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Short in Communication: What Happens in an Electrical System Management Company? - Walla! Of money


Complaints about serious irregularities in the electricity management company. Chairman, Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman: "The allegations are unfounded"

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Short in Communication: What Happens in an Electrical System Management Company?

Exclusive: Accusations of receiving an illegal loan, hiring consultants without a tender, using a vehicle in violation of regulations and even a puzzling rental deal.

Most of the allegations against the company's chairman, former Southern Command General Shimon (Sami) Turgeman, are addressed by former CEO Yoram Cohen.

Turgeman in response: "False claims"


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Roast Greenberg

Sunday, 24 October 2021, 09:12 Updated: 12:24

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Improper claims administrator in managing the new government electricity system (Noga) revealed for the first time, and focus primarily on the conduct of the former Southern Command chief Simon (Sami) Turgeman, who serves as its chairman, and his advisers.

Claims made by sources close to the company , Which will celebrate 3 years since its inception this December, and provide a glimpse into the high tension that prevailed between the company's chairman and its management.

Among the allegations raised: taking a loan from the government company, allegedly illegally, hiring consultants, ostensibly without a tender, and, again, allegedly: using the company vehicle in violation of the Government Companies Authority circular, and even paying tens of millions of shekels, out of the taxpayer's pocket, as rent. For company offices.

Turgeman, for his part, dismisses the accusations leveled against him, calling them "unfounded" and noting that this is a distorted presentation of the truth, since all the decisions were made in favor of the company (see detailed response in the comments section).

But it seems that even before moving on to the claims themselves - and even if it turns out that the deeds stand the test of the law - there is a glimpse into the wondrous world of government companies: a world where consultants are hired too easily, a world where tens of millions are easily paid in rent, a world where money is money Public, ones that do not come out of anyone's pocket (but of course out of all of us's common pocket) and are easily transferred to a third party.

Even if things have been done for the sake of advancing the company's goals, even if they will eventually stand the test of the law, it is still difficult to feel comfortable with the description of the course of events, as it is reflected in the allegations.

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Maj. Gen. (Res.) Sami Turgeman, during his time as Commander of the Southern Command (Photo: Niv Aharonson)

CEO v. Chairman: Irregularities and actions against any law "

The affair begins with a letter sent last July to the members of the general assembly of the company and to the ministers of energy and finance,

Karin Elharar and Avigdor Lieberman

, and revealed in Walla! Money 'for the first time, also raises similar claims. The letter was sent to the ministers by none other than the company's CEO until recently,

Yoram Cohen

, who was forced to leave his position only about two years after joining him

. But of all the materials that came to Walla! Money 'raises the possibility that this may be an attempt to oust the CEO, after revealing the alleged misconduct of the company's chairman.

"From the time I arrived at the company until today," Cohen wrote in a letter to the members of the general assembly of Noga and the ministers, "there are irregularities and actions contrary to any law made and carried out by the chairman." The chairman saw this as a violation of his honor and status, and began a bitter war against me. "

Yoram Cohen, former CEO of the Government Electricity Management Company (Noga) (Photo: Yachz)

The clashes between the two dominant figures in the company were well-known in the company, and sources close to it add that "the chairman conducted the company as his own, and in the style more a military champion than a chairman of a government company." A confrontation with the dominant chairman, only to make it clear that he cannot be trampled on. But even if this is the case, it does not mean that the red flags raised by the company's management, as far as the chairman's conduct is concerned, were out of place.

One of them concerns a loan of about NIS 60,000 taken by the chairman Turgeman from the company some time after he took office. The loan was taken to finance his share of the retroactive pension provisions.

In his letter, Cohen referred to this and wrote: Knowledge and approval of the board of directors .... according to him (of Turgeman),He did not understand that taking company money for the purpose of financing his share of the provisions for the pension fund in the repayment of 20 payments means a loan. "

Sources close to the company confirmed to Walla!

Money 'things, but added that "this is a relatively negligible loan amount, and it was clear that the chairman did not understand the problematic nature of the issue.

Realizing that this was wrong, he repaid the loan immediately, including the required interest on the garden.


Internal correspondence on the subject that reached Walla!

Money 'shows that the loan was spread over 20 interest-free payments, and that Chairman Turgeman repaid in full before the payments were completed, along with an interest payment of NIS 348. The spread of payments, until its full repayment, and therefore should have been aware of it.

Energy Minister Karin Elharar: "Things happened before the minister took office" (Photo: Yoav Itiel)

Advisers or friends from the military?

Turgeman was appointed chairman of the government company Noga - to manage the Israeli electricity sector at the end of 2018, after his candidacy was submitted to the Gilour Committee in November of that year by then-Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon. the Avenue of the board.

It should be noted that despite the ambitious goal set by the government inception the company - December 2019 (and since the deadline was postponed several times by the end of October this year), did not provide her all the tools necessary for the establishment, except preliminary budget totaling $ 13 million.

The people who assisted Turgeman in starting the company were various consultants hired by the company, whose total cost is estimated at NIS 2 million. Receiving additional offers. "

As an example of those referrers Board of Directors meeting on March 27, 2019, in which Turgeman offers to the Board to hire two more consultants, one of which even exceeds his name -

Col. discovered Goldratt


"I want to add another consultant I know," cited translated 'From the minutes of the meeting' I worked with her on similar strategic processes. Her job will be to work with all the teams and see that everything is in sync ....

her name is revealed and she is a colonel in the reserve - her resume was sent to you and they are also here ... I think she will be a significant boost to the company's overall work. I highly recommend her from acquaintances Personally and from acquaintance with the processes she has led in the past. "

Please note that

Walla! Money indicates that the company's engagements with the consultants examined did not go through a tender, but were approved by the company's board of directors, and were made in accordance with the recommendations of the legal counsel that accompanied the electricity management company and the Accountant General's contract rules


The chairman's entourage even justified the need to hire consultants and told Walla! Money, that "the only mechanism in favor of starting the company, which was still without employees but required to build the company's infrastructure and more, was exempt from tender according to the Accountant General's rules. After all, the company did not yet have all the required functions, and therefore a tenders committee did not yet operate in it. "

When asked why some of the consultants are personally acquainted with the chairman, his entourage responded that "a competitive procedure has been conducted for accepting proposals in the various areas, and in some areas about 2-3 proposals were received, and in some areas not.

The members of the board of directors expressed doubts about the ability to bring in professionals within this limitation, so the chairman, who is a task person, saw the bringing of the required functions as part of his job. "

"There was an error in the advance notice of winning the tender"

One of those consultants was

Itzik Barbie

, who served under Turgeman in the military and served as an assistant in the power management company. Barbie was involved in a tender to select a company that would accompany the formulation of Noga's strategy - a tender in which it was alleged that his details were allegedly leaked to one of the business entities that competed with him.

The tender in question was approached by the companies 'Deloitte' and 'Tuck', whose bids in the first phase amounted to NIS 3.2 million and NIS 2.8 million, respectively. Tuck's bid was passed as a favorite on the subcommittee of the company's tenders committee, which has not yet convened to discuss bids.

The two bids were eventually forwarded to the Tenders Committee headed by CEO Cohen, who noted in his letter that the chairman contacted me and clarified that he wanted Tuck to win the tender. 'The price to NIS 1.2 million and won, thus saving the company about NIS 1.6 million.

When I informed Tuck that they did not win, the owner of Tuck informed me that the assistant chairman had told him the price offered by Deloitte in the first phase of the tender process, and even informed him with the chairman's knowledge that he would win the tender

. This was before the tenders committee convened and decided on the matter.

As soon as I found out, I called the assistant chairman's assistant, who initially denied the matter, but in a conversation I had with the chairman, he said that the information had indeed been leaked. In

a letter sent to the company in February 2020 by

Dr. Eitan Or

, CEO of TAC, confirming that Tuck was notified of its victory before the convening of the company's tenders committee (in 13 February 2020), but no proof of leakage was found from the tender.

Dr. Or noted in his letter, among other things, that "on January 17, 2020 ... I received a phone call at noon from Itzik announcing the winning of the tender" Sami. "

Dr. Or wrote further, that in our meeting on Thursday, January 10, in the same place and in the same file that matches us with Sami (the chairman), the composition of the meeting changed and on behalf of the system management, the company management came and claimed that they wanted to meet. To him the sums of the auction.

It became clear to me at the meeting that these managers were not exposed or did not accept, or even read, our proposal and they sought to understand ... At no point in this meeting was it said or implied that this is a committee that has not yet decided. The practical times for execution.A conversation that takes place frequently in the initiation stages.

At the end of the meeting, Yoram (former CEO) asked me to stay with him and had a full advisory conversation with me regarding the relationship with the board of directors, conveying messages to the chairman, the composition of the management, recruitment and non-compliance. "Such a conversation is unlikely to take place with someone who is not going to be the CEO's secret adviser."

The chairman's entourage confirms that "there was a mistake in the early announcement of the win," but in the same breath, former CEO Cohen is accused of changing the subcommittee's decision. The same sources also strongly reject that any leak was made from the tender, and even claim that "if there had been a leak, then the company that was allegedly leaked for it would have changed its price in the more advanced stages, which did not happen."

Sami Turgeman, in his days as Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Command.

Regarding the allegations regarding the vehicle: "I used the vehicle that I rented at my expense, even though most of my activities at the time were in favor of Noga."

Following his remarks, a vehicle was made available to him in accordance with the rules and approvals (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, Tomer Neuberg, IDC Herzliya)

Vehicle too close?

But while Turgeman began to part with his initial advisers, he seemed to have more difficulty, according to the evidence obtained by Walla! Money ', to say goodbye to the company car attached.

"The chairman did not want to part with the vehicle next to him," company insiders said, "even though the circular from the Government Companies Authority does not allow him to receive a vehicle attached to him. He also refused to sign an employment contract with the company to a result. "

Associates refer 2019-2-1 Circular of the Government Companies Authority does not allow the provision of a company car company chairman government, unless authorized by the abnormal about it. This also appears in the approval of the General Assembly for his appointment.

Turgeman's company car engaged the company's board of directors in a number of discussions, including a board meeting held on September 4, 2019, in which one of the directors noted that "the Government Companies Authority does not approve a car for the chairman of the board."

Ariel Evelyn,Senior Deputy Head of the Government Companies Authority

, Said at the same meeting "stick to the guidelines if you want it approved". Evelyn intended to approve an increase in Turgeman's percentage to 75%, which would begin retroactively from March 18, 2019.

At a meeting of board members last May 5, they had already approved Turgeman's car attachment (after his job percentage recently rose to 100 %), Along with a retroactive approval for the period preceding it, but the Companies Authority did not issue a retroactive approval.

Sources close to the chairman claim that the latter received the approval of the head of the Government Companies Authority orally. At a board meeting on May 5, the company's attorney general stated that To receive a vehicle from the company .... In the existing case, a vehicle was given to the chairman of the board, as a result of an agreement in 2019 between the chairman and the director of the Companies Authority.

Avi Idel, a company representative on behalf of the Government Companies Authority

, Addressed the issue at the meeting: "Elad (Attorney General, CG) presented the details accurately. We reported that there was a previous approval for the vehicle, but required formal approval from the board for this. The proper process is board approval and then approval of the authority to deviate from the circular."

That is, until that board meeting, the attachment of the vehicle was not approved at all.

Neither on the board of directors nor by the Companies Authority.

The board's approval was nevertheless given at the end of this meeting, even though one of the directors asked her "whether it is contrary to the authority circular that the chairman of a company car will have?"

It should be noted that the company's audit committee recently decided that Turgeman would have to pay about NIS 15,000 for the vehicle linkage differences made without approval, and the vehicle expenses payments actually approved for him.

Castra Mall: Is renting your offices a scandal or rather a saving of public money?

(Photo: Daniela)

Rent of NIS 80 million

The allocation of the vehicle and the loan, however, are seen only as a trailer in the face of what is described by parties involved in renting the company's offices in the Castra mall as a "default". The same sources even declare that this is "one of the most failed deals in the history of Israel that requires no less than a commission of inquiry."

Cohen also referred to this in his letter: "The chairman agreed with the property owner that the electricity management company will pay for 10 years, on an area of ​​about one-fifth of the Castra mall areas, a cumulative amount (including construction) in the total amount of NIS 80 million (excluding parking). This is an unreasonable price on any scale. You could get an office better price significantly cheaper and save the company, the electricity sector and the public tens of millions of shekels. "

Cohen directed the prices of rent and management fees of office alternative Haifa area (DCOs), Caesarea and Herzliya Pituah, which he claimed did not require increases in construction and matching high or Clal in favor of adapting the offices to the needs of the company.

Thus, while the expected total future cost to the company for renting its offices in the Castra Mall for 10 years is estimated at NIS 80-90 million, each of the other alternatives presented by him in his letter to the ministers is estimated at NIS 40-50 million less.

It should be noted that the price per square meter that the company pays without management fees and without including the construction cost is about NIS 58, but in addition to the construction costs, the total rent (excluding parking) jumps to about NIS 120 per square meter.

A review by the real estate consulting firm Inter Israel for office rental prices in the first half of 2019 shows that the average price per square meter in the Haifa area was about NIS 70 for that period, and in the nearby Caesarea about NIS 61. All this without the costs of construction, estimated at an additional NIS 10-25 per square.

"Castra mall to be used as offices did not match the company" Numbers Sources close to the company "and it was necessary restructuring in the amount of NIS 25 million, embodied in those 80-90 NIS 1 million that the company will pay,A urn that can be used as such. "

Cohen's letter confirms this; "It is clear to everyone that setting up offices inside a mall is very problematic and does not allow for the provision of windows, natural light and clean air for employees - something that is reflected in the opposition of employees to enter offices, and further and unexpected delay in construction."

Cohen refers to the General Workers' Union's appeal to the company on May 13, 2020, claiming that the company's employees will not enter offices in the Castra mall, due to a "severe shortage of natural light," and suggested the company explore other alternatives to the mall.

Based on the agreements finally agreed with the workers' committee, including a grant of NIS 50,000 per worker for the benefit of the move, work began on adapting the mall for use as the company's offices, at the company's expense.

It should be noted that the chairman's entourage claims that Turgeman did not find the ideal location for the company's offices in the Castra mall, and that his decision to convene in the mall was due to a lack of an alternative that would allow the entire space required to concentrate all employees in one space. As a fixed price for the entire rental period (10 years), and the spread of construction costs throughout the period.

Offices (illustration): Huge sums, according to the complaints, members of the management were surprised to discover the brokerage deal (Photo: ShutterStock)

The mediator, the project manager and the settlement agreement

The copy amount that the company will spend on renting its offices employed her no less than a demand for payment she received for brokerage fees for locating the mall as an asset for her offices, which amounted to NIS 730,000, and were required during September 2019 by a company of a man named

Shmulik Avital


Activation of a brokerage entity in an office space lease transaction in the Castra Mall raises a question mark in light of the mall being one of the options for the location of the 'Electricity Management Company' offices, which was already raised at the end of December 2018 by the Electric Company.

The latter then issued a document entitled 'Examining Division Tf"t housing alternatives (technology development planning). "This is Division 220 passed on to the employees' Venus', as part of the electricity sector reform.

As part of the document were proposed six locations near the department's previous office park Matam in Haifa, including the Castra Mall, located about 250 meters from the IEC headquarters in the port city.

The question mark is also strengthened in light of the fee agreement that Avital sent for the brokerage work, in which he mentions in copies a man named

Col. (Res.) Ezra Duanis

, known to Turgeman as chairman of his military service at the Land Arm headquarters, where Duanis served as infrastructure chief cONSTRUCTION.

company's sake, owned by Douanis, was hired by Noga, Cfroiiktor subject company's offices, including supervised after locating offices on construction work Castra mall and adapted to the needs of the company. This raises the question of why it was necessary both Bfroiiktor subject and mediator.

As part of the agreement, Adir 'with' Noga 'will first receive 2% of the renovation costs for planning management, and 3.25% of the renovation costs for supervision and control. Acquired to Castra.

A WhatsApp correspondence between Duanis and Avital, which was taken to court as part of a lawsuit filed by Avital against the company, allegedly indicates that Duanis was involved in promoting the Castra mall as the location of the company's offices.

On April 7, 2019, Duanis writes to Avital at noon: "My dear brother, hello, explain to me in a few words 3 + 4 options .... What did the Carmel Gate reporter mean? 3 + 4, please detail more for me. " Two days later, Avital returns a message: "I will check with the Castra."

Members of Noga's management were surprised to find out about the brokerage deal, and especially its amount, and correspondence on the subject that reached Walla! Money 'shows that they decided not to pay the brokerage fee to Avital. An investigation conducted by the company's lawyers, which also reached Walla! Money, found that it was more likely that Avital's claim would be dismissed than accepted.In the end, Avital was paid about NIS 330,000 as part of a settlement agreement.

It should be noted that the company had the opportunity to take advantage of alleged violations committed by the mall owners to break free from the contract with it, if it wanted to, and to locate other alternative offices, which in the opinion of sources close to the company would not burden it.

The same sources specify that among the violations were: the postponement of entry dates to the offices by the owner, a building permit issued several months after the completion of construction in violation of the law, and the fact that the offices are located for tourism and commercial purposes (instead of offices).

If that was not enough, Cohen describes in his letter to the ministers that Turgeman pushed to enter the offices in the mall without receiving a building permit. "During February-March 2021," Cohen writes, "the mall owners completed the construction of the offices, without a building permit and in violation of the law, and the chairman requested that I instruct employees to enter the offices.

I claimed that this was illegal, and this provoked the anger of the chairman and the accusations against me and against the company's management that we are 'too meticulous in the law'. It is for tourism and commerce, and not for offices, and therefore, it is not possible to obtain an occupancy form / graduation certificate for offices.

This led to angry accusations of chairman and we 'review and apposite too. "

Attorney of explosives (power system management company) checked the matter with the Legal Counsel of the local committee (Haifa) said unequivocally that populate offices in the mall, if you want any Office mode then need to apply for overuse.

"The chairman was furious that we asked for the opinion of the committee's legal adviser."

Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman, whose office is in charge of government companies: "We will wait for the conclusions of the audit committee's examination" (Photo: Reuven Castro)


מיורם כהן נמסר בתגובה: "איני מעוניין לעסוק בנושא ולהגיב. אני מאחל הצלחה לחברה ולעובדיה".

מלשכתה של שרת האנרגיה קארין אלהרר, אשר עתידה להחליט בקרוב בנוגע להמשך כהונתו של תורג'מן כיו"ר החברה ואשר החברה נמצאת תחת אחריותה, נמסר בתגובה: "הטענות העולות במכתב (של מנכ"ל החברה עד לאחרונה) מתייחסות לדברים שקרו לכאורה בטרם השבעת הממשלה וכניסתה של השרה לתפקיד, ואשר נוגעות לאופן התנהלות של החברה ולדיני עבודה - נושאים שעל בדיקתם אמונה רשות החברות הממשלתיות. במקביל נעשתה בחינה של הנושאים על ידי דירקטוריון החברה, ויש לפנות אליהם להמשך בירור".

מרשות החברות הממשלתיות נמסר בתגובה: "הטענות שהוצגו נבחנות וממשיכות להיבחן על ידי ועדת הביקורת ודירקטוריון החברה. חלק מן הנושאים המוזכרים בפניה מצויים בשלבי הסדרה. לאחר סיום ההליך הפנימי, וככל שהרשות תמצא לנכון להתערב, הדבר יעשה בהתאם לסמכויותיה על פי דין.

הנושאים הנוגעים לנהלי רשות החברות נמצאים בטיפול הרשות מול כלל הגורמים הרלוונטיים. בעניין הצמדת רכב החברה ליו"ר, כפי שאף צוטט סגן מנהל רשות החברות הממשלתיות, מר אריאל אבלין, רשות החברות לא אישרה ליו"ר הצמדת רכב בעת שכיהן ב-75% משרה, ולפי דרישת הרשות, ישיב היו"ר לחברה את ההפרשים בין עלות הרכב הצמוד לבין עלות אחזקת הרכב לה היה זכאי".

מלשכת שר האוצר אביגדור ליברמן, האחראי על רשות החברות הממשלתיות (שהינה יחידה במשרד האוצר), נמסר בתגובה: "כרגע מתנהלת בדיקה של ועדת הביקורת של החברה. נתייחס לאחר קבלת המסקנות".

האלוף (במיל') סמי תורג'מן מסר בתגובה:

"הטענות המועלות הן מצג מעוות של האמת. כולן נובעות מתסכול של מנהל בכיר שנאלץ לעזוב את החברה לאחר שדירקטוריון החברה החליט שתפקודו אינו מספק. נקראתי להקים חברה ממשלתית מן היסוד, ואני גאה לומר שעמדנו במשימה, בתקופה ייחודית של ארבע מערכות בחירות והשלכות מגיפה שלא נראתה מעולם. כל הטענות העולות, מתייחסות לתקופה בה הוקמה החברה, ובטרם הייתה תשתית מינימאלית לפעילותה.

דירקטוריון החברה התכנס לראשונה בדצמבר 2018. כדי לעמוד ביעד המאתגר שהוצב לנו על ידי הממשלה, החליט דירקטוריון החברה לנקוט בגישה יוזמת ופרואקטיבית ולהתחיל את הליך הקמת החברה, עוד בטרם מונה מנכ"ל, וזאת כדי להקים ולקדם תשתית להנהלה ולגופי החברה - לכשייתמנו.

כל הפעולות אותן ביצענו, נעשו בליווי גורמים מהמובילים בתחומם הן מההיבט המקצועי והמשפטי.
כל ההחלטות אותן קיבלנו בדירקטוריון היו כאשר טובת החברה והציבור לנגד עינינו.

טענות מופרכות אלו המתייחסות לשנים 2018-2019 הועלו בפני רק ביולי 2021, לאחר זימון לשימוע של המנהל הבכיר. לבקשתי הנושא הועבר לבירור בוועדת הביקורת של דירקטוריון החברה. וועדת הביקורת דנה בהן והמליצה לדירקטוריון "לסגור את הבירור בנושא זה, כיוון שלא נראה שיש כאן פעולה, שנעשתה מצד היו"ר, בחוסר תום לב"

לעניין לקיחת ההלוואה: בנובמבר 2019 נוכו משכרי מלוא ההפרשות באופן רטרואקטיבי, החל מתקופת תחילת עבודתי בפברואר 2019. מכיוון שמדובר בסכום גדול, החליטה ללא ידעתי הנהלת החשבונות של החברה, גוף חיצוני שהעסקנו אז, להגדיר רישומית את הדברים כהלוואה ולפרוס את ההחזר לאורך שנת 2020.

ברגע שנודע לי על כך, בינואר 2020, ע"י סמנכ"ל הכספים, פרעתי מיידית את יתרת החוב. יתרה מכך - דרשתי, ושילמתי, גם את תשלומי הריבית עד לאותו מועד. יש להדגיש כי הנושא עלה בוועדת ביקורת באותה עת ובדירקטוריון של החברה, וכן קיבל ביטוי בביאורים של הדוחות הכספיים המבוקרים של החברה.

לעניין הצמדת רכב חברה: לכל אורך התקופה שבין נובמבר 2018 למאי 2019, עשיתי שימוש ברכב אותו שכרתי על חשבוני, למרות שרוב פעילותי אז הייתה לטובת חברת נגה. במרץ 2019, אישר דירקטוריון החברה להחזיק רכב עבור יו"ר הדירקטוריון, לאור שיקולי כדאיות כלכלית. רשות החברות אישרה את ההחלטה, ומאז יוני 2019, אני עושה שימוש ברכב חברה. הדירקטוריון אישרר החלטה זו גם במאי 2021.

הדלפה מתוך מכרז בנוגע לתכנון אסטרטגי: מכיוון שחלק מגופי החברה טרם הוקמו, אישרה לנו רשות החברות לצאת למכרז מובנה של החשכ"ל בו משתתפות 5 חברות. בינואר 2020 גובשה המלצה על חברת טאק ע"י ועדת משנה, בה היה חבר גם המנכ"ל. ההמלצה הועברה לידי ועדת המכרזים.

בתאריך 26.1.20 החליטה ועדת המכרזים, בראשה עמד המנכ"ל דאז, לדייק את תכולת העבודה והחל תהליך התמחרות - במסגרתו הגישה חברת דלויט הצעה משופרת. חברת טאק טענה כי לא הייתה מודעת לתהליך, שבסיומו נבחרה דלויט. אכן, עוזרי דאז טעה והודיע לחברת טאק על זכייתה, עוד בטרם אושרה הבחירה באופן סופי. לאור זאת, בחרתי לסיים את עבודתו של העוזר.

העסקת יועצים ללא אישור: כל היועצים שהועסקו על ידי החברה, לכל אורך פעילותה, מיום הקמתה ועד היום, אושרו כדין על ידי דירקטוריון החברה והגופים הרלוונטיים. את היועץ שלגביו נטען שהעדפתי על פני אחרים, הכרתי היכרות מקצועית בלבד, במהלך שירותי הצבאי.

כאשר הוא ניגש למכרז אותו ערכנו, הבאתי לידיעת הדירקטוריון את ההיכרות המקצועית שלנו. הוא נבחר לאור ניסיונו המקצועי, והוא אף הוכיח את יכולותיו במסגרת העבודה מולו. יתרה מכך, לאחר שמונה מנכ"ל לחברה, ולאור הערכתו את איכות העבודה, החליט להאריך את ההתקשרות עימו.

תשלום עבור משרדי החברה בקסטרא: בחרנו להקים את משרדי החברה באיזור חיפה, על מנת לשמר את עובדי החברה אשר מתגוררים בקרבת מקום. שיקולים ייחודיים כגון לוחות הזמנים הקצרים במיוחד, הצורך במשרדים בהיקף של כ-5,000 מ"ר, שטח גדול שלא כל מבנה יכול לעמוד בו, והתנאים בהם נדרשנו לעמוד כחברה ממשלתית בסיווג 10 - צמצמו מאד את מרחב האפשרויות. נזכיר כי המדובר היה בתקופה טרום הקורונה, בה שוק המשרדים הוגדר 'רותח' והיה מחסור משמעותי בשטחים פנויים אשר עומדים בדרישות שמנינו לעיל.

In light of this, setting up offices in Castra was the only relevant option.

The CEO of the company at the time was aware of this, and thus presented the matter to the company's board of directors on a number of different occasions. % Less than usual in the complex.

The company's management, the board of directors and the companies' authority were aware of the issue, and even approved and accompanied the decision throughout.

From the end of August 2021, the company operates from its offices in Castra, the employees are very satisfied with a comfortable and advanced work environment. "

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