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Five executives confess to five small regrets - Walla! Of money


They are successful managers who carry with them, like any of us, some small and sometimes even big regrets: sometimes for hurting another, sometimes for hurting themselves

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Five executives confess to five small regrets

They are successful managers who carry with them, like any of us, some small and sometimes even big regrets: sometimes for hurting another, sometimes for hurting themselves.

Would they have chosen otherwise if they could turn back time?


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Of money

Sunday, 12 September 2021, 16:46 Updated: Tuesday, 14 September 2021, 14:40

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Even those who do not observe the laws of Yom Kippur as fasting and prayer, surely connect to the idea of ​​mental reckoning: sometimes about harming another person, sometimes about a wrong decision we have made in relation to ourselves.

Even successful managers are not immune to mistakes and of course lathes.

In honor of Yom Kippur 5752, we collected five regrets from five of them.

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Shai Chen, one of the owners of JobMaster, VP of Employers and Candidates "There were things we could have done differently" (Photo: Yael Tzur)

"There were things we could have done differently"

"We set up Job Master at a very young age, three friends who had just been discharged from the army. None of us had yet celebrated 24 and had no business experience.

To be honest, we barely worked as employees elsewhere, and yet we decided to jump into the deep water. How deep? Within a year we already had 25 employees, we rented large offices, we recruited investors. We did it all without experience and without financial backing. The risk was great but we believed in ourselves and our vision. The beginning was exciting, thrilling and also, let's face it, very flattering to the ego.

From the distance of the years, when we are already a large, institutionalized and profitable company, I understand better what the move we made. Not only did we establish a new company, but we established an industry that did not exist before in the country. Or at all it is possible, to recruit employees in this way.

Today I realize there were things we could have done differently.

We conducted ourselves without a directed hand and we did not have the opportunity to look at other players in the market and draw conclusions from their conduct.

There is good and bad in everything, and perhaps our freshness and inexperience allowed us to be creative and daring, and to invent new things - precisely because we were not fully aware of what was happening in the market.

Obviously, this approach had prices.

We have done quite a bit of trial and error over the years: we have made decisions and more than once we have changed and corrected them while running.

There is no one way to succeed, and every decision has a price.

Even if in retrospect there were things that could have been done differently, I really do not regret the way we did. "

Adv. Racheli Edri, Director General of the Freedom of Information Movement "Despicable to the Legal Profession" (Photo: Ilya Melnikov)

"I despise the legal profession"

"My dream was to be a doctor, in the army I was a medic and a medic instructor and many of my friends from the army period went to medical school, some in Israel and some abroad. Upon graduating from the military and after the big trip I started studying biology with the goal of going to the four-year track that started in those years, but my heart said otherwise.

After a very short time, I realized it was not me. That physics and education do not interest me, that I hate sand and burn in the sea (I started studying in those years with my partner in Mikhmoret, because it was cool and on the sea and was the place to study biology)

. All my life I have been told that this is what I should do, and I have atoned for it.

I despised the profession, and passionately claimed that I did not believe in the method and did not want to take part in it.

But then the social protest began, and I found myself increasingly swallowing judgments and enjoying every moment.

I felt at home in constitutional law classes, waiting for lectures on the administration and philosophy of law, and everything I read in the paper suddenly took on new meaning.

Then, thanks to a Facebook ad of the Freedom of Information Movement looking for an information coordinator, I rolled into the movement to the position of CEO of the movement.

Lanor Daniel, CEO and co-founder, start-up company Drill (Photo: Dor Borochov)

"The post-army trip I never did"

Once I enlisted in the Army at age 18, I realized that life is far beyond what I was taught. Until the age of 18 grew up in a greenhouse which took care of all my needs and shortages, and the moment I joined the Military Intelligence was accompanied by growing up fast and taking responsibility. Sense of responsibility that accompanied me on my adult life, personal responsibility for the garden and for her was ready to make a lot of concessions.

At 20, I signed a permanent and chose roles toughest and most demanding for years I would come home only once a month. while all my friends did, "trip military service", I continued to take on more and more responsibility. at 25 I was released and instead of flying to south America, I was thinking a little differently and I started my first business.

I knew at that point While the money I have will not be enough for both of them and I have to give up and sacrifice something, even though I knew I was currently at a critical age not to return, I did not have the money to both start a real estate business and make the trip. I chose to sacrifice the trip for the big dream: self-realization.

Although this is the wisdom of retrospect, but today I regret a little that I did not travel at that age, but the time lost can not be restored.

The dream and ambition to succeed were bigger than me and I did not stop to rest for a moment, thanks to the sacrifice and countless daily concessions, I was able in ten years and ten fingers to fulfill many business dreams and realize myself.

Great trip, was not the only thing I had to give it up, during the services MI officers I was offered a dream role as a military attache in Washington, although the role glitter and luxury, I stuck to my plan to turn business initiatives.

Trip to South America probably did not happen and I do not know To point out the magnitude of the regret and how much I really missed, but it could certainly have been amazing. "

Moshe Dolev, CEO of Mali, the Israel Children's Training Project (Photo: PR)

"Sorry for the girl who was exposed to raise money for the organization"

I regret that I exposed the face of a girl in one of the association's children and youth villages of the association in the media, in order to assist in the fundraising effort for the association, an interview that was in its infancy.

A girl from one of the association's children and youth villages is interviewed on one of the morning programs on the leading channels, telling the story of her life, how and why she came to the village, revealing her family members, the intricacies of her heart. The girl feels in the clouds.

Spotlight, TV, leaving the village, exposure. Maybe also some relief of telling my story out loud. Know that he exists and deal. Knowing that if someone else is living such a life, then there is a good place that can get him out of it. The interview is over, followed by - going out to a cafe and back to the village.

The next day, the girl arrives at the school in the city. Proud of herself for the past, she feels strengthened. She received a lot of encouragement in the village. She enters the classroom and is silent. None of her friends talk to her. That she can no longer be a part of the guys.where

does the line go between the desire to expose the association I head, our lovely children who face small successes every day, the impressive achievements of the teams and personal exposure of the children's lives, exposure that can be obscure.

I remember the story every time the media orders interviews with our children, and I remind myself that exposing our children will always be up to a certain limit, a thin line that moves between empowering the children and, God forbid, harming them.

Avi Haimoff, CEO of the Maof Group, which deals with human capital, recruitment, guidance and consulting (Photo: Maof Group)

"I could be like Roni Rosenthal"

"There are not many things I really regret, I will bring two. I regret one of my personal life and the other of my business life. The

first, a decision I made in my teenage years. We played in two competing tiered football teams. During one of the breaks, Roni turned to me "I heard your friends say, that you play better than me, I invite you to a one-on-one game."

"It does not interest me" I replied. After all, as a child of a family who immigrated from Bulgaria, "first of all studies and then games" were repeated to me over and over again. Sometimes sitting in the football stands I feel remorse for the decision not to face. Maybe, just maybe, I could have been one of the players running on the meadows in England. who knows.

My second regret is related to my professional life in the flight group. In the beginning, I was the CFO of Human Resources. I learned, as an accountant, to see the world through numbers.

I knew a world of numbers, of profit and loss statements. At the beginning of my career as CEO of the Flight Group, I made a number of business decisions "through the numbers", decisions that taught me the biggest lesson of all - numbers are important, but people are more important.

Right people are the real generator of numbers.

Collaborations with companies are first and foremost collaborations with people.

Acquisition of companies is first of all human vision followed by accounting vision.

In flight we engraved on our flag the value on which our activities are based: people think people.

Today I know and believe, people do the numbers.

And here's the professional regret - if I had addressed the importance of people earlier, there would have been a number of business moves, "not so" successful, avoided.

I wish all the people of Israel a better year, a year of good people who do good. "

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