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Price, quantity ... sign by sign, how to buy your mask at the supermarket


Leclerc, Casino, Carrefour… Mass retailers will be marketing masks for the general public on Monday 4 May. How ? AT

With the prospect of deconfinement, the search for masks will become the concern of the French. From this Monday, May 4, they will be able to find - disposable or fabric models - in the signs of the large distribution. How many will be on sale? At what price, while that of surgical masks, or disposable, has just been capped at 95 cents? How can we get them?

We explain everything to you, sign by sign (only the Auchan group did not wish to speak on this subject, ensuring, however, that the sign “will meet consumers' expectations” from May 4).


How ? First, ten million surgical masks in Carrefour supermarkets and hypermarkets, in batches of 5 or 10. From May 11, 175 million disposable masks will be gradually marketed, as well as 50 million in washable and reusable fabric.

At what price ? At "cost price", according to the brand, or 58 cents the surgical mask. For those in fabric, the first prices will be “less than 1 euro”.

How? 'Or' What ? In checkout with a limit of two lots per customer.


How ? Surgical masks will be sold in boxes of 50 masks in Casino supermarkets and hypermarkets. No fabric masks for the moment: "the teams are working to find suppliers", according to the spokesperson for the brand.

At what price ? The box of 50 disposable masks will be sold at 29.54 euros (or 0.59 euros each).

How? 'Or' What ? The masks will be returned to the box at the rate of “one purchase per week and per person”, specifies the brand, which counts “on the benevolence and civility of customers”.


How ? One million disposable masks from Monday May 4 (then 4 million from May 11) sold in packs of 10, 20, 25 and 50 as well as 100,000 cloth masks (washable 10 times) by May 11.

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At what price ? The box of 50 surgical masks is 29.90 euros (that of 25 to 15.90 euros; from 20 to 12.90 euros; from 10 to 6.90 euros). For cloth masks, the first on sale will be 2.20 euros. Then from May 11, the brand will sell Armor-Lux masks, "therefore made in France", at 3.90 euros.

How? 'Or' What ? On sale in the back of the box at the rate of a box of 50 or two boxes of 20-25 or three boxes of ten per checkout. For those in fabric, it will be two maximum.


How? Some 90 million surgical masks will be on sale from Monday in Intermarché stores (and Netto which belongs to the group) per box of 50. In mid-May, cloth masks, washable and reusable will also be sold.

At what price ? 29.54 euros per box of 50, or 59 cents per unit.

How? 'Or' What ? By a reservation system at first. As of Wednesday, the brand contacted the loyalty card holders who had authorized it to contact them by email, to ask them if they wanted to take advantage of this offer. For the others, a reservation system will be set up via the website from Monday, May 4.

VIDEO. How to wash and make your fabric mask last


How ? The brand did not specify the number of masks on sale this Monday, but it ensures that "there will be enough for all customers. »Surgical masks are sold in packs of 50 or 10, those in fabric (washable 10 times) in packs of two.

At what price ? The box of 50 disposables is 29.90 euros, that of 10 to 6.90 euros. The set of two cloth masks will be sold for 4.40 euros.

How? 'Or' What ? The customer will find them at the checkout, in a drugstore or at the store reception, at the rate of two lots per checkout.


How ? Leclerc has announced that it has ordered up to 170 million surgical masks, the bulk arriving in late May.

At what price ? Around 50 to 60 cents per unit for surgical masks. They will be sold in packs of ten or individually. The price of washable and reusable masks will be between 2 and 3 euros.

How? 'Or' What ? They will be sold at reception.


How ? One hundred million surgical masks have been ordered, the first will be marketed from May 4 in packs of 50 (in supermarkets) or in packs of 10 in Paris. The cloth masks will be sold in a few days.

At what price ? The disposable mask will be sold at 60 cents (i.e. 30 euros for a box of 50 and 6 euros for a box of 10).

How? 'Or' What ? The number of packages is limited: one box of 50 or two boxes of 10 (in Paris-petite Couronne) per person. The sale will be made at the cash desk.


How ? Ten million surgical masks are planned for the first wave (out of the 70 million ordered which will arrive gradually) as well as fabric masks (figure not communicated), but "not necessarily in all stores for the latter".

At what price ? It will take 5.80 euros for 10 surgical masks and 2.72 euros for a fabric mask, sold in sets of two or four.

How? 'Or' What ? They will be sold at checkout.

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