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The great and precious freedom: summer camps at reasonable prices? There is such a thing - Walla! Of money


The hot topic of summer camps and quality employment of children during the big holiday is still on the table. In the current chapter we have reviewed subsidized camps, what do they offer and how much will you pay for them?

The great and precious freedom: summer camps at reasonable prices?

There is such a thing

After reviewing some expensive camps, it turns out that you do not have to break savings to employ the children in freedom: we also found subsidized camps and those run by local authorities: what do they offer, what will the children get and how much less will you pay for them?

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Tuesday, 21 June 2022, 11:59 Updated: Wednesday, 22 June 2022, 12:55

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The great freedom is usually a great joy for the children, but for the parents - especially for young children who do not yet know how to occupy themselves, it is also a source of great concern - and often also for heavy expenses.

After yesterday we surveyed here several camps that cost thousands of shekels a week, this time we went out to look for some cheaper and more accessible camps for the budget of the average Israeli family.

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A meal at McDonald's, coffee and pastries or a book?

Equal benefits await you here

In collaboration with Poalim Wonder


Summer course for children in grades 1-6 at Beit Miller - a 5-day professional course in which students will experience the following workshops: acting workshop in front of a camera, radio workshop, scratch workshop (programming), stopmotion + AR workshop (augmented reality), photography and editing workshop , The workshops will be held in the professional studios of the Miller House with advanced equipment.

The Summer School will take place on the following dates:

A variety of cycles for 5 days on a cycle: from 3.7.2022 to 11.8.2022 between the hours of 8: 30-13: 00.

Cost for 5 days NIS 450 per participant.

Address: Beit Miller, 6 Shoshanat HaCarmel St., Haifa.

Phone: 04-8379653,

Summer course for children in grades 1-6 at Beit Miller (Photo: screenshot from the website)

Slightly more expensive (mainly because of the activity day / shekel ratio) but still accessible, they are from art stores throughout the Haifa museums - what does an artist think?

'Journey into Japan' - all these and many other activities, visiting exhibitions, going out to the immediate vicinity of the museum and art workshops in various and varied techniques.

An activity day takes place at: 8: 30-13: 30.

The activities are intended for grades 4-6

First cycle 3-7 / 7/2022 - Japanese festival |

Tikotin Museum 3-5 / 7/2022 (3 days NIS 465)

Manga Anime and Costplay |

Tikotin Museum 6-7 / 7/2022 (2 days NIS 310)

Second cycle 10-14 / 7/2022 - Print Crafts |

Hermann Struck Museum 10-12 / 7/2022 (3 days NIS 465) Treasures of the Lower City |

Haifa City Museum 13-14 / 7/2022 (2 days NIS 310)

Third cycle 17-21 / 7/2022 - The world of paper |

Hermann Struck Museum 17-19 / 7/2022 (3 days NIS 465) Sea Cruise

The National Maritime Museum 20-21 / 7/2022 (2 days NIS 310)

Fourth Round 24-28 / 7/2022 - Japanese Festival

Tikotin Museum 24-26 / 7/2022 (3 days NIS 465).

Anime and Costume Manga

Tikotin Museum 27-28 / 7/2022 (2 days 310 shekels)

Round Thursday 31 / 7-4 / 8/2022 - Treasures of the Lower City |

Haifa City Museum 31 / 7-1 / 8/2022 (2 days NIS 310), Art Lab |

Haifa Museum of Art 2-4 / 8/2022 (3 days NIS 465)

Sixth cycle (activities are intended for grades 1-4) 7-11 / 8/2022 - Art in Art |

Haifa Museum of Art 7-9 / 8/2022 (3 days NIS 465) Sea World |

The National Maritime Museum 10-11 / 8/2022 (2 days NIS 310)

Art camps in museums in Haifa (illustration) (Photo: ShutterStock)

A summer experience for children and youth at the Haifa Theater - voice development, improvisation and entry into characters, scenery, card workshop, world of masks, pantomime, hat making, hip hop and more.

2 cycles of 3 weeks each, the activity takes place between the hours of 8: 00-13: 00, intended for ages 3-7, including a final show on the theater stage, including breakfast and a professional training team.

The price for a 3-week cycle: NIS 1,550.

Special price for a subscription to the Haifa Theater: NIS 1,450.

Special discounts for organizations and workers' committees.

For details and registration: 04-8600500 Ext. 1

Haifa Theater, a summer experience for children and youth (Photo: screenshot from the website)


Moza Camp - Artist Studio - The workshops take place for 3 days on Mondays-Wednesdays from 09:00 to 14:00 and the

price for the workshop is NIS 480. Registration for each studio separately. Workshops for Duchma:

July 4-6 - Print Studio with Sharon Oron teaches - three days of various printing techniques based on ancient methods to new methods, including: ballet printing, socket printing, solar printing and monoprint. We will print on papers and textiles and create works and personal objects in different artistic languages. July 11-13


Sculpture Studio with the artist Roni Ben Porat - three days of sculpture in which we will dive into the field of environmental sculpture. and'.

July 18-20 - Photo and video studio with the artist Anat Wasserman - three days of video photography in which we will create and experience the multiple shades of the photographic medium.

We will go back in time to the invention of photography and create photographs using special techniques in the darkroom, we will work with different backgrounds and objects to create imaginative illusions and we will experience video and animation techniques.

For graduates of grades 4-6

to register, please send an email to:

Artist workshops in Herzliya, Museum (Photo: from the municipality's website)

Summer basketball camp - Lev Tov Hall - the camp will take place on: 24.7-11.8 for grades 1-6, hours of operation: 08: 00-13: 00.

The activity will take place in the sports hall of Lev Tov School, Herzliya, camp director: Ziv Rolinsky Mobile phone: 052-3569194

Price: NIS 1,600 for 3 weeks, for registration on the municipality's website.

Lev Tov Herzliya Hall - Basketball Summer Camp (Illustration) (Photo: ShutterStock)

An imaginary summer in the museum - a work following exhibitions on parallel worlds of imagination. A summer of work following exhibitions on imaginary parallel worlds. Friday: Round 1 - 24 / 7-28 / 7, Round 2 - 31 / 7-4 / 8, Round 3 - 7-11 / 8. The camps take place at: 8: 30-13: 30 Price: NIS 775 per round Of 5 days.

Speak English - five days in which we will speak English, sound English, play in English, sing and dance in English. Suitable for graduates of grades 4-6, the activity will take place at the Shavit Learning Center - 2 Hanadiv Street | 0539314760 The price for 5 days: NIS 580

5 days of learning English for fun, Herzliya (Photo: From the municipality's website)

Tel Aviv

Beit Tami's summer camp - for children entering grades 1-6, the camp is about nature and will include activities, workshops, plays and trips to the pool.

Parents must equip their children with breakfast, in the afternoon the children will be served a meat meal.

The camp will take place between the dates 24.7-11.8 (not including Tisha B'Av 7/8), with a subsidized cost of: NIS 861 for 8: 00-16: 00 or NIS 532 for 8: 00-13: 00


Beit Tami's summer camp (illustration).

There will also be a pool (Photo: ShutterStock)

Track Camp - A 3-week camp, the camp is intended for graduates from A to D and offers fun days, workshops, experiences, pool days, Cinema City and more!

Every day there will be a different activity, the boys and girls will enjoy a variety of enriching workshops in the fields of health, sports, competitions.

Arrival from 08:00, division into age groups, activity with instructors, breakfast, additional activity, lunch at 13:30, activity with the instructors, at 16:00 Scattering

the price for three weeks: NIS 1,500 until 13:00 or NIS 1,900 Until 16:00 (including noon)

Tel Aviv Municipality - Track Camp (Photo: From the municipality's website)

Hadriyada - the summer camp of the Drahi Community Center - a childhood experience in the vineyard is intended for first- and fourth-grade graduates.

The camp is about movement and sports and will include activities, workshops, pool outings and other attractions including Marine 2000, Whipark, a show, Cinema City and more.

The camp will take place between the dates: 11.8-24.7 (excluding Tisha B'Av 7/8) and parents must equip their children with breakfast, in the afternoon a hot lunch will be served to the children.

The price for 3 weeks at a subsidized cost: NIS 1,260 for 16: 00-08: 00 or NIS 840 for hours: 13: 00-08: 00.

Address: Drahi Community Center, Kalisher 5, Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Drahi Community Center, a summer camp for Tel Aviv residents (Photo: From the municipality's website)


The Great Freedom School and Kindergartens - Summer Program - The Great Freedom School and Kindergarten Program will take place between the dates: 3.7-21.7 (excluding Fridays) for grades 1-3, between the hours of 8: 00-13: 00.

In kindergartens (ages 3-6), the program will run from 7:30

to 13:00, morning activity, will take place until 13:00 and is free of charge.

In addition, it is possible to have lunch until 16:00, at a subsidized monthly cost of NIS 630.

There is also the option of a daycare for kindergartens in special education for 4 weeks in July, at a cost of 690 NIS for the entire month

. : 00-16: 00 for kindergarten children + grades 1-2 The cost of the camp: NIS 490 per week.

August Camp of the Jerusalem Municipality - The camp will take place between 31.7-11.8 (except Friday and Tuesday of Av, when there will be no activity).

The camp will run from 8:00 to 16:00 for kindergartens + first and second grades.

The cost of the camp: NIS 950 for two weeks.

The camp will be held through the community principals and registration for the schools will be done through the Lavi Association.

Registration for kindergartens: At the community administrative sites relevant to your area of ​​residence

Summer camps offered by the Jerusalem Municipality (illustration) (Photo: From the municipality's website)


Summer camps will operate this year in the city of Ashdod for free and the price of daycare will be NIS 300 per month.

Is everything you need to know

The summer camps for kindergarten children and students in grades 1-3 will take place between 3.7-21.7, Sunday to Thursday.

Camp hours for kindergarten children: 07: 30-13: 00 and for grades 1-3: 08: 00-13: 00 at no cost.

The price of a daycare for kindergarten and grades 1-3 until 16:00 will be NIS 300, starting with the second child, a 50% discount will be given.

In kindergartens, it will be possible to extend the summer camp for another week until July 28, at a cost of NIS 200 for the entire week for a full day (until 16:00), and at a cost of NIS 100 for those who settle for half a day (until 13:00).

And here too a 50% discount will be given starting from the second child.

In addition, social camps will run in the community centers that will last 3 weeks, for first- and third-grade children only, between July 24 and August 11 at subsidized prices: Morning 08: 00-13: 00 at a cost of NIS 300 |

Lunch 13: 00-16: 00 at a cost of NIS 200.

And a 50% discount starting with the second child.

For more details and registration for summer camps and after-school programs on the municipal company's website

Ashdod, summer camps (Photo: Photo from the website)

Beer Sheva

Kivanim operates summer camps in the city of Be'er Sheva for kindergarten and school children, as part of the Ministry of Education's "Kindergartens and Schools of Great Freedom" program.

The program is subsidized and supervised by the Ministry of Education and is intended for kindergarten children and first- to third-grade graduates.

You can register for a summer camp at the educational institution where the children studied during the year, unless otherwise stated.

During the camp, the children will enjoy an experiential and fun enrichment program.

The camp will run from Sunday to Thursday, between the dates: 3.7.2022 to 21.7.2022.

Prices for summer camps for the entire period (3 weeks)

Kindergartens and kindergartens: - NIS 300 for a short day between 7:30 and 13:00. For a long day, until 16:00, including lunch - additional NIS 630 (total to be paid : NIS 930).

Schools (grades one to three): NIS 300 for a short day between 8:00 and 13:00.

For a long day, until 16:00, including lunch - extra NIS 580 (total payment: NIS 880).

Kindergartens and schools of the great freedom: Kivunim will operate summer camps in the city of Beer Sheva (illustration) (Photo: ShutterStock)

Stable home camps - programming classes, astronomy classes, robotics and science classes, English classes, first grade preparations, fun, creative and developer classes, including science and technology studies.

Hours of operation: 8: 00-16: 00, the camp includes: breakfast, hot lunch, light refreshments at the end of the day, pool suitable for children ages 1-6 from all over the south with a variety of camps on various topics, for example: robotics and science (Unique experiments, science quizzes, building scientific models) or preparation for first grade (strengthening reading and writing skills and arithmetic activities · Emotional preparation for a formal framework, arithmetic study)

The price for two weeks: NIS 1,550.

Independence 79 Beer Sheva, for more details: 08-6277444

Robotics and Science, Beer Sheva, Beit Yatziv (Photo: screenshot from the site)

"Clusters" summer camps at a subsidized price nationwide

As every year, the Eshkolot organization will hold summer camps and summer camps throughout the country, combining experiential, fun activities, knowledge of the country and imparting educational values.

Summer camps and summer camps during the months of July and August, at subsidized prices and nationwide.

The organization will hold summer camps from north to south, closely accompanied by the guidance of the educational centers of Eshkolot and the guidance and accompaniment of professional instructors, while maintaining a first-class safety and educational standard.

Vice President of the Eshkolot organization, Dvir Cohen: "The big summer is ahead of us and Eshkolot centers are also offering summer camps and summer camps this year, including a variety of enriching activities that connect our youth, who are designated for summer camps and camps, with their country, country and heritage.

I am sure that this year, too, many hundreds of campers will join us for a Zionist experience, a fun and safe teaching.


Halutza Agriculture Camp - "Pioneer Camp", will be held at the Netzarim College in Bnei Netzarim in the Gaza Strip, between the dates 5-8 in Tammuz 4-7 / 7 and is intended for girls in the national religious sector, graduates of grades 7-8.

The activity will include farm work, empowerment activities and fun.

Subsidized cost: NIS 500.

For details and registration: / 08-6579797.

An additional cycle of the Halutza Agriculture Camp will be held at Midreshet Netzarim on 26-28 / 7 and is intended for girls in the national religious sector, graduates 9-11. Subsidized cost NIS 400. For details and registration: 08-6579797

Eshkolot Joint Camp (Photo: Joint Camp)

The Summer Dreaming Big Camp - Midreshet Ofra, will be held on the 19th and 22nd of Tammuz, 18-21 / 7 and is intended for graduates of grades 6-8 from the national religious sector.

Will include special workshops, shows, night trips and more.

Cost: NIS 700, discount for room closures for 4 girls.

For details and registration:

The Joint Camp (Photo: The Joint Camp)

A Desert Wandering Camp of the Susya Tour and Study Center will be held in the Judean Desert on the 27th-29th of Sivan, 26-28 / 6 and is intended for 9th-11th graders. It will include a three-day hiking trip in the Judean Desert, professional training, water activities, Night activities and more. Cost: NIS 360. For details and registration: 02-9961148 or on the website

Clusters, subsidized summer camps (Photo: Joint Camp)

A joint summer camp that will be held at the Gesher Center, will take place in two cycles: First cycle: 5-6 in Tammuz 4-14.7, second cycle: 19-29 in Tammuz 18-28.7 and is intended for teenagers aged 6-9 from all over the country The "joint camp" is a unique model based on summer camps as they are known in the United States and is intended for religious, traditional and secular youth.

Activities will include surfing, navigation and survival, art, kayaking and more.

Cost: Everyone receives a NIS 1,130 scholarship for the camp, the price after receiving the scholarship is NIS 4,870.

There are additional discounts for returning trainees.

For details and registration: Phone: 02-6228082

Clusters, subsidized summer camps (Photo: Joint Camp)

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