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High-tech: The companies that opened a year with a contribution to the community - Walla! Of money


After a record year of offerings and recruitments in the Israeli high-tech industry, we have gathered leading companies in Israel that hold volunteer days during the holidays and return some of the good to those who really need it.

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High-tech: The companies that opened a year with a contribution to the community

The high-tech industry marked a record year in the shadow of the corona.

Along with the gift vouchers and toast levels, some of which have been zoomed in, many employers have decided to win their employees over to the mitzvah as well and do something good for the other.

Meet some of the companies that have decided to take advantage of the Tishrei holidays to successfully share with the community


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Sunday, 12 September 2021, 11:23 Updated: 16:33

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After a record year of IPOs and fundraising in the Israeli high-tech industry, we have gathered some companies that have converted the traditional year-opening ceremonies into volunteer days during the holidays - thus returning some of his best won, back to those who really need it.

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For the victims of the fire in the mountains of Jerusalem

Even before Rosh Hashanah, as part of the 'Intel Fund' program, the company launched a donation campaign to rehabilitate and help the victims of the fire in the Jerusalem mountains, with the donation doubling the donation for every dollar that employees donate to the Global Fund.

Assistance is provided through the "providing help to the community" and contribution will focus on assistance to victims Medical Center in Jerusalem Mental Health (Hospital firm) facing the tragedy of the fire in the Jerusalem hills.

Intel operates a program contribution from the Intel Corporation, doubling the contributions of employees, and thereby assist organizations in As part of the program, employees chose to support three nonprofits.

The fires in the Jerusalem mountains: Intel takes care of the injured and doubles the amount of donations from the workers (Photo: Nature and Parks Authority, Ariel Kedem)

At IDOMOO, it is customary to add a gift to employees of a social nature every holiday.

"While the material gift is important and is usually gift tags, the tangible gift we purchase in addition, has an important significant aspect of contribution and social responsibility."

"On Rosh Hashanah we purchased for employees and their family members a special package for Nonprofits Soul Bird. 'Association soul bird is organizing occupational social employs craftsmen with special needs that can not be absorbed into the free market and integrate into rehabilitation usual. We chose a gift that symbolizes the earth and markers holiday.

We emphasized "During the holidays, we open the possibility for employees to be part of a running team whose entire activity is a donation to Sunrise, which aims to help and provide a holistic response to cancer patients and their families."

idomoo, donation with social responsibility (Photo: PR)

As every year, this year the employees of the General Motors Development Center assisted in collecting financial donations for Holocaust survivors together with the organization "For Their Sake", an organization that cares for the welfare of Holocaust survivors.

In addition, the workers came to one of the organization's centers to help pack food products for Holocaust survivors and distribute them to Holocaust survivors, so that they could spend the holiday with a refrigerator full of goodies: "We raised a considerable amount of money to help purchase Holocaust survivors. Good for ourselves, it is a great and exciting privilege for us. "

General Motors Development Center: Financial donation and packaging of food baskets for Holocaust survivors (Photo: PR)

Employees of LivePerson, a company that develops digital platforms for communication between customers and brands, went out on the eve of the holiday to pack packages of groceries for the benefit of families who cannot afford them in Herzliya in cooperation with the Herzliya Volunteers Association.

The workers packed about 300 packages and moved them mainly to families.

Live-Personnel volunteers in collaboration with the Herzliya Volunteers Association (Photo: PR)

Verbit, a start-up that has developed a platform for automatically transcribing audio files into text in real time, has in the past two years adopted a project that includes collecting and distributing food baskets to Holocaust survivors and needy families in the Gush Dan area.

This is an initiative initiated by the company's employee, Israel Bohdana, about 5 years ago, in which hundreds of company volunteers volunteer to collect donations, pack and distribute food baskets to more than 200 Holocaust survivors and needy families in Gush Dan so they can celebrate the holiday with dignity. The initiative takes place twice a year before Pesach and before Rosh Hashanah. Verbit also contributes to the purchase of the groceries and its employees also come to volunteer during the packing and distribution days.

Israel Bohdana: "Dozens of company employees take part in this day where we meet to pack food for low-income families. I was thrilled to see Sorbit join the initiative in full force and I am proud to work for a company whose core values ​​are contributing to the community and mobilizing for the other. Happy holiday."

Verbit, food baskets for Holocaust survivors (Photo: Israel Bohdana)

AppsFlyer, a company that monitors profitable users, holds a number of activities during the Tishrei holidays with the employees as part of the AppsFlyer Cares project, which includes packing food packages for needy families, in cooperation with the Sweet Shabbat initiative and the Leket Israel organization.

In addition, Holocaust survivors visited and distributed a holiday gift.

"On Rosh Hashanah we work for families and people who need help, support and hope.

As every holiday we will visit the homes of Holocaust survivors in Herzliya that we adopted to our hearts, spend time with them and celebrate together before the holiday. We planned a festive dinner Health and safety of workers and survivors. "

Says Liron Or, head of social responsibility.

"At the same time we do not give up the opportunity and the right to come to their door, wish them a happy new year and mention that we are there for them. "With volunteer workers in Herzliya and New York. In addition, many workers donate to partner organizations and the company donates the same amount (matching) to each donation."

Adds light.

appsflyer, home visit to survivors and needy families (Photo: PR)

BigId, which routinely specializes in managing online privacy policy, is a member of Helpi - an organization that operates a platform for volunteering of all kinds and together they have organized a volunteer day.

As part of the volunteer day, the company employees were divided into groups of 15-20 employees and each group received a different volunteer, one group volunteered in packing and distributing food packages.

At the same time, another group volunteered in Kfar Saba as part of a considerate project that works to upgrade computers donated to children who cannot reach them, and another group volunteered in Petah Tikva by painting a center for at-risk youth.

ZoomInfo, a company that provides a B2B platform for Sales & Marketing intelligence, held a volunteer day at the Leket Israel organization, during which we sorted and packed agricultural produce for distribution to various non-profit organizations throughout the country and the needy.

30 of the company's employees took part in volunteering.

Zoom Info, a volunteer day at the Leket Israel organization (Photo: PR)

In, allowing programmers to focus on developing and enhancing their software by cloud service that identifies and warns of malfunctions current and future in their systems, celebrated the New Year with a toast gala that included dessert rich "baked", cocktails are varied and different gifts.

Every year, In addition to the NIS 500 vouchers, the company's employees received a gift that included alcohol and a cake for personal preparation made and packaged by people with disabilities.

Lugaz (Photo: PR)

The startup company Fabric, a developer of software and robots that supports the establishment of robotic collection facilities for retailers in Israel and around the world, has chosen two main social activities in order to return to Israeli society for the coming holidays.

The company is currently running tests for a new robotic collection facility.

As part of the inspection of the place, food orders for donations valued at thousands of shekels were collected.

The donation was transferred to the Warm Home Organization for the Community through the Rehovot Municipality.

In addition, the company chose employees to volunteer and strengthen the assistance system of the "Pethon Lev" organization, which sends packages to families in preparation for the holiday.

The company's employees helped arrange the packages and package them for delivery to families.

Fabric (Photo: PR)

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