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This time the magic words "but the Arabs" will not work. The billions given to ultra-Orthodox society have no precedent - voila! news


Every time someone criticizes the sale of liquidation that Netanyahu did for the purpose of establishing his government, he immediately receives the automatic response - "but the Arabs". It is impossible to compare the Arab society, which thirsts for integration and time and time again blocks the way - with the ultra-orthodox society, which insists on staying at home and gets all its demands

Netanya informs the president that he has managed to form a government (official website)

Last Wednesday, Binyamin Netanyahu announced to the President of the State, "Ala Bidi", after a long and exhausting negotiation with the "natural partners". Netanyahu, who expected to form a government within a week, did not imagine that his "natural partners" would put him through a blackmail campaign, which would force him to pay them in cash , in the form of a legislative blitz and complete surrender to the demands they presented. All this, just so that they would wish him well and allow him, 12 minutes before the expiration of the mandate, which was extended by ten days, to inform President Herzog that he would form a government next week. It is enough to see how the appointed Minister of Finance, Bezalel Smotrich, tweeted "It's up to us " 34 minutes before the designated prime minister, perhaps to explain to the public again who is going to be the owner of the house, or the actual prime minister, in the coming years.

In the meantime, the battle to distribute the cases in Likud is just beginning, and the party members are fighting over a meager basket presented to them by the Likud chairman. Likud members are not sparing in their criticism of Netanyahu's way of conducting the negotiations, which left them with almost no senior cases.

At the same time, criticism is developing from another direction - also among Likud voters, against the coalition agreements with the ultra-Orthodox parties, which give billions of shekels to ultra-Orthodox society and perpetuate their non-integration in universities and the labor market, which can only harm labor productivity and the GNP of the State of Israel.

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Clearance sale.

Netanyahu (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Unsurprisingly, the response of the Likud and the shofars in the media to the criticism that arises is the pair of magic words - "but the Arabs".

Yes, you heard that right: every time someone criticizes the coalition agreements and the sale of liquidation made by Likud and its leader to the state and its institutions to the coalition partners, he will hear the word "the Arabs" as an automatic response.

The same word that helps Netanyahu whenever he feels he is in political danger;

The same word that accompanies Netanyahu since he entered the prime minister's office for the first time in 1996;

The same word that Netanyahu pulls out every time he feels the need to cover up one or another failure.

Those Arabs, who were an "existential disaster for the State of Israel" when they entered the coalition in the Bennet-Lapid government, Netanyahu desperately tried to add to his coalition.

The one who prevented this from him is none other than Smotrich, as we all heard in the recording of "Liar Ben Shekar".

By the way, in English Netanyahu is a "democrat son of a democrat",

So what's going on here?

Likud is indeed unable to deal with the harsh criticism against the billions they transferred to the ultra-Orthodox population in exchange for perpetuating unemployment, and there is nothing like the word "Arabs", which long ago became a kind of red sheet among quite a few people in Jewish society, to soften the criticism.

It's enough to see how every new Jewish elected official on the right, looking for an easy way to stand out in the media, immediately starts attacking the Arabs, or promotes legislation against Arabs, which usually ends up being read prematurely or buried in the Knesset committees.

But he has already produced the media profit, and the prominence he sought so desperately has already received - and these will already be translated into support in the primaries of one party or another.

But nevertheless, let's delve for a moment into the comparison made in Likud and around Netanyahu.

Did the Arabs demand billions to sit at home and not integrate into the labor market and government offices?

Or simply that Israeli governments for generations did everything so that the Arab public would be left behind and not integrate into the state?

How many Arab CEOs have so far been appointed to head government ministries? How many Arab settlements have been established so far to help solve the housing crisis that Arab society is suffering from? Now, you are welcome to replace the word Arabs with the word "Orthodox" and try to answer the same questions. The difference in the answers you will receive - heaven and earth

are not interested in being part of the equation.

Orthodox (Photo: Flash 90, Yonatan Zindel)

And that is exactly the problem with the comparison that is made, it is simply out of place.

There is one side that wants to integrate but they don't let him and despite that he doesn't raise his hands and tries to break the walls, every time again;

On the other hand, there is a party that is simply not interested in being part of the equation, and feels that it deserves everything while sitting at home.

Take, for example, the comparison made between the five-year plan for the development of Arab society, and the billions that Likud gave as part of the coalition agreements to the ultra-Orthodox public.

Was there one shekel in the five-year plan - a budget for five years - for one or another Arab citizen, in return for declaring that he is not going to study core subjects and prefers to stay out of the workforce?

Or is it simply budgets that are supposed to be invested in infrastructure and improving the socio-economic situation in Arab society, due to the neglect it has suffered over the years by the governments of Israel, who have always treated it as an ex-territory, which is not part of the state? Therefore, the money of the five-year plan - if it eventually reaches its destination - It was never supposed to be used as a budget for allowances for the public that does not want to work.

One of the comparisons that should be made is, for example, the number of students that the two populations provide to the academic institutions in Israel.

According to the Israel Democracy Institute, in the 2020 academic year the proportion of undergraduate students among Arab society was 18.3% (about 44 thousand students).

The proportion of ultra-orthodox students in that school year was only about 4.5% of the total number of students in Israel for bachelor's and advanced degrees (about 14,700 students), of whom 67% are ultra-Orthodox students.

It is true that they say, "A man shall live by his faith", and I do not aspire to wage a fight against the faith of one or another public - but I cannot put up with the injustice done by comparing the Arab and ultra-Orthodox public.

These data highlight the difference in the attitude these two populations receive in Israel.

One wants to integrate but they insist on not letting her, and the other population does everything to not integrate, and receives wireless silence from the designated government.

Its friends and "natural partners" will always prefer to attack the Arabs - the easiest, the most accessible.

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Source: walla

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