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A new corona strain? Small and medium-sized businesses on alert - Walla! Of money


The Omicron panic has already created changes and the economy is on absorption alert. For small and medium-sized businesses, levies and restrictions can be deadly. so what are we doing?

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A new corona strain?

Small and medium-sized businesses on alert

The Omicron panic has already created changes and the economy is on absorption alert.

For small and medium-sized businesses, levies and restrictions can be deadly.

so what are we doing?

We turned to seven CEOs to see how they are coping


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Of money

Wednesday, 01 December 2021, 08:41

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A new strain of Corona has arrived in Israel, the restrictions we have already tried to repress are largely repeated, including the return of isolation hotels and a ban on foreign tourists entering Israel for two weeks.

Past experience shows that those two weeks can also reach a month.

so what are we doing?

What can we learn from the last two years regarding Corona and activities for small and medium-sized businesses?

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CPA Uri Barry, Chairman of the Elliott Group

CPA Uri Barry (Photo: PR)

"First, the government should be congratulated on an immediate response to the situation. At the same time, from past experience and in order for the economy to continue to operate normally and not be harmed, emergency measures must be formulated immediately if necessary and not in six months. Which has not yet recovered from the last two years. Therefore, the state must be sensitive to these sectors and see how they are helped. The tourism sector must be assisted precisely, with tweezers.

"It should be noted that the small and medium-sized business sector does not enjoy the wealth that exists in the economy and the billions that are talked about, they are busy surviving. Therefore, the situation will now hurt them. If they are the locomotive of the economy - help them. Assist them across the board and explore options for grants, state loans, accelerated depreciation, subsidies and any tools that can be offered to them immediately to help them get through the near term. The name of the game here is speed. At the same speed they closed the sky to fight the new virus It remains to be seen what the needs of those businesses in the various industries that are about to be harmed and how they can be helped. "

Adv. Roi Cohen, President of Lahav - Chamber of Independent Organizations

Adv. Roi Cohen (Photo: Rami Zranger)

Lahav represents 64 organizations and about a quarter of a million self-employed people. "In the first wave of the corona virus crisis, the State of Israel was caught with its pants down, without preparing for the crisis, and without a contingency plan that includes unemployment benefits and / or compensation for businesses in the event of loss of income. The new breed of corona is once again hovering over our heads, decision makers have already learned from experience and were supposed to draw the necessary lessons from the first period of the crisis. I expect the Knesset to take responsibility and convene the Corona At the same time, a decision will be made on the business sector on a compensation mechanism, no longer a policy that business owners will become guinea pigs and carry the damages of the restrictions on their own.We at Lahav, who represent the independent and business community in Israel, will reach the committee's discussions and raise the weaknesses we encountered in previous Corona rounds so that the mistakes will not be repeated and business owners will not be left behind again. "

Yoram Fishman, Partner, Managing Director of the Finance Department at the international consulting firm AUREN

Yoram Fishman (Photo: Yachz)

"It is important to look at the issue at a global level and not just locally. After all, the whole world is currently dealing with the new variant. What good will it do if we close the sky for two weeks, address a problem and others do not?

" Make a global decision that the UN will even lead to a two-week halt to flights around the world and all countries will be required to address it. Another problem is that such a situation causes global business disorder. It is true that tourism is the first to be harmed but not only. Only on tourism like Andorra.It must now find new revenue streams and therefore started offering tax benefits to gaming companies in order to attract companies and startups.It hurts other countries that can not handle it right now.Therefore, there must be global cooperation so that countries do not hurt Business or health each other. "

Gil Vaknin, Chairman of the Control Employees Organization

Gil Vaknin (Photo: Yachz)

"Closing the sky is a problem because inbound tourism comes when domestic tourism weakens and vice versa. What will happen is that tourism prices will rise again in the country but on the other hand everyone involved in inbound tourism will not have a job. The industry you may lose this knowledge and then it will take years to accumulate it again.

"In addition, closing the sky to foreign tourists is a hasty step that sends panic.

There are, for example, tourism groups.

The same groups are like a capsule.

They pass the same tests, the route is known in advance and at any given moment it is possible to locate which of the group members.

It's not like a regular tourist.

We must take into account that while we allow Israelis to leave but prevent others from entering, we are harming our name in the world, we are creating discrimination.

"Travel providers will prefer to send tourists to other places, less problematic than Israel at the moment."

Tzameret Avivi, Director General of the Tlan Teachers Association, Tens and Clubs and Social Activist in the Independent Struggle

Top of the spring (Photo: Yachz)

"We said in the past and still say today - have you closed? Compensate! It can not be that again, a warming of thousands of self-employed in tourism and tangent fields will be lost for two weeks and the state will not examine, immediately, how to help them. "That, too, has stopped. The leaders of the country must understand that those people who do not earn a living for two weeks still have to pay electricity bills, property taxes, salaries, etc. This is exactly how people are collapsing and deteriorating. We must not wait and we must not start thinking about it.

Assaf Rubin, CEO and owner of Rubin Tourism

Assaf Rubin (Photo: Yachz)

"The government's decision to outline inbound tourism not only does not help the industry but keeps the regular tourist from reaching the Holy Land. Israel is also considered a very expensive destination, rigid in terms of entry (visas and border control) and a medium and low level of service. Can it be imagined that an Israeli tourist would agree to give a blood sample when he lands in the Greek islands? If so, why would a tourist agree? Anti-Semitism and racism are shouted at, talking about hatred of Jews.

"The damage is to the tourism agents who just brought the workers back to the offices, invested money in marketing and everything goes down the drain. I have already eliminated 5 groups which is a lot for this period. The damage is wider: bus drivers, guides, restaurants, attractions. A spring whose main livelihood is from tourists has been harmed. The solution is easy - those who are vaccinated let them fly free. It will also encourage people to get vaccinated. A pcr test at Ben Gurion Airport like everyone else.

Tourists arriving in one group (capsule) are easy to monitor.

In short, the rest of the world will continue to benefit from the Israelis, and the Israelis will continue to suffer and pay. "

Oded Nahum, owner of Camelot Luxury Properties in Tel Aviv

Oded Nahum (Photo: Yossi Peretz)

"Cancellations of customers' arrival in the country were recorded, and we had to postpone appointments that we had been waiting for a long time. The explicit reason for the delay in the arrival of buyers, mainly European residents, is the logistical difficulties involved in isolation." Or as part of a focused and short visit in order to see as many properties as possible, select and return.

The isolation fundamentally sterilizes the concept of focused visitation, and those who do not have to arrive at the moment - postpone their arrival.

At the same time, we anticipate and hope that the effect of the new variant will fade quickly, after people understand that the sky is not really falling and get tired of the extensive media coverage of the subject. "

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