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Retirees: when and to whom would the bonus be paid to offset inflation


The bond is expected to reach those who collect the minimum retirement but could be extended a little more.

Ismael Bermúdez

02/26/2021 10:34

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Updated 02/26/2021 10:36

During these hours, the

scope and value of the bond

is being defined,

which will complement the 8.07% increase in retirements and pensions that will govern during March, April and May.

It is estimated that, as applied last year, the bonus will reach those who earn the

minimum retirement or a little more

, to non-contributory pensions that charge 70% of the minimum amount and those who receive the PUAM (Universal Adult Pension Greater) for 80% of the minimum credit.

In total a universe of

more than 4 million people.

Other sectors of the Government propose to include those who charge up to 1.5 minimum salaries, which would raise the collection

to 5 million people.

The political decision to grant an extraordinary bonus is because

inflation has been liquefying assets

, especially in recent months.

With the increase of 5% in December plus 8.07% in March, retirements and pensions will accumulate an increase in 6 months of 13.5%, when in the second half of last year (July December) inflation was 19 , 8%.

And between August and January the rise in prices reached 22.3%.

With the 8.07% increase, the minimum retirement

will rise from $ 19,035 to $ 20,571 to be collected during March, April and May.

And the maximum credit will increase from $ 128,089.54 to $ 138,426 gross.

Below the minimum credit, those of non-contributory pensions will charge $ 14,400 (70% have minimum) and those of the PUAM of $ 16,457 (80% have minimum).

According to the latest data from Social Security (December 2020), out of 7,068,859 retirees and pensioners of the National Social Security System, they received a minimum or less 4,274,116 people, 60.5% of the total.

Between the minimum and $ 30,000, there are 600,000 retirees and pensioners.

More than 2 million retirees and pensioners

who did

not collect

last year's bonuses

would be left without receiving the bonus

and it is the sector that suffered the greatest loss in the face of inflation.

In the last three years, retirements and pensions fell in real terms between 15 and 25%, depending on the ranges of assets.

However, those who collect the highest salaries - some 230,000 retirees and pensioners - would have an improvement if Congress raises the income tax floor from 6 to 8 minimum salaries, as proposed by Sergio Massa's bill.

This means that

retirees and pensioners who earn up to $ 164,568 will be exempt

, while in March those who earn up to $ 123,426 will be reached.

This value will be updated automatically every three months, with the increase of the minimum credit. 

This income floor is not considered when the retiree or pensioner has any other type of income (for example, if at the same time he works in a dependency relationship, is monotax, self-employed or other income, such as fixed-term interests), nor when pays Personal Assets, unless the only thing declared is your Home.


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