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Business gossip: The hamburger in this chain is greener (in a good way) - Walla! Business


Also: the new color technology, a formal event on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Holmes Place returning to activity and the investment house that underwent a facelift

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Business gossip: The hamburger in this chain is greener (in a good section)

Also: the new color technology, a formal event on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Holmes Place returning to activity and the investment house that underwent a facelift


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Ronit Matias

Sunday, 28 February 2021, 14:04

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Bravo BBB

Rani Eidler, Galit Shaul, Ahuva Turgeman (Photo: Itamar Meshulam)

For the first time in the world of restaurants in Israel, the BBB Group, which includes the BBB, Moses, Burgerim, Moses Shop and Meat Deli chains, is collaborating with Tamir - the packaging recycling corporation, in which the group's restaurants will begin separating waste and sending all plastic, metal and beverage packaging for recycling.

The pilot for the activity will take place at the BBB restaurant if the road is at Beit Herut in the Hefer Valley.

Tamir Corporation has already installed dedicated orange bins, and together with the Emek Hefer Regional Council, which has joined forces, fixed eviction dates have been set for bins. This is another step in the social and corporate responsibility activity that the BBB Group has been implementing in recent years. In placemats placed on restaurant tables, beyond digital menus, reducing the use of plastic drinking straws and disposable cutlery in the delivery service, and more.

Emek Hefer Regional Council is one of the green and recycling authorities in the country that has won the title of the most recycling authority in the field of packaging in the category of regional councils in the last 3 years, and invests many resources in preserving rural space, supporting and encouraging local residents and businesses .

Ahuva Turgeman, CEO of the BBB Group, said that the largest and leading BBB group in Israel in its field, and as such aware of the social and corporate responsibility that rests on its shoulders, the adoption of sustainability as a managerial approach integrated into business strategy and social, environmental and economic And they are happy to lead this move.

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The color revolution

Hadas Cohen Omri Lotan Tami Markowitz and Arik Abdels (Photo: PR)

After more than a year of development, Nirlat has launched the new 'Aquinir' - a series of acrylic paints with Nirlat's exclusive USP technology.

Thanks to the technology, easy and convenient application of the paint is possible and the result is a uniform and smooth appearance to the walls.

Omri Lotan Kobi Maor and Tami Markowitz (Photo: Lior Nordman)

In addition, Nirlat is launching a wide-ranging campaign that includes a new advertising language and a new presenter for the company, actor Kobi Maor.

Omri Lotan, CEO of Nirlat, said that Nirlat is changing the rules of the game in the acrylic paint category and taking ownership of the category in order to lead the paint market and this is just the first swallow. Lotan noted that as a company specializing in paints, it has engraved the value of innovation. And high-quality products with a product advantage over existing solutions on the market.

A celebration in a boutique

Israel Aharoni and Assaf Weiss (Photo: PR)

Brothers Assaf and Ido Weiss hosted an event on Purim, according to the instructions, in their bakery "Butka 78" on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.

A music event marked by the Woodstock Festival.

This week, chef Israel Aharoni appeared, who also sins in music.

Eyal Waldman and Assaf Weiss (Photo: PR)

Assaf Weiss said that they like to host artists who are both friends and creators, and it is nice to see their development.

Weiss noted that the place is a platform and inspiration for artists to grow and create a transition of course to their special products "Sometimes we have management meetings and down until the wee hours of the night to reach the level of nuance we believe in and advocate that places should create content and creative value."

Revolution ahead

Ben Ilan (Photo: PR)

Ben Ilan, director of the retail and marketing division of the New York skincare brand Kiehl's, has launched a revolutionary and unique diagnostic device for facial skin - DERMA READER.

Ilan said that Israel is the first country in the world to present this advanced technological system for diagnosing the skin, with technology that enables in-depth diagnosis with a high level of accuracy, which identifies visible and hidden skin problems and analyzes the condition of the facial skin.

He added that they are happy to expand the experience, and provide a broad solution that allows the customer to have a digital and advanced shopping experience for a perfect product fit for the skin.

According to him, this is an important step in assimilating technological tools from the worlds of beauty, to upgrade the shopping experience and address the needs of the hour, such as keeping distance, by digital means.

Purim Game

Manila Klil and Harel Gilon (Photo: Oppenheimer)

The Oppenheimer Investment House did not give up on the holiday atmosphere.

The company's executives and employees came to work in invested costumes, and between Haman Lane's ears, they even held an award-winning costume contest.

The co-CEOs of Oppenheimer Avivit Mana-Klil dressed up as a doctor in the Corona ward, and Harel Gilon dressed up as Elvis.

Switches and happy

Dave Lubetzky (Photo: PR)

At IBB Investment House, they decided to replace the logo that has accompanied the company since 2014, and to renew with a new logo and branding - a move led by Gadi Schnabel, marketing director.

The move includes a rebranding of all subsidiaries and company activities, and is expected to end with the launch of a new website in the coming months.

The new logo retains the blue and white colors and the shape of the interested party that has accompanied the company since its inception 50 years ago, but breaks the boundaries of the previous logo.

It is open to reflect the group's strategy to continue to innovate, and illustrates the company's creative thinking.

Dave Lubetzky, CEO of IBI Investment House, said that after 3 years of continuous growth and entering new areas of activity, they are launching a new branding that is another step in establishing the company as one of the growing and leading investment houses in Israel. The new branding will include a logo change for all group companies and a new website Whose goal is to preserve on the one hand our experience and expertise over the years, and on the other hand our innovation and creativity.

Do muscles

Keren Shtui and Eden Hasson (Photo: Harel Sagi)

Keren Shatui, CEO of the Holmes Place Group, jumped on a visit to the set of photos of Holmes Place's new advertising campaign at the Givat Shmuel branch around the opening of fitness clubs. Calling the public to return to training. More clubs ", only in the advertisement for Holmes Place the song takes a turn and Hasson announces that there are and the clubs are back, and invites the general public to return to practice at Holmes Place clubs.

Everything is gold

Oz Zehavi and Ili Schwartzman (Photo: Rafi Daloia)

Nespresso has recruited Oz Zehavi, Agam Rodberg, Dean Miroshnikov, Or Ben Oliel, Yarden Harel and Liron Rosen, with its new ambassadors to star in a new video series.

The team of ambassadors was photographed in capsules and in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, for a series of videos promoting the new and smart VERTUO NEXT system that is being launched these days.

The system knows at the click of a button to identify the selected coffee blend and the exact parameters required to extract the ideal coffee: short, long, gran long espresso.

A lot of coffee flowed on the set.

The videos that will promote the campaign will reveal to you what their favorite coffee is, in which cup they like to drink and what dessert they can not do without next to the cup of coffee.

The Man

Peter Placzyk, Ronit Segev, and Liraz Cherki (Photo: Or Geffen)

At the scientific cosmetics company "Beaufort", they announced a breakthrough in the industry, this time in the field of marketing strategy aimed at the male market.

In favor of the message of a "man who cultivates" company, the Israeli judoka Peter Plachik, who is ranked No. 1 in the world in his weight and a European champion, will be chosen to be the face and male figure of "Beaufort".

The considerations for selection were values ​​of excellence, determination, adherence to purpose, achievement, perseverance and a figure revered by athletes and a wide audience alike, a humble, powerful, warm and sensitive person.

The agreement was signed for a year with an option for another 5 years, as part of which Placik will participate in campaigns, activities on social media and the development of a line of products designed for men in cooperation with him.

Ronit Segev, a scientist, skin researcher, founder and CEO of the company said that Placzik is a symbol of excellence, adherence to purpose and determination, has the qualities of a champion and values ​​that naturally align with Beaufort and has ensured that they have long-term plans with him.

It's just a sport

Neta Bronstein, Lina Glushko, Assaf Ginosar and Lian Vitkin (Photo: Assaf Lev)

On the occasion of International Women's Day, which will be held on March 8, Dean Diagnostics recruited leading athletes in their field for a digital campaign for female empowerment.

Among them are windsurfer Maayan Davidovich, tennis player Lina Glushko, crossfit trainer Neta Bronstein, cruiser Noa Lasri, and mountain biker and triathlete Lian Vitkin.

The purpose of the campaign: Encouraging a discourse on women in Israeli sports from the personal angle and life experience of each of them.

The campaign will include interviews in which the athletes will talk about victories, difficulties, achievements and formative experiences from their personal angle.

As part of the campaign, the new compex fitness device will be unveiled.

Assaf Ginosar, Director of Physical Therapy and Sports at Din Diagnostics, said that we are in a challenging period thanks to which quite a few people have discovered the world of sports, and they see the campaign as a great opportunity to provide a platform for successful women who can inspire other women and girls through their personal stories.

He revealed that they carry out many collaborations with male and female athletes out of faith and a goal to strengthen Israeli sports and their status as leaders in their field.

Purim Houses

Tom Geffen, Ohad Shragai Udi Weintraub, Eli Butner, Adar Gold and Danny Tuval (Photo: Shai Shabiru)

In the IT group Malam Tim, they celebrated Purim in Zoom with an award-winning trivia game, and a performance by Eli Butner and the Foreign Children, in an electronic show.

In order to put everyone in a Purim atmosphere, the employees received parcels.

Dorit Bar, VP of Human Resources at Malam Tim, said that at Malam Tim they do everything to make the workers happy and happy.

Cheerleaders on Purim

Meirav Flexman, Shani Ahdut and Eyal Maimon (Photo: Tal Shoval)

In the village of Encouragement - a warm home for special people, Purim was celebrated with costumes, parcel deliveries, and shows, the festivities opened simultaneously in the various buildings throughout the village, with each building celebrating on its own patio.

The highlight was a cabaret show of clowns on wheels on a vehicle that traveled between the buildings, danced and delighted the tenants.

At the end of the celebration, the tenants went for a walk around the village and parcels were distributed.

Shani Ahdut, CEO of Kfar Idud, said that after the prolonged closure of the houses, they decided to celebrate Purim every year, this year in capsules when each building held its own small celebration, and noted that the cultural activities enrich the daily lives of the tenants and create a happy atmosphere.

Divide and rejoice

Shalio Algali, Yochi Gorshmov, Or Hasson (Photo: PR)

Following its activities in the fight against violence against women, the Strauss Group is launching a joint initiative led by WIZO and the Forum of Associations Operating Shelters, in which the organizations decided to make children and women victims of violence happy and distributed more than 600 parcels to 16 shelters and transitional apartments where children stay. Women and mothers of victims of violence. Two of the shelters were opened in the past year, in response to the escalating violence and the many requests for assistance and shelter during the Corona crisis. And in the excitement of the children and their mothers, and talking partners.

In small

+ Since there is no chance that we will soon be eating at the Michelin restaurant, the glassware of the artist Danny Calderon starring in Michelin restaurants and luxury hotels around the world, come to our table and turn our home kitchen into a Michelin restaurant.

In Calderon's HAND MADE collection, unique glassware for the LUXURY and TIPI series are handmade, in an innovative design, from the highest quality raw materials and with the highest level of finish, making every meal a magical experience that awakens all the senses.

The luxury tableware collection is made in Israel and includes plates, bowls and serving utensils, in a variety of sizes, models and colors.

The mix between the design complexity of the items and their strength and ability to be used in a commercial and home environment, makes any use of them an unforgettable hospitality experience.

The LUXURY glassware series was inspired by the center of the circle, equivalent to the human psyche that extends into the spaces of the universe.

The collection is offered in black and white, from which the contrast between them creates harmony.

In this series, plates in a selection of sizes and serving bowls made of glass in a variety of sizes, depths and volumes in the model's colors.

The TIPI series came into the world inspired by ancient glass vessels created in Mesopotamia and their modern interpretation.

+ As part of the return to routine, the Israeli Furniture Center has reopened its doors with special offers on a variety of home-designed furniture items, in the dozens of stores operating in the centers in Rishon LeZion and Ashdod. Pantone International Color Authority, which recently surprised by announcing that in 2021 it chooses two colors instead of one, neutral and yellow gray, colors that combine resilience, optimism, hope and positivity, in order to strengthen us all, and rightly so. .

+ Just before the return of concerts and basketball games hall lamp in Tel Aviv, divided volunteers Menorah food packages for medical staff and ears of Haman Lmthsnim who arrived. Yael Greenwald, Executive VP and Director of sales and marketing lamp insurers said that the Menorah insurers expresses its great appreciation for teams The medical and all those who are engaged in the day-to-day war against the corona virus, and as part of this they distributed parcels to the medical staff and vaccinators to encourage and raise morale.

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