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Cost of Living Circus: Blame, Investigate and Raise Prices - Walla! Of money


The discussion in the Economics Committee, the statements of the manufacturers, importers and retailers and the investigation of the Competition Authority, are nothing but a circus, which could have been funny, if we had not been presented with the bill

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Cost of living circus: Blame, investigate and raise prices

If it were possible to hand out gilded figurines to the winners of the public milking Oscar ceremony, presumably all the actors in the "Reducing the Cost of Living" show would have returned home with an award for their part in the self-interested show they do for us.

The problem is that even this bill will eventually be submitted to us, the consumers


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Liat Ron

Wednesday, 10 November 2021, 14:38 Updated: 14:56

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In the last two days, following the promises of the impending price climb and the closure of Shufersal's secret and cheap website for the ultra-Orthodox, which has proven that it is possible to sell less and still make a profit, we are watching in amazement: Grant for interrogation under warning, on suspicion of price coordination - and each blames, and with great pathos, the other.

Michael Bitton, chairman of the committee,

slapped the food chain managers who set the high prices and he will not let them continue to rage,

Itzik Aberkhan, CEO of Shufersal

, replied, "Are you crazy? We coordinate prices?", And immediately after

Rami Levy

was fired From the hearing, and before appearing himself for questioning by the PA, he explained to each open microphone that the state was to blame.

The future is already here

A smart test detects a risk of stroke - now in a special operation

In collaboration with Shahal

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There are no righteous people in the debate over the cost of living

In the video: Discussion in the Economics Committee on the suspicion of coordinating prices in supermarkets (Photo: Knesset Channel)

The problem is that when you look at the insane cost of living in Israel, there is not a single righteous person.

Everyone is guilty and everyone involved in blackmailing the citizens' wallets is taking advantage of this documented public debate, for the benefit of his own interests, while declaring how much he has no other choice and how much the customers value.

Let's put an end to this cacophonous righteousness:

let's start with food manufacturers and importers, who have resisted for a decade, since the 2011 social protests, raising prices from the terror of consumers who have been overthrown in Rothschild.

Over the past few months, they have injected the media with information about the surge in the cost of transporting goods by sea and the slow unloading of ports, spiced up by rising prices of raw materials and fuel, and made price increases not only justified but even necessary.

On the other hand, they preferred to sweep the low dollar exchange rate under containers, even though it dramatically reduces costs and should even lead to lower prices. Not to mention the huge profits they have made in Corona, which could allow them to absorb, if at all, a moderate increase in spending - which as mentioned is not really relevant at the moment.

To achieve a rise in the profit line, you can use the following worn-out exercise: Leaking a letter of intimidation to the media with a threat of rising prices by tens of percent, as some manufacturers and importers allegedly did, and after the Gwold calls .

And now for retailers.

Apparently they were struck by a longing for the huge profits of the corona-stricken 2020, because otherwise their uncontrollable desire to support product pricing could not be explained.

If they used to stand in a burst and throw off the shelves goods of greedy manufacturers and importers, suddenly Eyal Ravid, the owner of the Victory chain, explains that "there is no escape from price increases", Itzik Aberkhan laments the situation in ports and understands the hearts of those who until recently Gave them back ten cents more.

Chairman of the Economics Committee, "If anyone thinks that this event will end with a fine of NIS 50 million and indictments for several people, he is wrong." We recorded (Photo: PR)

When the state only knows how to speak

And above all is the State of Israel, which perpetuates the consumer catastrophe in which ten giant companies run the entire market, and does nothing to monitor them, increase competition, lower import tariffs, reduce regulation and bureaucracy, and reduce the cost of living.

The Competition Authority, the state regulator, which was supposed to give work, monitor, and finally declare large importers cartels or monopolies, became during the tenure of former commissioner Michal Halperin, the centralization authority, representing their interests instead of those of consumers.

This is how Strauss and Diplomat dared to report in reports to the stock exchange, no less, that they intend to raise prices soon, a move against me "straight from the jump", because no one will do anything to them anyway.

So now everyone is clicking their tongues, blaming, and making big promises, "If anyone thinks this event will end in a fine of NIS 50 million and indictments for some people," the

chairman of the finance committee


,Michael Bitton

"He is wrong. We will collect information and watch the competition authority check every month, and if someone has to be declared a monopoly - do so."

So he said.

Only when the show ends and the screen goes down will the concentration in the Israeli economy continue to grow, and the investigation, if indeed incriminating findings do arise, will end in a fine that the giant companies can easily withstand, and no one will be infected.

The one who will pay, as usual, for these injustices is the Israeli consumer, who is tired of this exhausting show, which repeats itself every few years, and will stand in line to pay the inflated bill at the supermarket.

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