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Walla! Shoppers are breaking the market and eliminating Black Friday stock - Walla! Business and Consumerism


Did you think that was over? It wasn't like that yet. On Monday, Walla Cyber ​​goes out of stock in the "liquidation" campaign and offers thousands of products at great discounts - and free shipping for items over NIS 49 ....

Walla! Shops are breaking the market and eliminating Black Friday stock

Did you think that was over? It wasn't like that yet. On Monday, Walla Cyber ​​is launching a "stock liquidation" campaign and offering thousands of products at great discounts - and free shipping for items over NIS 49. Sign in and enjoy thousands of products at a discount on the largest shopping site in Israel

Black Friday shuts down Black Friday stock (Photo: Walla! Shop's website)

Elimination of Black Friday Walla Shop stock (Photo: PR, PR)

Black Friday 2019 broke records, but whatever. According to the automatic bank services provided by the IAA to the media, the Israelis bought more than NIS 750 million on Black Friday and recorded thousands of transactions per minute.

Cyber ​​Mandy is here and is just what it takes to enjoy great deals and huge discounts on thousands of products. Yes, you have a great opportunity to enjoy online shopping at extremely reasonable prices. The Walla! Shops website launches the "liquidation inventory" campaign and offers free shipping to thousands of products in addition to the Black Freudi promotions, by purchasing products over NIS 49 (and subject to the rules).

In addition to the Black Friday discounts that are still on the site, on Monday 02/12/19, thousands of products on the Walla! Shop website will be offered with free shipping.

Here are some examples of popular products for free shipping:

1. BOSCH 2 in 1 Extremely Powerful Wireless Vacuum Cleaner - Model: BCH3ALL25
The lowest price we found on comparison sites is: NIS 998.
And now you can find it in Walla! Shop for NIS 499 and free shipping!

2. Gas grill 4 burners Buffalo Chef + side hob
His regular price is NIS 1,590 and at comparison sites we found him at NIS 990.
As part of the offer, it sells for NIS 799 and free shipping!

3. Midea 2 Cooking Stove Induction Cooker, Model MC-ID358
The cheapest price we found on the net is NIS 469.
Now you can buy them for NIS 449 and send it for free!

4. The Smart Switch for David Switcher V2 also continues on Black Friday's offer for NIS 179 and free shipping!

Thousands of products at equal prices (Photo: Walla Shop! Shop)

Black Friday promotions at Walla! Shop (Photo: PR, PR)

* Prices are correct for the day of publication and may vary.

All the benefits to purchase in Walla!

* Official Importer Warranty - When purchasing a product from an official importer, you can be assured that, if needed for replacement / repair or replacement, you have the option to activate the warranty and receive service accordingly, so you can purchase quietly.

* Cancellation of a transaction by law - Unlike websites from abroad, on the Walla site! Shops You can cancel a transaction you made in accordance with 14 in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law.

* Up to 36 Payments - Buying a product at a promotional price is the most fun, but the option to spread the payment transaction allows you to purchase the product without burdening the monthly refund.

* Support and service in Hebrew - The site expanded the focus of the hotline until late at night, and even at the weekend! Even after the purchase, you can contact the Hebrew call center if you encounter a problem related to the purchase you made.

Walla! Shoppe's Sales Center will continue to work at unusual times - from 9am until midnight on Monday and Tuesday. Do you have a question? Call Hotline: 6802 *. We recommend hurrying as the product inventory is limited.

Free shipping on purchases of products over NIS 49 - for products marked with the promotional note, subject to the bylaws.
* Subject to promotional policies | Products marked with the promotional character | The Company may change or discontinue the operation at any time.

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