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Cegelem: wage portage in all serenity


Are you or want to become self-employed but you want to benefit from the advantages of an employee? Cegelem is there to support you and guide you in the future of working methods, wage portage. Benefit from social security, paid holidays, unemployment insurance, etc., while remaining independent.


What is wage portage?

Wage portage is a new form of work located between the entrepreneur and the employee.

It allows the development of an independent professional activity, while retaining the advantages of employee status (social security, etc.).

Wage portage allows:

  • To exercise his activity in complete


     : he invoices his interventions in the form of fees.

  • To avoid the administrative, legal, tax and accounting treatment related to the self-employed or freelance activity.

  • To retain all the advantages linked to the

    status of employee


Remain independent while benefiting from the advantages of the status of employee and without taking care of all the administrative tasks?

Wage portage represents a new modern working method adapted to workers in search of autonomy.

To obtain this status, 3 actors come into play:

  • the supported employee

    , expert in one or more fields, carrying out missions in company.

  • the client

    , which can be a company, an administration, a local authority or an association.

  • the

    wage portage company

    (Cegelem) which is the intermediary between the ported employee and the customer.

Becoming a supported employee has never been so easy Cegelem

What are the different statuses concerned by wage portage?

Wage portage is for you if you are:

  • An experienced executive or manager, with a project of autonomy.

  • An employee in professional retraining, wishing to convert his expertise into a service offer.

  • A business creator, who wishes to test his projects without risk, by using experienced and secure external resources.

  • A freelance self-entrepreneur, who wants to go beyond the limits imposed by this status.

  • A trainer consultant, who needs a trainer number to practice.

  • A self-employed person, eager to know a more independent relationship to work.

  • An international consultant, who wants to invoice without constraints.

  • A retiree, who plans to keep an activity to supplement his income.

A statute more and more appreciated and used, especially in the




These professions use wage portage the most:

  • IT experts

  • Project managers

  • Engineers

  • Marketing and communication consultants

  • Human resources consultants

  • Management and advice to executives

  • Management and finance

  • Web and digital professions

  • Trainers and coaches

  • Real estate professionals

  • As well as many other expertises ...

How to start as a supported employee?

To begin their adventure as a supported employee, the self-employed must first find a job corresponding to their qualifications (Cegelem is there to help you).

It is then that you can discuss with your porting company regarding the hosting of the activity and sign a wage portage agreement with a company such as Cegelem for example.

The signing of the employment contract takes place once you sign a first service contract with your client.

What are the advantages of wage portage?

Now that the presentations have been made, let's get to the heart of the matter a little more with the many advantages that the status of supported employee has.

  • Security :

Thanks to the status of paid employee, you benefit from an employment contract.

This therefore allows you to obtain the same benefits as any other employee with regard to the general social security system, provident insurance, pension contributions, paid holidays, unemployment insurance and company collective mutual insurance.

  • Saving time:

While the status of micro-entrepreneur can entail a considerable loss of time managing all the administrative side, wage portage allows the employee to focus only on his missions.

The wage portage company takes care of the administrative, legal, social and also accounting parts of your activity.

An invaluable time saving which will allow you to be more efficient in your work.

  • Training :

Supported employees benefit from regularly offered training to develop and obtain new skills.

The Cegelem umbrella company offers training with professionals on many themes such as communication or customer prospecting.

Supported employees can also benefit from individual or collective coaching.

Salary portage training is a boon for any professional wishing to improve their skills and expertise.

  • Greater credibility

Being associated with a company that enjoys a great reputation allows the employee to benefit from this influence and thus have more credibility with large companies.

  • Flawless support

With a porting company like Cegelem, you are never alone.

In addition to taking care of all administrative management and offering training, contacts are made available to employees to answer questions, guide and help develop and put in contact with their network.

This allows you to have feedback and an outside perspective on the evolution of your activity.

How to calculate your salary in wage portage

Let us answer a question that must surely burn your lips, how do we calculate our salary portage compensation?

The calculation method is done in two steps:

  • Invoicing excluding VAT - Cegelem administrative management costs - Employer and fiscal charges - Reimbursement of professional costs (if necessary) = GROSS SALARY.

  • Then Gross salary - Salary charges = FINAL NET SALARY.

Let's imagine that you have agreed a daily salary of € 500 with the company, on a 15-day contract:

  • You will therefore have a total of € 7,500 (500 x 15).

  • You will first have to subtract the management fees which are 8%.

    Thus, you will be at € 6,900 (7,500 - 600).

  • Then, deduct the employer's contributions to obtain the gross salary.

    This will be € 2,277, to arrive at a gross remuneration of € 4,623.

  • To finish and obtain your net salary, it will be necessary to withdraw the salary charges which will be 953 €.

    In total, the worn will receive a net remuneration of € 3,670.

These numbers are not data set in stone.

Many parameters are taken into account, which is why it is important to contact your umbrella company (Cegelem) to know your exact salary.

In wage portage, there is a guaranteed minimum wage.

The supported employee may not receive less than these thresholds defined by law:

  • 70% of the Social Security ceiling for a junior.

  • 75% of the Social Security ceiling for a senior.

  • 85% of the Social Security ceiling for a day pass.

It is the supported employee who defines his remuneration in agreement with the company that hosts him.

The daily rate must be greater than 300 euros.

Why choose Cegelem as a carrying company?

Cegelem is not a nanny from hell but rather loving parents with their employees.

At Cegelem, the emphasis is on the human dimension.

On trust, support and listening between an employee and his company.

This umbrella company created by Prince Moukoumbouka, seeks excellence and for this it relies on choice partners such as MMA for the mutual and AXA for the financial guarantee.

Cegelem is based on very simple principles:

  • Proximity and listening

The emphasis is on the human side, on dialogue and trust with the employee.

With Cegelem, you will be listened to and heard.

  • Efficiency and transparency

You will be up to date on everything related to your business and very quickly.

The goal is to make your life easier and to have peace of mind in your work.

  • Simplicity and responsiveness

All your questions and concerns will not go unanswered.

Personalized advisers will respond to all your requests as quickly as possible.

So don't hesitate to take the plunge and change your professional life.

No longer hesitate to embrace simplicity and efficiency at the expense of the daily stress that your activity generates.

With Cegelem, enter the world of wage portage with complete peace of mind.


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