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"In Zanzibar the ecosystem has become more comfortable" - Walla! Of money


SimilarWeb, a NASDAQ-traded Unicorn, has developed an online behavior measurement platform that serves as a basis for understanding the digital world

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"In Zanzibar the ecosystem has become more comfortable"

Happy Hour for the weekend and this time with SimilarWeb, Unicorn traded on NASDAQ, has developed a platform for measuring online behavior, which serves as a basis for understanding the digital world.

Chen, Itamar and Stephanie tell what it's like to ride on the unicorn's back and work, if necessary, even from Zanzibar


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Liat Ron

Thursday, 25 November 2021, 08:45

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What to do

: Similroob, Unicorn traded on NASDAQ, has developed a platform to measure online behavior, which serves as a basis for understanding the digital world and helps its clients make informed decisions by understanding the digital space in which they operate.

The company's technology gathers information from hundreds of sources, and together with advanced algorithms of learning A machine capable of giving a complete picture of digital activity in real time.


Stephanie Halberstam

, 31, single, lives in Tel Aviv.

Position: account manager, year and a half in the company.

Itamar Barkat

, 25, married, lives in Ramat Gan.

Position: Product engineer, one and a half years in the company.

Chen Rice

, 28, in a relationship, lives in Tel Aviv. Position: Big data & data science team leader, one year and 9 months in the company.

Good to know (promoted)

Doctors recommend: six minutes, twice a day and no pain

To the full article

SimilarWeb, right: Chen Rice, Itamar Barkat and Stephanie Halberstam (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: The towers that surround Sharona are a favorite location for Israeli high-tech, and SimilarWeb's offices are located there, in the Azrieli Sharona building, which is still under construction, on floors 41-42.

The neatly designed offices have about 600 employees and around the globe another 300 and recruitments continue vigorously.

Right at the entrance are iron shelves on which the "give a bite" deliveries are placed, and in the interior, decorated in gray with large, round columns near the huge windows, there are open work areas, closed rooms with a glass door, conference rooms and plastic ferns that will give some green eyes.

On the walls are graphic illustrations in black - white, yellow-orange, some of which are engineering shapes in all kinds of aggregation modes.

An internal black iron staircase leads to the second floor. There is an acoustic music room with sponges on the wall, a drum set, electric guitars, keyboards and an impressive amplification system. Next up is a play corner, with a Sony PlayStation and virtual reality. There is also a compact gym and very very luxurious showers. There are rumors that one of the great unicorn managers in Israel, who is next to them, came to take a shower there after his training. Since they will soon move to new offices in Tel Aviv not far away, it is likely that psilitis will be sharply upgraded.

Coffee break:

The gray motif reappears here, in the kitchenette, on the island, and in the long tables over which black lamps hang. There is a kind of organic market with cabbage, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, ginger, onions, cucumbers and anyone who wants to make a salad.

Coffee machine, toaster, 29 types of tea, with all kinds of granulated coffee, containers with walnuts, health mix, raisins, roasted corn, and soy.

Sweets drawer with raffle chocolate, packs of Lindt, Kitact, quarter to seven, Twix, Milka, Oreo and health snacks.

The kitchenette has three refrigerators.

In one - cottage cheese, eggs, vegan butter, salad dressings, spicy saricha, yogurt, yolu delicacies, milky, tahini, pesto, artichoke spread, in the other - beers, cola, rosé and white wine and in the third store food brought from home.

When we arrived there was a vegan "Happy Air" and just served a vegetable stew with tofu in small bamboo boats and rice.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Itamar has always been involved in computers and chose a computer major in high school and naturally enlisted in the Compass Unit, was an instructor in a programming course and was a regular for three years. "I finished the service after the Corona broke out," he says, "I was looking for a company where I could develop and started submitting a resume.

" I was interviewed in Zoom and was once in the office before I started, but I was not afraid, because I knew someone who worked here and I catch from him, who said only good things about the company.

"" Hannah Kolit " -8200 as an officer and after a three-month trip to the East, began studying at the Technion Computer Science. "I worked at Intel and then I took the money I saved and flew for ten months to South-Central America. That's my balance,Both devour life and live the most bourgeois life.

"When I returned to Tel Aviv, I started being interviewed. I had four suggestions, but the level of sharpness of whoever interviewed me on SimilarWeb was sky high. I always worked hard. In the army, too, I would leave the pit at two in the morning and I would be ready to go to work with all my might. "

Stephanie's story is extraordinary. She was born in France and came to Israel on sabbatical after graduation Understand what it means to be Jewish.

I studied Hebrew in the studio, math classes, religion classes and preparation for psychometrics. I easily connected to faith and people and had a strange sense of belonging very quickly. After visiting Ened twice in Israel, one of whom was as a volunteer in the army, I informed my mother that I wanted to enlist in the IDF and be a "caracalist."

Mother did not agree that I would be drafted in any way, and when I went in to find national service and could not, I started studying business administration at a college in Netanya. It was a nightmare. I did not master Hebrew and deliberately sat next to Israelis or French people to force myself to understand it, I had a goal and I succeeded. After graduating, I worked in travel and education and then came to the conclusion that I wanted something in business. "

She worked in a small startup in tourism, applied for a master's degree in international business administration in San Francisco, was accepted, flew there, and changed country again. To a mother in France to see if she wanted to live there, but was unable to adapt to the French fixation and constant complaints, and decided to return to Israel, because here, she explains, the people are real, not plastic.

"I'm not a software engineer and that's why the market is more competitive for me. I came back with some money and found a job at, as a client portfolio manager, in charge of short term rentals. "With someone who works at SimilarWeb on the porch. He said they're looking for a client portfolio manager and that's what I do today."

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

Market Intelligence

: Stephanie says this is what the company is all about.

Chen explains that SimilarWeb measures the digital world and applications, collects data and processes it for customer use.

"Everyone can get their own data," says Itamar, "but he does not know how he is positioned in front of competitors. Through data that is online, their analysis and based on approximations, we can become an important tool for the company in all sorts of ways."


: When they started working from home, everyone took what they needed from the office and in addition received a budget, which they could use for any need, "for example," says Stephanie, to buy a vacation that you could not use.

Send us lots of treats home.

On Purim we got a pack of cocktails, a sparkling wine this year, sparkling wine, a branded glass and a cake, and we did a glass toast.

When we arrived at the benchmark we celebrated together, from home, with party accessories, small vodkas, snacks and a performance by Neta Barzilai.

There were shared lunches at Zoom, there was an open channel where we could ask questions. "

Chen agreed with her managers that it would be better for them and her to work from Zanzibar, where the ecosystem is much more comfortable. After three weeks of working And returned to Israel.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

Added value

: Everyone is still talking about the IPO at the port, the first frontal from the beginning of the epidemic. She started with a party down the street. Everyone was given a bag with a branded denim jacket, a hat and snacks, great music and food tracks with good food. They went back to work a bit and then hit home to get dressed and went to give head.

Before Corona breakfast was served in the large kitchen, today it is served in the format of individual packages.

Someone counted 17 types of milk and Itamar from Basot that there is always an avocado. On Mondays and Wednesdays there is Happy Hour, each time in a different style, October Fest, Pretzels, Ice Cream, Snacks and Pokémon. Also scatter table games and sit for half an hour of fun. There are also yoga classes, functional training, a fitness trainer who comes once a week, poker evenings, and an active football team.


: In SimilarWeb, employees can enter the "SimilarRoach" program and receive an external mentor to help them fulfill themselves professionally and personally.

Itamar takes part in it and is very pleased.

There is also the "SimilarMentor", an internal mentor who is attached to you and helps you develop your career.

Stephanie: "I get mentoring from a director at the company and with him I set goals for where I see myself in a few years, and together we formulate the strategy."

Managers like Chen have the option to take courses that will help professional development and three hours a week they study at the expense of working hours.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

Table for five

: Twice a week, five people and two floors are randomly selected and they go out together for lunch at the "Claro" restaurant in Sharona. Chen: "When I hear that someone has canceled, I immediately offer myself." There is also the "Pizza Week", a weekly, informal meeting, at the zoom of ten randomly selected participants, with one of the VPs, on a pizza sent to their home.

What to wear

: When the CEO comes the most drop there is, everyone feels comfortable coming That is convenient for them. When Stephanie meets with clients she will not come with flip flops and shorts.


: Chen is completely satisfied. "I have a lot of companies in all kinds of companies and we are relatively cool to them. We have recently issued and we have options that will have value and besides, we have opened plans to reward employees, some depend on seniority and some depend on goals." In sales it works differently and Stephanie says they get a base salary plus commissions and whoever works well, earns well.

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

What's next

: Chen does not give up so quickly on the pleasure of sitting with her super technical executives, sipping their crazy intelligent ping pong and feeling the dumbest in the room (and she really is not).

Itamar is not looking for anything out there and Stephanie admits that she receives an average of two offers a week, but rejects them outright.

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