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Highlights: Bar elections, once of no interest to anyone, have become dramatic for the future of Israeli democracy. Adv. Efi Naveh, who is convicted of criminal offenses, is embraced by the right. When Adv. NaveH served as Chairman of the Israel Bar Association, he waged a struggle to flood the legal profession. If there are no surprises, most of the lawyers at the large firms will vote for Adv. Amit Bahar, who leads a clear line against the regime coup plan.

Bar elections, once of no interest to anyone, have become dramatic for the future of Israeli democracy. Efi Naveh, who is convicted of criminal offenses, is embraced by the right, even though no one is more identified than him with the squad of the Judicial Selection Committee

When Adv. Efi Naveh served as Chairman of the Israel Bar Association, he waged a struggle to flood the legal profession. For the task, he recruited, among other things, Justice Yosef Elron, then president of the Haifa District Court, now a Supreme Court justice, and appointed him chairman of the bureau's examining committee. The result was dramatic—about half of the interns failed, a riot of God arose, and intern demonstrations began. Naveh showed firmness in his move, explaining that the law market has become a despicable, underappreciated market that has lost its fame. "It used to be a great pride to be a lawyer," he explained, not knowing how right he was.

If I had to formulate the 2023 version of the core of Nave's agenda, I would say: There used to be great pride in being a lawyer; Once a lawyer would not have imagined that his trade union would be headed by a man who had just been convicted of a criminal offense; A lawyer proud of his profession would not even consider voting for such a person for the leadership of the Bar Association. In reality, even if this low point does not occur, and someone who has only recently been convicted of a criminal offense will be elected head of the Israel Bar Association, the fact that some opinion polls give Naveh such a significant percentage of support illustrates the place to which the profession has deteriorated in recent years.

Now it is no longer hidden. The connection between Naveh and the leaders of the regime revolution comes out of the closet. They probably understand that only He can save them, and He understands that only they can save Him. The trumpets batterf. For several days now, Chinon Sickle has been running a campaign for Naveh on Twitter. He calls on lawyers to come out and vote in a week and a half for Naveh, and even calls on candidates to quit in order to improve his chances. On Saturday night, the relationship between the two will escalate when Naveh arrives at the Bibist holy of holies - the "Patriots" program. The promos are in full swing. Of course, apart from this interview, except for his race launch interview on Channel 12 News, Naveh is not interviewed by the media. He learned from Netanyahu and Levin. Why sweat in front of critical interviewers when you can win caresses and hugs; After all, in the short time he has left until the elections in a week and a half, there is no time for mistakes.

For years, no one cared about the bar elections, not even most lawyers who didn't go out to vote. Never before have these elections been so dramatic for Israel, or rather for Israeli democracy. If there are no surprises, most of the lawyers at the large firms will vote for Adv. Amit Bahar, who leads a clear line against the regime coup plan. Naveh understands that salvation will not come from these large offices in the center of the country. He understands very well that out of the eighty thousand lawyers registered in Israel, there are many, naturally, who support Netanyahu, Yariv Levin and Simcha Rothman. On the other hand, of course, he cannot publicly support the regime coup plan for the obvious reason: one of the main components of the plan is the removal of representatives of the Bar Association from the Judicial Selection Committee.

Adv. Efi Nave (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Beyond the fact that it is foolish to run with such a message in an election campaign for the Chamber, it is also clear that honestly and genuinely, Naveh does not support such a move. After all, as you may recall, most of his power as Bureau Chairman was accumulated by the operation of his representatives on the committee. Beyond that, in the parliamentary framework stands the bill proposed by MK Hanoch Milwicki of the Likud to effectively abolish the Bar Association as a statutory body. The Likud is waiting with this proposal until after the elections in the chamber. If the unexpected happens and Neve wins, the offer will be shelved and Neve will also earn the credit for it. If he loses, it can always be pulled back out.

The deal between the parties is clear. The idea is that Naveh does not express support for the regime coup, he even declares that he opposes some of its components; On the other hand, he flirts with the satellite-Rotman base, to explain to them that he is the best he can be for them. After all, he was the one who waged the war against their hated soul, former State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan; It was he who embarrassed the great demon, his former friend, Avichai Mandelblit, by publishing his recordings; He is the one who tells everyone how closed junta the Supreme Court is. How far he will go with this message, we will know in his upcoming appearance on the Patriots.

What can coup supporters get from him? That's clear, and we already discussed some of the points last week. If an opposition representative is not elected next week on the Judicial Selection Committee, the array of forces will be as follows: three judges on one side; Four coalition members on the other side (two ministers and two Knesset members). If Naveh is in good shape after the June 20 elections, and he is able to put at least one candidate of his own (out of the two from the bureau) on the Judicial Selection Committee, Levin and Rothman will be guaranteed a majority. On the other hand, if an opposition representative is elected to the committee next week, Naveh will already have to bring two lawyers of his own to the committee in order to overcome the three Supreme Court justices on the committee. In order to get two members on his behalf on the Judicial Selection Committee, Naveh would have to be elected head of the bureau. Whoever wins a majority on the Judicial Selection Committee will appoint the next Chief Justice.

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Supported by the big firms. Adv. Amit Bachar (Photo: Reuven Castro)

So much for the spoilage that could affect all of our lives in the coming years - and now for the absurdity. Over the past few months, when supporters of the regime revolution wanted to illustrate the flawed manner in which the Judicial Selection Committee operates, they have often mentioned Omri Esenheim's excellent article in Fact. Excerpts from this article have even been broadcast in recent months on the Shofars' television programs. The thing is, the star of this article is none other than Efi Naveh.

The article provided a fantastic glimpse into Naveh and then-Minister Ayelet Shaked's sausage factory during the period when the two held their positions. Most memorable are the immortal scenes in which judges and lawyers seek Naveh's closeness, shower him with flattery, and ask him to help them advance themselves. There is no doubt that Neve was the worst expression of everything that took place in the Judicial Selection Committee. Minister Miri Regev, who at another time was a member of the Judicial Selection Committee, described the process of selecting judges as faster than preparing a "hot dish." How much hypocrisy must we enlist in order to tell us, on the one hand, about the desire to purge the process of selecting judges, and on the other hand to run for office those who are not identified from the corruption of the process, and that's before we even talked about the Etty Karif affair.

In the matter of Karif, I will preface by saying that in my opinion, the State Prosecutor's Office was right in deciding at the end of the day to close the case against Efi Naveh in this case. From the outset, the State Prosecutor's Office got involved in improper training in hacking mobile phones. There is no doubt that Naveh's part in this affair was an offense of breach of trust, but the burglary was legalized due to suspicion of bribery that could not be proven. Therefore, there was no choice but to close the case. What is clear is that Naveh did not deserve an award for his embarrassing and repulsive behavior in this affair, the main facts of which are not in dispute – Naveh tried behind the scenes to promote a lawyer for judgment without telling the committee members he spoke to that he had an intimate relationship with her.

Efi Nave and Ayelet Shaked (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Some lawyers reading the previous paragraph may adopt Crieff's immortal phrase and say, "We are not the God of morality," and what is not written about me does not exist. So how will they deal with Naveh's recent criminal conviction? Naveh was convicted of receiving something fraudulently and entering and leaving Israel illegally. The District Court judges who rejected his appeal wrote, inter alia: "Although the actions have no direct connection to the appellant's role and status, this role and status cannot be ignored when choosing the public interest... Once the head of the Bar Association is involved, every violation of the law, every offense, minor or severe, is at least indirectly related to this position. The public's trust in the judicial system, including the lawyers who are an integral part of it, is harmed not only if a lawyer, and certainly the person who heads the lawyers, commits an offense related to his role as a lawyer, but also if he has committed any other offense." Reading these things, how much contempt for the profession, how much contempt for the law, how much professional dishonesty must be recruited in order to support Nave's candidacy for the position. Putting Naveh at the helm of the Bureau is a final repudiation of the classic status of a lawyer as a trustee of the court – "officer of the court".

True, Naveh appealed to the Supreme Court for leave to appeal in order to prevent the verdict from becoming invalid. This is not an appeal by right, but an appeal to a third instance. Statistically, the chances of success of an appeal in the third instance are very low. If the application for leave to appeal is indeed denied, the decision against Naveh will become conclusive, and then in any case a disciplinary proceeding will begin against Naveh at the Bar Association, which is likely to end with the revocation of his license, even if for a certain period. Which will inevitably require his resignation as chairman if elected.

Levin and Rotman (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Therefore, Naveh's very run for the head of the Bar Association reveals his disturbing judgment and the megalomania he has not been able to free himself from. His entanglements did not teach him a lesson in modesty. Vice versa. More than anything else, the following fact sucks: among female lawyers there are quite a few who support changes in the legal system, even if not the extreme version of Levin and Rothman. How is it that among the many worthy conservative lawyers, not a single one, who was not faulted, stood up to run for the office of Bureau? How did it happen that Naveh actually became the darling son of the satellites and the Rotmans, even though he doesn't even have the ideology that they are? The answer is that in Israel in 2023, sentiment is infinitely stronger than ideology. The sentiment that Naveh markets is: I was the one who entered the prosecution's mother-mother, brought them down on their knees, and also tore Shai Nitzan and Mandelblit out of shape. This is the product that Naveh markets to Yanon Magal and his friends, and they love this kind of products.

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