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Caprese variant: I'll make you cold, tomato


"Caprese" tastes best when the tomatoes are fully ripe. But even after the harvest season can bring an interesting appetizer on the table - tricky is only the tasting.

Just as a model maker can make a mumbling agreement in his shipbuilding industry by restricting himself to fishing boats from the end of the 19th century, specializations in the preparation of food have repeatedly provided a topic of conversation. An example are the happy and controversial variants of the dining principle "Caprese" in this small hobby kitchen.

In fact, the combination "tomato / mozzarella / basil" is far more varied than you might expect at first glance. Instead of just cutting up tomatoes and cheese, marinating with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and throwing some basil leaves while serving, we already had a dozen wild "caprese" variations here - transparent tomato jelly, for example, or also wrapped in basil espuma , as a red-green filled mozzarella ball and twice as a hot, transparent tomato soup, first with cheese and herb cakes as an insert, and later with basil-marinated Mozza balls .

Because the topic has been simmering for a few years, some Caprese editions are naturally very much arrested in their time, such as the culmination of molecular cooking, the deconstruction of basil jelly and tomato. Other ideas, on the other hand, would have deserved a reawakening, such as the buffalo cheese cream-filled tomato dome reminiscent of the retro-buffet classic "toadstool" or the sweet caprese dessert , which we cheated but used strawberries instead of tomatoes as a red component.

When tasting becomes an egg dance

By comparison, today's update "Caprese 13.0 - basil cold shell with mozzarella balls and tomato parfait" does far less work. Apart from the freezing time, in which you do not always have to sit in front of the fridge, this preparation is quite fast from the hand.

The basis of the parfait is either the best possible convenience tomato sauce, or - in any case the better choice - the home-made and frozen dip from our last year's three-component recipe. Important: do not be afraid to freeze the sauce after thawing and refinement of the parfait again in hemispherical silicone molds, because in the short time of processing is vegan food like this, the germ contamination risk is negligible.

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Tomato Mozzarella: Recipe for Caprese 13.0

Far more important in this recipe is the tasting of the two prepared components. With the basil soup, the smoothest possible mixing of the basic substance is of great importance, because the cold shell thus gains in natural creaminess. As a result, a mouthfeel arises when eating, which subjectively believes a much higher fat content than is actually the case in the recipe. An effect that is further enhanced by the light sweetness with the elegantly caramel-tasting coconut blossom sugar.

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Christoph Haiderer / SPIEGEL WISSENRichtig feasting in Italy "Who does not increase at least a kilo per day, has done everything wrong"

With the tomato parfait, on the other hand, seasoning is a real egg-dancing, because you can not make it in the temperature range in which the frozen balls are actually served later. Although our taste sensors perceive the acidity of the tomato base almost independent of temperature, salinity and sweetness are felt to be weaker and weaker as the cold falls. This makes, for example, the tasting of ice cream mass, which must be heated first, very tricky. But in our case are also good and like 15 to 20 degrees between the tasting and the consumption temperature.

If the still unfrozen parfait mass at about 10 ° C appears sufficiently salted and sweetened, the later melting in the mouth ice cream balls will probably taste too bland. So it's a long way to the salt and sugar kegs here.

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