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Here are the jobs in Spain without unemployment


Full employment is not only for technological profiles, companies also raffle electromechanics, drivers and operators

In August, forklift operators were among the 10 most wanted professionals in Infojobs.raquel arocena torres / Getty Images

Employment has been a very positive surprise this summer.

After the best August in the historical series, unemployment fell by 82,600 people, although it continues to affect 3.3 million Spaniards.

The expectations for this last quarter of the year are also promising: at least one in four companies plans to hire, according to Infojobs, and next year they are one in three.

However, a large part of them complain about the mismatch between the professional profiles they are looking for and those that exist in the market.

Manpower maintains that this


has widened in the world and also in Spain, where more than six out of ten companies have difficulties finding the talent they need, the highest figure in the last 15 years.

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The problem is that education centers do not adapt their training offer to market requirements, according to Javier Blasco, director of the Adecco Group Institute.

“Something as transversal as artificial intelligence is today has not reached universities.

Only a trio of universities have a degree in this field.

There are hardly any new degrees that have to do with the technological revolution we are experiencing ”, he laments.

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Because most of the jobs that do not know unemployment have been precisely in the technological area for years. In addition, it is the sector that offers the highest salaries. Especially when the profiles are scarce. Companies are currently raffling off specialists in data and artificial intelligence. Experts in

big data


business intelligence


data analyst


machine learning

. Also to professionals in information security and cybersecurity, experts in the internet of things, in the



and robotics engineers. All these positions are the best paid today and those that experience the highest salary growth, according to Blasco, who ensures that their remuneration can range between 60,000 and 70,000 euros per year. And it can reach up to 90,000 euros in the case of experts in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and

data analysts

, if they are highly specialized, appreciates Alejandro González, founder of Taalentfy. In his opinion, “technology is beginning to be a bubble because salaries are being inflated a lot. In fact, a fresh out of the race can earn 30,000 euros a year ”.

With data from Infojobs, which until August had registered a year-on-year increase in job offers of 80% and continues to correct the fall over 2019, now 11%;

Professionals topping the most wanted list are



, IT consultants, network maintenance and support specialists, and




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Other professionals who are among the most demanded by the labor market are healthcare professionals and health experts, whether for the healthcare or pharmaceutical sectors. Doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians, especially. The covid has accelerated the search for this staff, whose talent is lacking throughout Spain. Specialist doctors can have a salary similar to that of technology professionals: between 60,000 and 70,000 euros, according to Blasco.

But companies are not only looking for university students. In fact, the supply and demand mismatch is much more pronounced in the case of vocational training graduates. At a time like this when the industry is pulling jobs, companies are desperately looking for electromechanical experts. "There is not. The companies hire them before finishing the training module, they fight over them ”, explains Javier Caparrós, head of professional recruitment at Manpower. As well as for welders, toolmakers, milling machines, turners, and also for drivers and operators, explains the Adecco manager. Their experience in recent years is very difficult to find, which is why they are fully occupied trades. Blasco points out that their salaries can exceed 30,000 euros per year,With the exception of the industrial forklift driver, whose salary ranges between 18,000 and 20,000 euros. In August, forklift operators were among the 10 most wanted professionals on Infojobs.

These grassroots employees are also claimed by the logistics sector, another one that has been hiring more since the pandemic began. As a result, it also needs carriers and drivers, profiles that often have to be brought in from outside Spain because nationals do not want to perform them, according to Caparrós. "The salary offered for these positions could be one of the reasons, but the type of functions and time dedication have more incidence, which the new generations discard because they seek greater conciliation," he appreciates. Delivery drivers were the third most sought-after professional on Infojobs last month.

Caparrós assures that the specialists in energy sales and photovoltaic energy technicians are other profiles that hardly know about the unemployment due to the development that is being printed to the ecological transformation.


Technology, health, industry and, also construction, are the areas that are recruiting the most personnel, according to the experts.

In the case of construction, Blasco believes that the jobs that currently lack unemployment are the ferrallistas, the caravisteros and the crane and dump truck operators.

An experienced caravistero, he says, can earn 50,000 euros a year.

In his opinion, “if the economic recovery accelerates, as it seems, we can find a growing disagreement between the supply and demand of professionals because, although it has increased a lot, in Spain there is still not enough geographical mobility and we have not taken advantage of the pandemic to re-qualify staff ”.

Although he believes that the new Vocational Training law can contribute to closing the gap, this expert encourages professionals to train.

In less than three months, he says, you can get a certificate of professionalism that allows you to work immediately.

"For example, it is possible to be a cook in one term without having to wait the four years of the FP degree."

Remote offers

Infojobs says that at this point in September only 13% of people who worked remotely have returned to their offices at full capacity. The rise of teleworking is spectacular, in the words of Mónica Pérez, its head of Studies. In the first six months of 2021, more than 225,000 job offers included full or partial distance work, a figure that already exceeds the total of vacancies for 2020 as a whole (209,300 job offers were looking for teleworkers) and multiplied by almost seven those of 2019. Although the peak of weekly searches for remote positions occurred in April, with 700,000; now there are 150,000 every week, up from just 20,000 before the pandemic. "The trend will continue to grow," predicts the expert.

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