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Is "Ocean Tech" the answer to the congestion at seaports? - Walla! Of money


The congestion at seaports is one of the hot topics in world trade. "Arieli Capital" coordinated the activities of Israeli companies from the Ocean-Tech Orphanage, whose goal is to bring relief in the field

Is "Ocean Tech" the answer to the congestion at seaports?

The congestion at seaports is one of the hot topics in world trade.

"Arieli Capital" coordinated the activities of Israeli companies from the Ocean-Tech endowment, the purpose of which is to bring relief to the loads created on the sea transport routes.

If they do succeed, it will lower the cost of transporting the goods and help reduce the cost of living


Of money


Wednesday, 12 January 2022, 12:08 Updated: 12:47

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One of the most significant and important industries in the world that rolls in trillions of dollars a year, is the maritime transport industry, according to a UN report, 80% of world trade passes by sea.

Also, according to data recently published by Fortune Business Insights magazine, the value of the shipping market is expected to grow to over $ 188 billion by 2028. However, unlike other industries that have undergone significant technological revolutions in recent years and despite the size and importance of this industry, it still lags behind For the assimilation and promotion of new technologies.

Recently, there has been a huge interest among huge players in the field of maritime transport, in technological solutions designed to release the global traffic jam. The same cork that is not found in Ayalon, but in oceans around the world.

Perceptions of perceptual change can also be seen in Israel, as part of which the first OCEAN TECH community of its kind was established in Israel, by Arieli Capital and Start-up Nation, which works to promote innovation at sea and in the oceans, including various technological solutions to help promote and extract the obsolete industry. From the traffic jams.

The community is already providing an international stage for a number of blue-and-white technologies and is constantly growing.

The technology - in the shoe

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Orca AI-based navigation safety platform (Photo: ORCA AI)

Prevent accidents at sea

ORCA AI - is a startup company established in 2018. Nearly 4,000 marine accidents occur each year and are caused by low awareness of risks in crowded areas and human error, as well as lack of knowledge and data regarding potential incidents.

Human error ranks first among the causes of marine accidents.

Orca AI's artificial intelligence-based navigation safety platform increases fleet's awareness and helps their crews navigate safely in high-risk conditions such as crowded waterways and low visibility.

Orca AI's solution uses computer vision sensors and thermal imaging cameras to provide real-time alerts about potentially dangerous events.

The system provides beach fleet managers with greater visibility into safety incidents and provides insights that help reduce the probability of those incidents in the future as well.

UNITY SCM, builds a new data infrastructure for the global supply chain (Photo: UNITY SCM)

The flow of information in the supply chain

UNITY SCM is a startup founded less than two years ago, building a new data infrastructure for the global supply chain.

The infrastructure enables data-based execution and design.

Today, critical information about each task is transmitted and synchronized between teams and companies, centralized in various systems and files and managed manually via spreadsheets, files, e-mails and phone calls.

As a result, supply chain managers spend up to 30% of their time chasing information and manual processing, leading to loss of sales, idle production lines and inventory and transportation costs.

The company's technology makes it easier for companies to collect, organize and consume information from their entire supply chain, by automatically connecting and collecting data from internal and external data sources, in any format or system.

By organizing the data in an intuitive data model, UnitySCM gives business users access to the quality information in real time they need, independent of anyone else.

DockTech, a solution for measuring water depth in real time (Photo: DOCKTECH)

What's the depth here?

DockTech - also a startup founded in 2018, has developed a solution for measuring water depth in real time.

The solution, based on Big Data technology, allows ships to load goods more safely and produce larger outputs.

This is a groundbreaking move in the maritime world, which will facilitate and streamline work in Israeli ports and around the world.

The start-up has developed "digital twins" (digital specifications) for waterways in ports and rivers, in order to increase transportation efficiency and navigation safety and reduce excavation costs for authorities.

By collecting and accumulating dynamic data from the sensor data of the vessel, the company is able to present real-time operational insights regarding waterways.

DockTech is tasked with building the digital infrastructure for future ports that enables faster, more secure and autonomous shipping.

Or Habib, partner and head of the innovation department at Arieli Capital (Photo: Hadar Yaakov)

The solution to congestion at seaports?

In the last two years, especially due to corona restrictions, there has been great difficulty in transporting intercontinental goods, global sea freight prices have jumped 776%, with the duration of sea transportation of a product from China to the US extending from an average of 40 days in 2019 to 73 days this year The

reasons for this are many and varied and range from an unprecedented increase in global consumption due to closures and months of shopping, government restrictions on goods transit, global shortage of containers, shortage of port and truck drivers and too long waiting times at ports, which can sometimes take months. Months in advance and even years ahead, when any delay could cause significant financial damage,

according to

Or Habib, partner and head of the innovation department at Arieli Capital

: The rise in transportation prices has directly led to the rise in the prices of raw materials and commodities, in every aspect of our lives, from appliances, medicines, furniture, for vehicles, imported food products, chips and commodities in the field of fashion.

Also, many retailers around the world complain about a significant shortage of goods in stock, which leads to long waiting times in receiving the product after buying it, as can be seen in the automotive industry, where the waiting time for a new car can be half a year and sometimes even longer.

According to the Statista website, in 2021 close to 55,000 merchant ships sailed in the oceans. In light of this complex reality, there has been a huge interest among huge players in the field of maritime transport, in finding solutions for releasing traffic jams in oceans around the world. In addition, the adoption of technologies by the maritime transport industry has broad environmental implications and we hope it will be another step in the global effort to protect the climate and protect one of the world's most important natural resources, the sea. "

The State of Israel, which has succeeded in becoming a global innovation leader and start-up nation, has a golden opportunity to take the maritime transportation industry a few steps further through Ocean Tech and become a world leader in this field as well. This opportunity could be one of the significant growth engines of the Israeli economy in the future.

Arieli Capital is a holding and investment company with offices in New York and Tel Aviv. Arieli operates a global innovation arm that manages and invests in innovation platforms, innovation centers, acceleration programs, commercialization companies and academia, and is the controlling shareholder of the banking and investment arm "Sharnet" operating on Wall Street, New York.

Arieli Capital's innovation arm leads a variety of activities and operates a number of centers and innovation programs, including the Italian government's start-up program and the largest banking group in Europe, Intesa San Paolo, the Frontair Regional Innovation Center, together with the Ramat Hanegev Regional Council. The innovation activities of "Eilat Tech Center", which includes community / programs / innovation events and technology in the south, the international innovation community "Ocean-Tech", which promotes innovation in the field of the sea and the ocean in collaboration with Startup Nation Central, the growth program of startups in the field of wellness In Connecticut, USA, and many other activities.

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