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Economists and bankers: Cabinet Resolution No. 5 is an important step to activate the electronic payment system tools and modernize the banking business structure


Damascus-Sana Resolution No. 5 of the current year issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers represents an important step in the framework of activating tools


Resolution No. 5 of the current year issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers represents an important step in the framework of activating the electronic payment system tools that are scheduled to start implementation during the first quarter of this year, especially in terms of paying the price of real estate and vehicles of all kinds sold or part of it in bank accounts.

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Hamra, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Syria, affirms in a statement to Lana that “spreading banking awareness and banking culture among citizens and creating the appropriate environment for launching electronic payment tools that need bank accounts” represents one of the most important goals of the decision indicating that electronic payment tools have become an urgent necessity because the currency Paper is subject to damage and has become an expensive option, and therefore this decision was easy and free of complications.

Hamra indicates that a large number of citizens have bank accounts in operating banks, while the decision did not require payment of the full price of real estate and vehicles through accounts in banks, but only part of it without specifying a certain percentage of the amount deposited with the bank, stressing that this decision has nothing to do with tax Bank accounts are subject to the Banking Confidentiality Act.

On whether there are fees that any seller or buyer must pay when depositing part of the price of sales or purchases in his bank account, Hamra made it clear that a portion of the agreed amount is required and in the event that there is a group of buyers or sellers it is sufficient for one of each party to deposit part Of the amount and gets a bank notice accordingly indicating that the depositor may not take the full amount in one payment and may be in two or three payments and this relates to the policy of each bank, but it will get all of its money.

In response to a question: If the amount deposited is not for the same purpose stated in the sale or purchase contract, Hamra assured that the banks focus in their work on whether there are suspicious operations such as money laundering or speculative movement that affects the national economy stating that there will be no problem when paying Part of the amount, and the depositor states that this amount is for the sale of a property or a vehicle.

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank also confirms that operating banks have strict procedures related to maintaining banking security and the availability of their bank liquidity and not speculating in the markets, expressing the central readiness to receive any complaint and follow-up.

With regard to electronic payment tools, Hamra pointed out that Cabinet Resolution No. 52 of 2019 authorized the Central Bank of Syria to license electronic payment companies to work in the field of electronic payment in cooperation with operating banks and social banking financial institutions, stressing that this step would achieve significant savings at the level of the national economy and reduce burdens. Finance for citizens.

Director of Legislation in the General Directorate of Real Estate Department Issam Quli agreed with what Hamra made, stressing that the decision encourages the opening of bank accounts in preparation for the start of electronic payment and all that the citizen must do is to show the payment notice in the bank account as a result of the process of transferring the property before the real estate interests to be audited Only in terms of his presence or not.

He said that Resolution 5 does not entail any financial burdens on citizens, but rather new tools to pay the price and there is no oversight over the issue of the amount of the amount or who paid or to whom he paid and thus the price of the account will be in the process and the name of the account holder and the name of the price paid, explaining that if the buyers were multiple Sellers are multiple, such as common transactions, so it is sufficient for one bank account to be opened for the entire transaction, i.e. one of the buyers pays with the account of one of the sellers, and there is no minimum for the sums deposited.

I said that there are several points in Resolution 5 indicating its flexibility, such as the sale process is where the presentation of a bank notice is required. As for the rest of the operations, such as division, exchange, and donation, you do not need this document as long as there is no allowance for the sale, there is no reason to show the notice indicating that it is sufficient in the event The presence of one heir to one inheritor. Opening an account in the name of one of the heirs. This applies to Rep. Calouli Aljabri, Guardian, Sharia Values ​​and representative of any legal juridical person.

Regarding the period of validity of Resolution 5 of 2020, I said that every legal document that has a fixed date before 15-20-2020 does not require to install it in the real estate registry to show any bank notice.

The Director General of the Real Estate Bank, Dr. Median Ali, saw in turn that Resolution 5 contributes to the revitalization of the economy and the processes of buying and selling indicating that the payment of the price of sales or purchases, or part of it through the banks, is done by opening a bank account for the seller and the buyer and transfer from one account to another.

On the readiness of the real estate to open bank accounts, he stressed that it is possible to open a very large number of accounts with the bank as well as transfer between one account to another as the technical and technological structure in the bank is ready and the account opening is a very simple procedure that needs a copy of a personal ID and a residence bill or phone bill or bill Electricity.

The Real Estate Manager also stressed that Resolution 5 has nothing to do with paying the tax at all, as it stipulates the payment of the price or part of it, explaining that its aim is to open a bank account and encourage the new banking culture, which is an advanced pioneering step on the path to modernizing the structure of banking work and electronic payment in Syria and moving from The current reality of a much better reality.

In response to a question about whether the employees ’bank accounts are appropriate to pay the price of the sale or part of it and to obtain a bank notice, he stressed that these accounts are for salaries only, but what is stipulated in Resolution 5 is a different matter because it provides a bank notification with an amount to be paid into a bank account designated for Buy or sell.

Wasim Adawi

Source: sena

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