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Eric Drouet leaves the yellow vests


The figure of the movement claims to have been the victim of numerous threats and admits to questioning the interest of the weekly demonstrations

"The first acts, I will remember them all my life," he says facing the camera. The figure of the yellow vests Eric Drouet announced, Friday, in a live Facebook, wanting to leave the movement after having participated in many Parisian demonstrations.

“It was my last demonstration today (Friday January 24, editor's note). It was, I think, something I had planned anyway. [...] The government has limited us a big finger, "he explains at the start of the video.

Gepostet von La France enervée am Freitag, 24. Januar 2020

Friday, several demonstrations mixing several union bodies and activists were organized throughout France, in order to contest the pension reform project presented in the Council of Ministers.

"We were getting people tired in Paris"

A mobilization during which incidents occurred in the Yellow Vests, and which are deplored by the leader of the movement. He denounces in particular attacks by a yellow vest dissatisfied with his critics.

There are "quite virulent people in this movement, as soon as we give our opinion, it is not accepted because it goes against what some people do," he summarizes, saying that his mother had been attacked during a demonstration on July 14 for the same reasons.

For several months, Eric Drouet has questioned the interest of continuing the weekly Saturday marches in Paris and in the rest of France.

"It did not move us forward, it was bad for the movement because we had to renew the mode of action, and that we were burying ourselves in something that did not work," he said. “We were tiring people in Paris to walk miles and miles. "

"Stay anonymous"

The truck driver also explains that he was the victim of threats, because of his place in the front row of yellow vests. “For my part, I had certain threats. I have been threatened in my private life with revealing things, I don't know what, "he said, adding that information about his living places or about his ex-wife had been spread.

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"I think it will be the last video I will make in public. […] The only advice I can give you is to remain anonymous. Putting yourself forward brings more problems than anything else, ”he says.

Eric Drouet was the target of numerous questions - and accusations - concerning a kitty organized in support of the injured in the Yellow Vests. The collection on PayPal, which had raised more than 150,000 euros, ended in April. Since then, the vagueness reigned over the payment of the sum.

"A magnificent movement"

"I'm anyway at the end compared to the pot. […] It is almost to the end, it takes a few days, I wouldn't even say a few weeks, maybe a week or two. We are almost done with PayPal, we found all the solutions for it to be transferred to the association, "replied Eric Drouet.

The truck driver still wanted to thank the people who have been following him for over a year within the movement. "I would like to thank all the people, all the yellow vests with whom we were able to have a lot of exchanges, who fought to the end, who even, now, are still in the yellow vests", he said. asserted facing the camera.

“It's a magnificent movement that we all launched together. […] The first acts, I will remember them all my life ”, he guaranteed.

Source: leparis

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