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"My records will last at least 50 years" - voila! sport


After seven World Championship wins, Ronnie O'Sullivan's ambitions are modest. With the opening of the snooker season, which is broadcast on Eurosport, he says to Walla! Sport: "I have a hard time with the pressure"

"My records will last at least 50 years"

After seven World Championship wins, Ronnie O'Sullivan's ambitions are modest.

With the opening of the snooker season, which is broadcast on Eurosport, he says to Walla!

Sport: "It's hard for me with the pressure, in Corona it was easier without the crowd. This year I will probably get the most out of myself for the last time."

Special interview

Gilad Grossman


Monday, September 26, 2022, 5:31 p.m

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"There are at least ten options. There are things that are already waiting for me, activities and businesses that are not related to snooker, but they are running themselves so that it does not bother me at the moment. I would like to comment, I am thinking of going to Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda to shoot a film related to my hobby, running. I might even run a half marathon or a marathon. I think it will be interesting."

Ronnie O'Sullivan saw the festival surrounding Roger Federer's retirement last week.

At 46 and after seven World Championship wins, the greatest snooker player of all time is in no rush.

With the start of the snooker season which has started and is accompanied by live broadcasts on Eurosport, we caught up with him in a special interview, exclusive to the Israeli media.

"Athletes have weaknesses, like everyone."

Ronnie O'Sullivan (Photo: Eurosport)

"There's no pressure on me," says O'Sullivan, whose 30-year career has had ups and downs in and out of the gym. There are even people who asked me if I retired already. They didn't know I was a competitor."

He starts the new season in first place in the world, but knows that Judd Trump and Mark Selby will not blink if he fails in the upcoming season.

On the other hand, he is not eager to return to center stage.

"This year, more than any year, I feel that people are excited for me. I see how the spotlight is returning to me, and I admit that it's not something I wanted to happen. Life is much easier and simpler today and I prefer to just play and have fun."

In the past you've talked about reaching "dark places" after so many years in the game.

Why do you continue to compete at these levels?

"I think when you're competing and trying to win, it's hard to do what you want to do just your own way. There's a very high pressure in this situation, so meeting difficult and dark moments is necessary. It happens, and no matter how much you try to avoid it. I know at some point My thoughts will be so deep, and I'll reach places I didn't know were in me. If you want to go for a great title, you have to meet those places, and I wasn't always ready for that."

Even during the Corona period?

"It was different, because there was no crowd. There wasn't really a feeling of pressure, of someone sitting on your head, the fight was much easier. Crucible (competition site, GG) is bursting with spectators every day, when you play it's a big deal, And I didn't want to be there again, but I give it my all, I do my best and I live with it in peace. This may be the last time I do my best, I don't know what will happen next year."

Just marking the line for those coming in line.

O'Sullivan after winning last year (Photo: GettyImages, ronnie o'sullivan)

You once said that snooker is a bad sport.

Did it 'contribute' to your hard times?

"It's always been easier for me to tell the truth. I have, like every person, weaknesses and shortcomings and I'm not afraid to show them. People look at you as an athlete and think you're above it, but you're not. We're like everyone else."

How do you really handle the spotlight when you win?

"Winning and titles have never been my drive, I always wanted to enjoy the game, to be the best I can. My approach is 'play on the balls, play on the table', not look at what the opponent is doing and compete with them. If they win? So be it, it's not what that leads me. I'm more focused on the relationship I have with the game."

The most important figure in his life is his father, even though he only joined him in the later stages of his career.

Ronald Senior, 67, was jailed in 1992 after murdering the driver of a criminal named Charlie Cray.

He was released 17 years later.

"It's true that he wasn't there for the first 20 years of my life and at the beginning of my career, but it's important to me even if we had fun together in Sheffield. I'm blessed that at this stage of my life I can bring the people who are important to me for two or three weeks."

The situation in childhood was not simple.

"It's important to me that he enjoys his freedom. He's not the type to feel sorry for himself or get close. He followed my success in my career and it helped him deal with the difficult times. It's important that we support each other in times like this."

No direct competition.

Mark Selby (Photo: GettyImages, Zac Goodwin)

Federer had in the last 15 years the rivalries with Nadal and Djokovic.

The biggest threat to O'Sullivan is Mark Selby, but Rocket Rooney really doesn't see him as a rival in that sense.

"There is no direct competition between us because he is constantly playing 'catch-up' with me. He broke out a little later. I have 21 Major titles, he is on eight or nine. He has at least 12 more to reach me. I always saw him as a tough competitor, But John Higgins and Mark Williams are bigger rivals, because we all broke out at the same time. Now that rivalry is even bigger. Anyway, Selby is an excellent player."

And finally, what is your goal after you have already won the world championships seven times?

"It's hard, because I've already achieved more than anyone else has achieved in this game, so I'm up there alone at the top, fighting only by myself. All I'm doing right now is setting a goal for the next player to aim for. But I don't think there's anyone else right now who can To reach 21 Majors. Maybe some of my records will be broken, but I don't think my Masters, British or World Championship titles are in danger right now. I think they will last at least 50 years."

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