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"Whoever gets married gets any car he wants" - Walla! Of money


Development Center in Herzliya Pituach: We spent a happy hour on the GMC development team and got a glimpse of the work environment that develops the vehicles of tomorrow

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"Whoever gets married gets any car he wants"

At the General Motors Development Center in Herzliya Pituach, the vehicles of tomorrow are being developed: electric, autonomous, smarter and safer.

We went out to spend "Happy Hour" with the company's development team and discovered that the sentence in the title refers only to the wedding day, but also includes a budget for decorations


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Of money

Thursday, 14 October 2021, 15:03 Updated: 16:36

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What to do


General Motors' development center, part of the American company of the century, was established in 2008 and focuses on electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles, development and implementation of wireless communication systems that will allow the vehicle to communicate with infrastructure and other road users.



Amit Shukron, 32, married plus one, lives in Givatayim, senior full stack developer, seven months in the company.

Hisham Yassin, 32, married plus three, lives in Araba, FULLSTACK ENGINEER, one year in the company.

Sivan Ben Moshe, 44, married plus two, lives in Kfar Yona, Product Designer, six months in the company.

The future is already here

The smart test that detects an increased risk of having a stroke

In collaboration with Shalach

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Right: Hisham Yassin, Sivan Ben Moshe and Amit Shukron (Photo: Reuven Castro)


At the northern end of the industrial area of ​​Herzliya Pituach. The offices on the seventh floor have 200 software developers, researchers, algorithmicists, and robotics specialists, and the rest of the workers are in another building, not far away. There are three kitchenettes, and an open roof used for yoga and Pilates classes in the mornings, events and just open-air lunches.

Coffee break

: In the center of the main kitchenette there is a large table in poison green and on the counter are all types of instant and granulated coffee, chocolate, light and white brown sugar, honey, coffee machine, and 16 types of tea. There are also two microwaves, cornflakes, granola, a mix of nuts and almonds.

Inside a serving bowl are individual bags of baguette crunch, which are replaced with chocolates later, crunchy packages with chocolate and with chocolate and salted caramel, slices of bread wrapped in plastic wrap because of the corona, and also salads in individual bowls with root sauce.

In the refrigerator of milk of all kinds, cottage boxes, cheese fingers, melted cheese, brick, tahini, chickpeas and small dishes, yogurts and lots of vegetables and there is also a container of ready-made whipped cream.

In the morning you eat in the kitchenette and in the afternoon you either order from outside, or you go downstairs and choose from the many restaurants in the area.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Hisham dreamed of studying medicine and in high school realized it was not really for him, chose to study computer science and found himself a programmer for fun and people got excited and started buying programming he built. He completed 19 computer units at the Jerusalem High School of Sciences and Arts as part of the local boarding school.

After graduation he studied psychometrics and continued to write programming. He was accepted to study for a degree in computer science at the Technion through the Atidim program, began working at Check Point as a student and later as a software engineer. After three years he moved to Microsoft in Herzliya and a year later was accepted to Amazon.

"In the beginning when I was a student," he smiles, "I submitted a lot of resumes to high-tech companies and they would not even come back to me. After interviews I would regularly get the answer, 'unfortunately you were not accepted' and I would say to myself, lucky I was not accepted there.

I started being interviewed for fun and practice and only started to relax as I went through one sequence after another.

And here began my journey.

I said I wanted to develop in a company and not be able to be accepted into it.

Experience has taught me that not every name is shiny and a polished image is necessarily a good company for me. "

After Amazon, he had three contracts and he says he chose General Motors because of the people." I don't like the types of ice cream in the fridge.

"I'm interested in work culture, employees who do not take shortcuts, who say what they have on their minds and when they accumulate the value of 'one team', they really mean and do not spread empty slogans, and I found that here."

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

Amit also dabbled in computers as a teenager, studied ten computer units in high school and served as a soldier. After graduation he started working for a small company and at the same time studied for a bachelor's degree in computer science.

Two years later he began building websites as a freelancer, moved to the projects Netcraft and business graphics and user interface, again became independent study extension Technion Tel Aviv and send the Orthodox in the College of Management. Five years later came to the conclusion that he must settle down.

"I wanted to find a place for me to grow, to be In one long-term company. When I started looking I had several options and chose General Motors. I want to pursue a master's degree in the field of work and progress here, because there are no barriers to development here, both in the managerial and scientific pan. "

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in economics and management, Sivan felt it was not, Sees, cool additions to the app, features.

She worked for ten years at the UI project company, and after giving birth she set out on her own.

"I wanted to go back to work at the company and started working as head of the interface at NICE and after two years, a company that worked here warmly recommended me to the company and because I am half American and General Motors is a strong American brand, it fitted me great."

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

For the soul

: Amit is a serial participant in the hackathons, which the corona sabotaged in his hobby. "When possible I do it twice a month, an abnormal challenge. In a set amount of time we build a team, think of a product, commit suicide on it and don't sleep until it happens."

Speaking of sleep deprivation, until he became a father, Hisham surfed and told his wife stories of marine heroism. From the age of 18 he plays the acoustic and electric guitar and he devotes his infrequent free time to music. Sivan started doing macrame in Corona because she loves to create with materials. She used to have her own jewelry brand.

What to wear: Basically casual and respectful, if there is a meeting then invest. Hisham laughs that when working from home then there are discounts and Sivan reports that there are also slippers in the hallways.


: The company offices remained open throughout the period, to let employees go out and freshen up when possible.

Hisham started the absorption process in the first closure, Sivan saw the offices was when she had already received a GM employee badge and a colleague was lucky to start work between closures.

Managers were trained to manage work from home from an external consultant, all employees received a budget for the home office, the internal newsletter was updated every few days with important information and human resources conducted personal conversations with employees to make sure everyone was okay and increased the frequency of pampering home deliveries. Backgammon, puzzles, invested and always-delivered parcel delivery with a cool addition for kids, in addition to zoom sessions with Leon Shandrovsky, Mr. Oats, artwork and booklets.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

Where to work

: Hybrid, usually three days from the office and two days from home, but there is flexibility under the slogan "Work according to what is right for you". depending on what role it comes.


: Amit says that - HR and their mainly discussed, are the best there is. when he wanted to sign up for a gym close to work, he turned to her and after a week she was instructed where all employees.

everyone can learn, is subject to several conditions , Like meeting goals, at the expense of the company, Amit hopes to do his master's degree like this. Yoga, running group, and eight in the evening "Hit" Zoom.

Company meetings with the CEO have been zoomed in as well as introductory meetings held once a month, in which employees and managers talk about what they do. late summer family beach. This year was supposed to appear in statics and Manal, but because of the fourth wave is rejected again and again.


: Hisham's wife was in his earnings higher than that received in the giant that worked before. Amit: "there are bonuses, but no options, It's not a start-up. "" Wages are very competitive, "says Sivan," and there is a feeling that it is important for the company to retain its employees, that we will be really good and not with slogans. "

A colleague says the executives allow for a balance between home and work, "When we put a son of Nu into the kindergarten, no one made a face, on the contrary. I have never experienced this before. "

Sivan says there was a decision to shorten the meetings, to give rest time between sessions and Hisham emphasizes that everyone manages their time.


: Employees have the privilege of driving GM test vehicles, provided they have undergone an advanced driving course funded by the company followed by safety briefings.

A colleague came out the day after the interview for his first driving on a prominent Chevrolet and got excited like a kid.

Another unique chopper: Whoever gets married gets a car for the big evening with a budget for decoration.

What's next

: Sivan has just started tickling her start, Hisham sees herself here for the long term and Amit plans to advance in the organization after completing her master’s degree, data science and deep learning.

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