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Interns' protest: Leading the fight like you have never seen before - Walla! Of money


She does not understand why she can not lead a just fight just because she also has a private clinic, tells about the loans and debts that accompanied her on the way there, sure the Medical Association threatens doctors so they do not join the fight and participates as soon as she broke her heart. Dr. Ray Bitton is neither afraid nor apologetic

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Interns' protest: Leading the struggle like you have never seen before

She does not understand why she can not lead a just fight just because she also has a private clinic, tells about the loans and debts that accompanied her on the way there, sure the Medical Association threatens doctors so they do not join the fight and participates as soon as she broke her heart.

Dr. Ray Bitton is neither afraid nor apologetic


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Liat Ron

Monday, 11 October 2021, 09:24 Updated: 10:10

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Being a specialized mother and doctor is always difficult, but in recent days my daughters and I have encountered a new difficulty, "said Dr. Ray Bitton, the leader of the interns' protest, who posted a post on Facebook a few days ago. , From which Bitton's face is seen, because mother lives there.

"I started the morning with an interview with the GLC," she explained her current agenda, "then with Ben Caspit, at noon I was at the Ministry of Health, from there to the studios in Neve Ilan, and at night in a zoom conversation with interns and government ministries. I don't have a day and I don't have a night. "

In one of them, on Network B, she had to defend herself and explain how she dares to lead a struggle to shorten the internship hours, when she has a successful private clinic for aesthetic medicine, which she runs while specializing in nephrology, raising the three children and taking turns at Assuta Hospital in Ashdod.

She talked about the mission, the desire to give optimal medicine, but did not say a word about the loan repayments she accumulated when she flew to study medicine in Hungary, because in Israel she was not accepted to study and the debts she accumulated when she returned to Israel to complete them.

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Dr. Ray Bitton, at the forefront of the struggle (Photo: Reuven Castro)

She was not admitted to the studio because of pants

In a phone call she steals after putting the baby to bed, she says one reporter scolded her for her audacity to fight for shorter shifts while she was on maternity leave.

"I told him I was on holiday by law. It was not perceived that I should justify not doing shifts now. I go out at eight in the morning and come back at ten at night, and the girls and Ido, my partner, pay a heavy price.

On the other hand, I convey the message that when you see injustice so evident, you can not sit on the sidelines. I'm so glad I got to be up front of this struggle, even if it requires me to Jungle way. "

If it was not made from materials of the fighter, who does not see eye doubt if there was any Doctor. If it had been up to her diagnoses and teachers in the studio, she would have been somewhere else today. But Bitton, who had already decided to become a doctor in fourth grade, did not agree to give up the dream, despite the very low opening conditions.

Her parents, educators, who grew up in the transit camp of Kiryat Malachi, got married and had five children, whom they educated for excellence. Her sister, Yifat Bitton, is a law professor and the founder of the Tmura organization, and another sister, Inbal, is the marketing manager at Check Point.

The parents moved from Kiryat Malachi to Beit El to give the children a good education, but because she was not religious enough and her sisters wore pants, she was not admitted to the studio in Ofra, and was rejected from other studios again and again, until she found a place he agreed to accept. .

The only high school that agreed to accept her was "Ma'ale Ginogli" on French Hill in Jerusalem, to which she took rides every day from Beit El. But there was no improvement there either and at the end of ninth grade the management informed her that she would not be able to go up to tenth grade with everyone and she was forced to stay in grade.

Only when she touched the bottom did the magic happen.

She realized that if she did not get up on her own two feet, she would find herself out of school.

In her second year of ninth grade she started volunteering at MDA, slowly building her self-confidence, making friends and since the high school matriculation certificate was not enough for the medical faculty thresholds, she and her parents built a program to increase professions and graduated with high grades, but not high grades enough.

On family and social justice: "I do not have the privilege of sitting on the sidelines" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Hungary, loans and debts

She also had to fight in the army. Her IBA was low, only 49 points, and the positions offered to her ranged from a driver to a waitress. She insisted on taking a medic course, graduating with honors, but was placed in a rear unit. times and reached the required threshold for acceptance to medical school.

resort intermediates recorded a bachelor's degree in emergency medicine at Ben Gurion University, eventually hoping to be accepted, but even that was not enough, that ended only by an average of 93. when the appeals submitted were not accepted, she decided to fly with her husband, Ido Levy, Her friend from the age of 16, who studied at a yeshiva in Beit El and is now a dentist, studied medicine together in Hungary.

The problem was the funding. The family managed to raise $ 15,000 and together a scholarship from the ISAF Fund and loans, managed to finance two years of study abroad and when the option was opened to graduate from the faculty in Safed and they returned to Israel. Ido studied at Tel Aviv University and she in Safed and both became doctors.

On the doctors' strike in 2011 she was in Hungary, but when she began her internship in internal medicine in Soroka, she joined the "Prescription" association and was drawn to public activity.

“I came from a broad conception of justice at home,” she explains of her need to take part in the struggle. "The parents taught us to be critical of processes and see we can bring about change.

Yifat (her sister. L.R.) took it to court and redress injustices. Will be changed to her husband's last name and we won.

"I do not have the privilege of sitting on the sidelines and that is what motivates and animates me. I know what great medicine we could give patients and find that I am disappointed in myself at four in the morning, and know that I am not the doctor I wanted to be. I am not a superwoman. It fills me very much. "

On veteran doctors: "There is a campaign of intimidation by the Medical Association against them" (Photo: TPS, Shalom Shalom)

The Medical Association does not represent the interns

At the end of the internship, Bitton wanted to continue specializing in internal medicine, but had to wait half a year for a specialized standard to become available, and had no choice but to move to nephrology. "It's amazing that the standard of standardization has remained the same since the 1970s, even though the population has grown. The Ministry of Health says that the shortening of shifts cannot be implemented because there are no doctors and we say there are doctors, but there are no standards."

In the periphery there are standards and no doctors can be found to staff them.

"There are places like this, but it's a self-feeding circle. In the periphery, because there are not enough doctors, the interns work harder, so no one wants to specialize there. The world has changed and the generation has changed and interns want to make room for relationships and family. It will lose quality power. "

The interns responded to the doctors' strike in 2011 and stood with them at the forefront. Why do senior doctors leave you alone, and do not submit resignation letters with you? There are also some who go against you.

"There are about a hundred doctors who have announced that they will join our resignation, but you know that at the demonstration this weekend we had difficulty finding doctors to speak on stage in favor of shortening the shifts.

There is a medical intimidation campaign against them. "

With no respect for the just struggle, you are not the representative organization of the interns but the Medical Association. You do not have a majority


" We did not set out to compete with them, but out of Understanding that they do not represent the interns and they have proven well in the last ten years that nothing is moving. Do you know what the hardest point was? May 2020. During the corona we shortened our shifts to 12 hours and then decided to bring us back to 26. For two months the system was able to do that. "

So if you want you can shorten shifts?

"Absolutely. Divide the shifts into 12 hours of work and 24 hours of rest and the senior doctors took a much more active part, and precisely because of their partnership in the burden, their criticism of the shortening of shifts was born. On the other hand, because there were fewer doctors, there was a greater load of "We are sick of it. Therefore, we do not think it is a long-term solution, but an addition of standards."

According to Bitton and the registry, adding devices to interns, of which there are dozens who are queuing up for internships in every hospital around the country, will cost the state NIS 30 million, a small amount in every parameter. "The Ministry of Health has received an additional budget of two billion shekels and it is time to take action and adopt the outline we formulated and approved by the Ministry of Health, until it is repeated.

" We ask to open the devices and see what happens. "Does it seem right to you to follow their outline and incentivize the interns in the periphery during shorter shifts?"

Why not.

They tried to incentivize doctors in the periphery with a variety of benefits and they did not come.

"That's really not true. Part of the agreement after the 2011 strike was to pass a budget to encourage doctors to come to the periphery, but the money ran out and there was no continuing budget so doctors stopped coming."

"I held his hand and told him that everything would be fine, even though I knew it was not true" - the patient who broke her heart during the corona (Photo: Reuven Castro)

"Sit next to me, I understand"

In two years, Dr. Bitton finish the residency and will move to the more comfortable of the profession. Although the specialty Nephrology less intensity than those in internal medicine, is still carrying her sleeping problems.

"I slept shocking wake up in the night with my heart beating woke up feeling that the nurse should phone me . The smell of coffee throws me off at four in the morning, to the coffee that left my eyes open, a kind of post-trauma. There are consequences to this.

"My dear friend and partner in the fight, fell ill with cancer during the internship, underwent surgery and after two weeks showed up for shifts, and a few months ago decided she could no longer and resigned. She said it was not worth it."

And what was your breaking point?

“I had so many, especially in Corona.

I had an 87-year-old patient, charming and clear with a Moroccan accent who reminded me of the late father. He did not want to be in the ward and did not agree to use the oxygen mask and kept taking it off. He was angry that the children did not come to visit. deteriorating and try to speak to the heart cooperates.

one day he looked at me with the eyes of a man who knows his end is nigh and said, 'Come, sit over a medium. and I'm sitting next to him, holding his hand and says everything will be fine, as I know that's not true. on The next day, when I arrived at the ward, he was no longer there. "

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