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Bear market: the right time to invest in cryptocurrency?


We hear it, we see it more and more, inflation is on the rise. A falling market that scares more than one, but that can find interesting alternatives. Because despite this declining curve, cryptocurrencies remain a solution for investing by taking the least...

What do we call a bear market?

In addition to its disastrous human consequences, the war between Russia and Ukraine has repercussions on finance and the world economy.

A conflict coupled with an exit from the pandemic crisis which leads to the decline of the market.

But let's get back to the basics of the subject before discussing it in more detail.

Wall Street uses the terms “bullish” and “bearish” to name asset price trends.

A bear market would then simply be the market which sees its curve decrease by at least 20% over an extended period.

More concretely, this means that supply has exceeded demand, thus leading to pessimism and strong mistrust, especially among investors, named

Bears for the occasion.


And it is precisely the latter who pull the reins of the curve.

The more they cultivate fear, the more they slow down their actions and the more the curve remains downward.

A vicious circle from which it is not easy to break free.

The uptrend tends to occur around the Bitcoin halving, a noticeable drop in miner rewards that we see every four years.

Why is this context favorable to crypto-assets?

It is always surprising to read that the falling market can be a boon for investment.

And yet, it is still possible to profit from the course.

We know the volatility of Bitcoins.

The cryptocurrency market operates in a cyclical manner, the most seasoned investors know the workings and are not afraid of this Bear Market.

Better still, this period can be an opportunity, the key moment to invest in the short or medium term in crypto-assets.

Buying an asset when the price is at its lowest is actually a godsend.

The value of Bitcoin being on the decline, its purchase is more accessible and promises, in the medium term, advantageous profits.

Remains this rebound phase which remains expectant

To what types of investment to turn?

In the world of cryptocurrency, several strategies exist to invest in a less perilous way.

Two of them have proven themselves for several years and are particularly in demand.

DCA: the least risky investment

In the traditional markets or in the cryptocurrency market, the DCA is a star.

This dollar cost-averaging remains a low-risk operational process.

The principle is to invest a fixed and regular amount, in order to smooth this savings by spreading the risk over a bearish or bullish market cycle.

Those who wish to invest in a sustainable way, the DCA is optimal.

But who says secure investment, inevitably says reliable website.

LiteBit: the accessible and secure crypto-asset platform

In the ecosystem of cryptocurrency platforms, LiteBit is one of the easiest to understand and the most reliable on the market.

The idea is to offer a platform offering digital asset management and transaction services.

LiteBit provides its users with a wide range of crypto-assets dedicated to buying, selling or exchanging.

In addition to the secure aspect, such a platform greatly simplifies interaction with decentralized financial services, but also stock market monitoring.

To democratize the universe of crypto-assets, to present new investment levers, to remain accompanied throughout the process, LiteBit is campaigning for this.

Thanks to available, responsive and caring customer service, investors make better choices and take less risk.

Bitcoin would then be a solution to inflation, an interesting alternative to profit from it.

The current periods tend to slow down the investments, the variations of the course arouse the fear, however they are only the reflection of a cyclic asset.

Its adoption is only in its infancy.

With LiteBit you receive a free starting credit of €20 on your account for trading.

After registration and account verification.

Only for new customers until July 31, 2022. LiteBit is registered with the AMF as a service provider for digital assets.

With support in French, it is currently the only one to offer a fast, simple and secure service with multilingual support for the purchase, sale and management of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum and more than 80 other currencies.

Source: lefigaro

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