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Living room, dining areas and sleeping systems for tens of thousands of shekels are not accessible to every home, especially in today's reality. 20 years ago, IKEA brought the Affordable Living culture to Israel. Today there are already companies that do it cheaply - and with style: "You can create a decor that will not shout 'Save here' '

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Living room for NIS 3,000: Meet the low-cost furniture trend

Living room, dining areas and sleeping systems for tens of thousands of shekels are not accessible to every home, especially in today's reality.

20 years ago, IKEA brought the Affordable Living culture to Israel.

Today there are already companies that do it cheaply - and with style: "You can create a decor that will not shout 'Save here' '


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Wednesday, 27 January 2021, 10:11

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It really will not look cheap.

Low cost design by Yuli Dorf (Photo: PR, PR)

The world of design and furniture is very much related to current events in everyday life in the worlds of economy, society, health, security and more.

The process, which began several years ago and makes contemporary and unique design accessible to the masses, seems to be well-established and legitimized by both designers and customers.

A few years ago it was the process of prestige for the masses that created a perceptual change.

Design houses have realized that it is impossible to prevent the masses from designing contemporary and fashionable design and that all lovers of fashionable design trends should be allowed to purchase a design item and furniture at affordable prices.

At that time it was possible to see various design houses presenting entire collections of design and furniture items at affordable prices, a trend that was later established under the name design as is - furniture items presented to the customer as they were without being able to upgrade with other fabrics and raw materials and accordingly offered cheaper prices. Designed "to measure".

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Mae Slip bed for NIS 2,990.

The same comfort as that of more expensive beds?

(Photo: PR, Mae Sleep Studio)

It was the Swedish IKEA that first introduced the Affordable design concept worldwide.

The company's success was due to the enthusiasm of all sections of the population for a factor that allows the purchase of designed and up-to-date furniture items at reasonable prices.

Ongoing economic crises, exacerbated by the global health crisis following the Corona plague on the one hand and ecological social trends of sustainability and thinking about the future of the planet on the other hand, have led to the development of a new type of consumer. From a choice of ecological worldview or such that places more emphasis on point functionality.

Other trends such as Affordable Housing around the world have also made it clear that there are entire populations that need to be cared for in contemporary residences at affordable prices, whether it is saturated construction or private construction.

It is a whole world of concepts that merge into one reality, where mostly young couples seek a solution to their housing needs but do not want to give up design at different levels and these too require relevant solutions in terms of design and price.

In Israel, the trend of affordable design is gaining both in the field of interior design of houses and apartments and in terms of the existing supply in the market.

According to interior designer Yuli Dorf: "It always starts with the same words, we want to design but we do not have a budget. My main challenge as an interior designer is to understand the client's needs and give him a dose within his needs and options to produce the final product that will accompany him for at least a few good years. .

The Low Cost House - But the High End Feeling (Photo: PR, PR)

Contemporary design trends also support the Affordable design trend.

The past year in which the overwhelming majority of the world population has stayed in homes and apartments more than anywhere else, the need for comfortable, useful and comforting design and furniture has grown, and this need seems to continue towards the new year as well.

The consumer is looking for the comfortable, familiar and traditional, a combination of modern and contemporary design with design elements that seem to have been taken from the decor of grandparents' home.

The longing for the familiar and the known softens the uncertainty that now exists in the world and this style is comfortable and comforting.

In Israel, more and more companies have realized the challenge and business significance that exists in this market share.

The veteran sowing reserve has launched in the past year in addition to its 9 stores, an e-commerce site that provides an answer to the issue of affordable design.

The site offers in its various categories, a huge selection of furniture for all parts of the house at the most attractive prices.

This is a company that emphasizes contemporary and fashionable design and at the same time one that provides functional solutions: sofas that open to beds, integrated seating systems in Shaz Long, design armchairs, linen boxes in sofas and beds, integrated youth plus a bed for entertaining friends and other creative solutions.

A console that is also a desktop of Shomrat Hazorea (Photo: PR, Shomrat Hazorea Studio)

The furniture of Shomrat Hazorea is also in great demand during the corona period and it has been found that during the last year since the beginning of the corona there has been an increase of over 18% in the company's sales volume.

The familiar and well-known design, the long-standing quality and reputation of Shomrat Hazorea only add to the company's furniture a dimension of something familiar and well-known, one that is most in demand these days.

In addition, the company recently launched a complete category of complementary furniture including consoles, designed stands, showcases, coffee tables, desks and more, all designed for easy and simple self-assembly at the customer's home and are sold at attractive prices between NIS 350-1390 on the company's online website only.

The customer feels that he can innovate with cool items that will give a touch of refreshment and contemporaneity to their living spaces without committing to long-term payments or a price that will not fit in their pocket.

Dining area and six chairs for NIS 3,990 (Photo: PR, Livingroom)

Living Room, a chain of 5 branches nationwide that will soon open two new branches, recently launched a sweeping sale with a 50% discount on the entire 2021. Collection. The chain provides its customers with living room furniture, dining areas, beds and mattresses for sliding wardrobes and cheap cabinet solutions. Most in the country.

In addition, the chain operates under its auspices in the chain's branches the 'Living-Sleep' brand, which specializes in everything related to quality sleep: orthopedic beds and mattresses at attractive prices.

The chain proudly presents the "affordable design" trend, which presents designed furniture items at extremely cheap prices, ones that will suit every pocket and will not prevent any consumer from purchasing a design item that also has a fashionable design statement.

According to Elior Benno, CEO of Living Room: “Economic and social trends have changed the face of the world of furniture and design in recent years.

Furniture items are now perceived as fashionable accessories: no longer a sofa for life, but one that changes according to the circumstances, apartment transitions and the relevant fashion trends.

Accordingly, the chain offers fashionable, quality products at equal prices for every pocket while emphasizing the values ​​of value for money. "The

prices of the furniture items in Living Room are adapted to the age group of customers and their socio-economic level. These are young people aged 30-45 who allocate low budgets Relative to home furniture and at the same time looking for the fashionable and right items for them.

A seating system designed for only NIS 2,990 (Photo: PR, PR)

It turns out that a fashionable seating system combined with a chaise longue and offered in quality fabrics in a selection of colors sells for NIS 2,990.

A fashionable double bed with the back of an upholstered bed and a base made of wood sells for only NIS 1990 in combination with a mattress.

A dining area that includes a wooden table and 6 chairs will cost the consumer NIS 3,990 and a selection of consoles and coffee tables for the living room will cost up to NIS 1,000 per item.

Another company that understood the needs of the market and responded to the new challenge it poses is Mysleep, a company that offers a diverse series of beds and mattresses in contemporary and fashionable designs and at attractive prices.

According to Roy Wilder, CEO of the company: We have identified a market segment of young couples who are looking for the extra dimension of contemporary design but do not want to invest in furniture for life. Our designed beds and orthopedic insoles give them a perfect solution. They should not compromise on a product that is not quality and temporary. For NIS 4,000, you get a sleeping system that will determine the design character of their bedroom and provide them with the highest quality sleep at affordable prices.

According to Dorf, "Low Cost design has its own rules.

I always recommend creating a design concept in advance that defines the client's personal statement in his home.

Choosing a design direction will help the customer choose the right items for him.

Low cost items can be upgraded.

A storage cabinet will get an upgraded and completely different look through a simple move of replacing handles.

The handles can connect to the general design concept and thus create a natural connection, which is still within the budget options. "

Dorf also recommends investing in accessories: quality carpet, pictures, flower pots, etc. can give a perfect touch to the general atmosphere. She says:" Low cost items are another tool in the cartridge The design.

"Smart use of those items will emphasize the design, strengthen it and allow you to save money and direct it to design and furniture items that provide you with perfect comfort."

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