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The average wage in the economy: more jobs, less money - Walla! Of money


The average wage in May fell by 3% compared to April. Most of the decline is explained by the return of unskilled workers from the IDF

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The average wage in the economy: more jobs, less money

According to CBS data, the average wage for employees in Israel fell by 3% in May 2021 compared with April.

According to the report, the number of jobs increased by 15.5%, but this situation probably only reflects "truth for the time being"


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Sonia Gorodisky

Wednesday, 04 August 2021, 12:25 Updated: 12:52

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The Central Bureau of Statistics publishes the wage report for example for May 2021. The report reflects a 3% decrease in the average wage, compared to April, in parallel with a 15.5% increase in the number of jobs, although this figure should be treated with caution, since the latest July unemployment data There was a slight increase in unemployment, which means that this

figure was probably

"true for the time being" in total. The

report also shows that:

April 2021. (3.513 million)

• The average wage per employee post at current prices was NIS 11,300, a decrease of 3.0% compared to April 2021 (NIS 11,652).

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2021 compared to previous years.

In total, the data are similar to those of May 2020, a month and a half into the first closure of the Corona (Photo: CBS)

The labor market is far from recovering

Data on wage and employment indices are based on monthly reports by employers to the National Insurance Institute.

These reports do not include employees who leave without pay and workers who receive unemployment benefits from the NII.

Calculate the average wage per employee does not refer to the number of days in the month in which the employee was employed.

The largest number of employees taken unpaid leave or was laid off in April 2020 (a decrease of 28.5 % Compared to March 2020).

According to wage and employment data in May 2021, it can be seen that there is a significant recovery in the labor market - the number of employee jobs in May 2021 is 35% higher than in April 2020 and 1.1% higher than in April 2021. It should be noted that the Israeli labor market has not yet recovered Full, the number of employee jobs in May 2021 is still lower than the number of employee jobs in February 2020 (3.781 million) before the outbreak of the corona plague.

The average wage for employees in May 2021: the most for hitchhikers, the least for waiters (Photo: CBS)

When considering the CBS according to the various branches, turns out to be main reason the average wage. According to the industry distribution, earning the highest average wages are in information and communication, especially when high-tech means.

In contrast with the lowest wages in the NUDE category called " Accommodation and food services ", ie employees in hotels, waiters, etc.

The return of these to the labor force after the gradual removal of corona restrictions, starting in March 2021, is what affects the conditions and "lowers" the average.

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