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"Whoever closes here for ten years, goes on a voyage with the founders" - Walla! Of money


We stayed with the company that connects surfers to content and heard bu about life with a sea view. This is how it is when the founders are also skippers

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"Whoever closes here for ten years, goes on a voyage with the founders"

Outbrain does not like to be called an "advertising company", but everything else is fine.

The Happy Hour section was hosted by the company that connects surfers to content and heard about life with a sea view, this is how it is when the founders are also skippers


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Liat Ron

Thursday, 21 October 2021, 12:06 Updated: 14:08

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What to do

: Outbrain is engaged in integrated digital advertising.

It operates on content sites and allows surfers to discover organic content and sponsored content customized to their interests so surfers can get to the relevant website and the funding body enjoys exposure and traffic.



Hila Segs, 35 years old, married + 2, lives in Hod Hasharon.

Position: product analytics team, ten months in the company.

Hussam Abu Maruf, 31, married with a baby on the way, lives in Yarka.

Position: R&D Team Leader, four years in the company.

Liat Avrahami, 41, married plus 3, lives in Even Yehuda.

Position: Product Manager lead three and a half years in the company.

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From the right: Liat Avrahami, Hossam Abu Maruf and Hila Segs.

Outbrain (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: The Poleg industrial area in Netanya, an unusual location in the high-tech landscape whose offices are located in Gush Dan.

Outbrain has 1,000 employees worldwide, the headquarters is divided between Israel and New York and the three floors of the relatively new building have 400 employees.

Coffee break

: The kitchenette has a large wooden table surrounded by tall, black bar stools.

The storage cabinets are also black and have a white surface above them, on which is placed a coffee machine, a soda machine and a sign above it that encourages the use of reusable utensils, pop-up toast, lying down and a microwave.

On another table there is a basket of fruits, nuts and almonds, cornflakes, muesli and oatmeal as well as nutella, dates, tahini, chewing gums of four kinds, candies, tic tac, wild berries, caramel, and a time-out and also wholemeal bread.

In the transparent refrigerator are arranged all possible types of milk, and in the regular refrigerator a lot of soft drinks, mainly carbonated, vegetables, yellow cheese, cottage cheese and chickpeas.

The freezer is loaded with spoons of all kinds for corrupt people and 88-calorie popsicles for those on a diet.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

CV: Hossam grew up in Yarka and when he finished high school he studied electrical and computer engineering, because he was not closed on what he wanted to do and at the same time worked in the computer science of the Faculty of Arts.

At the end of the degree he was accepted to PTC, a company that develops product life systems for car manufacturers, to detect, for example, a fault in a tractor that is on the other end of the world, and after two and a half years as a product developer, came to Outbrain.

"I wanted to be somewhere closer to home, I heard about the company, submitted a resume and was accepted into a product developer. Today I am the head of a development team, who is in charge of the publisher's side. We provide him with data and content management tools."

Liat's father is a computer man and from childhood she used to play in the bowels of the computer and have fun with "Gokim".

She served in the Prime Minister's Office, stayed there for another five years for my citizens, and in the process began studying computer science at IDC.

At the end of her degree she started working as a software tester at Mercury, which was sold to HP and stayed there for 12 years, and in her last position she was product manager. Then she felt she wanted to move on, "I wanted to be in Outbrain. My husband is the company's computer supplier and he pumps me all the time that I have to work there. For a year I sat at the computer and did a refresher until a job opened and when that happened "My life and I went through the interviews. I manage a product and I have four employees under me."

Hila came to high tech from the least expected place - from the social field. She studied a bachelor's degree in behavioral sciences and professional translation and was a simultaneous translator into sign language at university and at the same time studied a master's degree in business administration with a specialization in the third sector. She was accepted to the "Shkolu Tov" organization, which deals with the mentally handicapped, and accompanied mentally challenged people in their search for employment in the free market.

"Then I was looking for a professional change," she shares.

"With high-tech for many years and seen it grow roles challenging and I wanted to. Company she worked as an office manager in a start-up asked me to replace her would she be on maternity leave. I did not like the management office, but I was fascinated by high-tech and during job interviews I realized I wanted to be analyst.

I went to the course Analysts "I was hired by a small company and then they contacted me from Outbrain. I did not know what they were doing, but our Nablus flew at it. I came here as a senior analyst and like Cinderella, after two months I was appointed team leader."

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

For the soul

: With the challenge of raising 11-year-old twins, Pilates is food for Liat's soul and interior design is a hobby that she also studied seriously. Hossam was a star on Yarka's football team and makes sure to maintain fitness once a week and is active in an association of high-tech academics, who lecture to young people and push them to enter the field.

Advertising Company

: Outbrain, they resent, is not an advertising company. Liat: "We promote content to customers. We will offer you what interests you, based on data from Big Data." Hila explains that "everything is based on machine learning and there are no matters of manipulating surfers."


: The information about the strange disease that breaks out came to them early from Outbrain's offices in China and Japan and immediately began a global pilot for work from home.

The workers received a budget for office supplies, took what they needed from the offices.

"The whole world was under stress," Liat recalls, "and here the concern for employees was felt, there was a lot of sensitivity. There was a budget for Netflix, self-help apps, zoom workshops, plays for children, performances by artists, Avraham Tal, Eran Zarchovich."

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

What to wear: What you feel like.

Where to work: The official return to hybrid work was only after the holidays. Each team comes two days a week, and those who want to work more than the office - are invited to have fun, together with the private dog, so that he does not get bored alone at home.

Added value: At every holiday, date and just a milestone in the company, employees receive a pampering delivery. Two months ago, when they went public, employees received a travel bag, there was also a shipment of smart watches to encourage them to do sports and in addition get a refund against an invoice for a gym subscription or training with a personal trainer.

On Thursdays, in cycles of 200, employees gather at "Coffee Time", an informal meeting where they wish good luck to those celebrating a birthday, introduce new employees and pass on information. Each team receives a formulation budget and spends it on shared recreation. Hussam was in an escape room and Liat's staff picked up some particularly worthwhile barbecues.

There is a music room with guitars and drums that allow the musicians among the employees to unwind and do sessions in between, a ping pong room, and a games room with an Xbox, play station and table football.

When it is possible to gather, the terrace downstairs serves all kinds of choppers, pita panda, ice cream, Neta Barzilai appeared at the IPO event at Ronit Farm, before the corona there was a company event celebrated in four days in Tenerife and there is a tradition of summer events at sea with massages, sap and games.

Liat: "There is a section here with the sea. Because the founders are former sailors and skippers, those who have been here for ten years go sailing with them. Many of us are waiting for that."

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


Very competitive, each employee gets options.

"Because the company is public," says Hila, "this is a significant benefit," and Hossam adds that after the IPO, they are worth money.

What's next

: Liat is waiting for her decade's cruise in the company, Hossam declares that he is in the most suitable place for the development of his career, and Hila says that the momentum for her is insane.

"In less than a year, I was promoted professionally and had the opportunity to expand the team to six people. This is the time for me to build and grow."

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