builds on the solid foundation laid by the second generation with the addition of spatial audio and a new open-ear design, while the AirPods Pro offer an upgrade to features like active noise cancellation and transparency mode.

They both boast around six hours of battery life and sweat and water resistance for the most active Apple users on your list.

  • AirPods 2nd generation (

    USD $ 129 /

     MX $ 3,399)

  • AirPods 3 (

    USD $ 179 /

     MX $ 4,499)

  • AirPods Pro (

    USD $ 249 /

     MX $ 5,999)

  • AirPods Max (

    USD $ 549 /

     MX $ 12,699)

Most Wanted Video Games of 2021

These games are part of the list published by Google in which it showed the most searched items for the 2021 Christmas season.

  • NBA 2K22

     USD $ 25.99 / 

     MX $ 1,249

  • FIFA 22

     USD $ 39.99 / 

     MX $ 809

  • Madden NFL 22

     USD $ 59.99 / 

     MX $ 1,363

  • Call of Duty: Vanguard 

     USD $ 69.99 / 

     MX $ 1,499

  • Far cry 6

     USD $ 109 / 

     MX $ 1,099

  • Mario Party Superstars

     USD $ 59.75 / 

     MX $ 1,863

  • Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

     USD $ 63.55 / 

     MX $ 1,099

  • Forza Horizon 5 

     USD $ 79.99 / 

     MX $ 1,999

  • Tales of Arise

     USD $ 60.99 / 

     MX $ 1,241

  • Battlefield 2042

     USD $ 69 / 

     MX $ 1,555

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