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Where are you going with so much! Jailyne Ojeda and her new oversized size!


Impossible body model Jailyne Ojeda doesn't have a taste for sizes like anyone else, she just likes everything in exorbitant size

If you have always had a love for the great , for what normally has little and that is obvious when you see it, Jailyne Ojeda will become a fundamental character in your life. She is also the one who chooses the biggest piece of pizza, the highest heels and the excess whenever possible and when not, too!

The model has managed to become popular by playing with the volume of all things ... but adapting them to your liking.

Because what are we going to fool ourselves for, Jailyne is synonymous with greatness . Just by looking at his figure similar to the shape of an hourglass we get an idea of ​​the times that the model has spent exercising.

Rats no, rather whole days.

And that is heard that not everything about Ojeda is as natural as she implies…

Long nails or manicure and hairpieces also of impossible size , because in the body of this woman there is nothing with standard measures.

And now, his latest acquisition and also the king size style to combine with the rest of his physique. The athlete has put on some false eyelashes that could go through fans!

He has not hesitated to choose them or been restrained in the election , these words do not enter his vocabulary or his life!

Surely when you see her in this post someone will also think that Jailyne's lips also have the proportion she likes so much, and so it is.

The mannequin is immense, look at it wherever you look . Even with accessories, a choice that in any other famous would be a blunder, but not in it.

Huge eyelashes for big eyes too voluptuous even in that!

Source: donbalon

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