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BNO VISA is extended to Hong Kong people born after 1997|9 Important Notes on Application Eligibility, Methods and Procedures, and Fees


[BNO VISA application / non-recognition of BNO influence / immigration to the UK / right of abode / application eligibility / passport] Hong Kong BNO visa (Hong Kong BN(O) Visa)" is now accepting applications, and you can also apply through the mobile app,

[BNO VISA application / does not recognize the influence of BNO / immigrate to the UK / right of abode / application qualifications / passport] Hong Kong BNO visa (Hong Kong BN(O) Visa)" is now accepting applications, and you can also apply through the mobile app, but you must meet 3 types of passports.

The British government announced the expansion of the BNO visa program, allowing Hong Kong residents over 18 years old born after July 1, 1997, as long as one of their parents has a BNO passport, they can apply for a visa directly. It is expected to take effect in October this year.

How to apply for BNO VISA?

What are the eligibility criteria?

Fees and documents required?

Is English proficiency required?

The following 9 must-haves are answered one by one.

In addition, the Chinese mainland and the Hong Kong government have launched countermeasures. What is the impact of not acknowledging the BNO?

(file picture)

BNO "5+1" power expansion plan, Hong Kong holders of BNO can apply to become British citizens if they meet the conditions, and the British government website has updated more details, detailing the application time, application method, application qualifications, fees and requirements, etc. There are 3 passport types that must be met when applying online, details are as follows:

9 major notices for BNO residency application, do any leakage DQ▼▼▼


Mobile App to apply for BNO VISA▼▼▼

Android application:

click here

iOS application:

click here

As for the computer version application, as long as the above information is prepared in advance, and then follow the steps below, the application process will be completed in 10 minutes.

Application URL and steps to fill in the information▼▼▼


Required documents and payment steps▼▼▼


Application URL:

click here

However, there is one more point to consider before deciding whether to apply. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that China no longer recognizes BNO as a travel document and identity certificate, and reserves the right to take further measures. The Hong Kong government has followed suit and introduced four countermeasures.

The 4 countermeasures are as follows▼▼▼


No matter whether you apply for residency in the UK or not, there are more than 180 BNO visa-free or visa-on-arrival countries. As a travel document, it is also one of the options. If you want to renew your BNO, you can renew it as follows, but remember to look at the application conditions, application steps, Photo requirements, methods of sending documents to the UK, and countersignature requirements.

BNO application conditions + renewal method

(file picture)

Current BNO application requirements

1. BNO is a product of the British Hong Kong government, so friends born after the handover in 1997 are not eligible to apply.

2. BNO status is valid for life. As long as people who have applied for BNO before 1997, even if the BNO expires, or even disappears, they are still eligible to renew.

3. If you were born before 1997, but did not apply for BNO at that time, there is actually a chance.

It is a parent with a BNO. If you have filled in your name in the "included child" of your passport, you can apply.

Steps to renew BNO

Those who have applied for BNO can click here to renew BNO online. Most of the application steps are multiple-choice questions, which can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes. After that, pay with Visa or Master credit card and upload a personal photo. The details are as follows: ( (click to enlarge)

👇👇👇 BNO application steps (click to enlarge)👇👇👇


photo request

At present, you can upload your ID photo directly in the system, but please note that it needs to be uploaded in jpg file format.

The official website clearly states the requirements for self-portrait ID photos. Remember to pay attention to the following points!

However, even if there is a problem with the photo, the system will prompt you after uploading the photo, so don't worry.

After completing the form, the documents that need to be sent back to the UK will be listed. Generally, there are the following items:

1. The original BNO passport (with no corners cut), if lost or stolen, you need to report the loss online and fill in the LS01 form in the system (if it is stolen, you need to get a loss report)

2. The double-sided color of the Hong Kong permanent identity card Photocopies

3. Full-color photocopies of any unexpired passports of other countries currently held (every page, including front and back cover), or original passports (such as SAR passports) can be sent for application

4. One copy in the past 12 months Documents processed and showing the applicant's name and address or place of residence, such as government letters, bank letters, MPF letters and parent letters, etc.

5. Double-sided color photocopies of birth papers of the individual and parents (if any)

For more sub-signatures and application requirements, please see:

BNO Renewal Mail│BNO Documents to the UK, the Most Arrival Method FreightAmigo to BNO Teaching

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Apply for BNO VISA on Sunday and test your BNO VISA knowledge!

Did you get 10 questions right?

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