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The girls who dream of succeeding big and influencing in the high-tech and technology world - Walla! Of money


The acton held in Tel Aviv, run by the Queen Bee Association, brought together girls from all walks of life in Israeli society, who tried to solve value and social problems through apps.

The girls who dream of succeeding big and making an impact in the high-tech and technology world

The acton held in Tel Aviv, run by the Queen Bee Association, brought together girls from all walks of life in Israeli society, who tried to solve value and social problems, through apps


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Monday, 04 July 2022, 15:38 Updated: 15:50

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Girls who participated in the hackathon held in Tel Aviv (Photo: PR)

The Technology Acton was recently held in Tel Aviv with the participation of 500 Jewish and Arab girls, led by

QueenB, an educational-technological association for the advancement of women and girls in computer science


The Athekon is actually a major product fair that is the culmination of an educational process that lasted about 3 weeks in which the apprentices met on an almost daily basis and engaged in programming.

This year's theme is: Begood, in which the apprentices try to solve value and social problems that bother them as teenagers with the help of apps.

The apprentices go through an in-depth process of thinking, characterizing, planning and executing, as well as practicing abilities of standing in front of an audience, design, storytelling, presenting pitch and more.

The hackathon was a bilingual hackathon and is delivered in 2 languages: Hebrew and Arabic.

After finishing the hackathon, we heard from four young and ambitious girls, about their development, the big dream and the overall experience.

Meet the most ambitious girls we met: Aya Daka from Qalanswa, Tamar Yadgar from Hod Hasharon, Or Ramraz from Herzliya, and Sidra Johari from Majdal Shams.

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In collaboration with Galil

Aya Daka from Qalansawa (Photo: PR)

Aya Daka, eighth grader, Qalansawa:

"My dream is to develop further in computer science and study the profession at the Technion in the future, and also to study computer languages ​​extensively. My experience at QueenB at the Western Digital branch in Kfar Saba was one of the most enjoyable experiences this year. The one that


me and encouraged me to study computer science in the future. Every time we learned a new subject, I enjoyed and was more and more surprised by the material we learned.

My group worked on a technology project we called "Sign Language". This site provides extensive information on the deaf and hard of hearing population in Israel, including interactive activities, videos and more. We were interested and impressed by him. "

Tamar Yadgar (Photo: PR)

Tamar Yadgar, eighth grade student, Hod Hasharon:

"My dream is to work at NASA and explore life outside the Earth, and I think learning programming is a really good start on the road to a dream.

At the beginning of my career at QueenB I had concerns that it would be too difficult.

I did not know what a code is at all.

I tried anyway and it was really fun.

There were times that were both challenging and a little difficult, but the instructors were always there for us and explained and helped, and made me feel it was okay if I did not know a professional term or failed sometimes.

I know that in order to achieve something really good, you have to work hard.

And now that I've finished the project, and even lectured on it to senior executives at high-tech companies, such as Microsoft, Western Digital and more, I'm so proud of the whole process and the result and already looking forward to continuing next year.

My friends and I came across cases where we needed or wanted to volunteer and we had a hard time finding a suitable place to volunteer, so we thought of building a site where we would review all the volunteer places on one site and your city, we called Volunteer here and created a questionnaire at him.

On the home page you can find your city and the various areas in the city and each area has a link to the volunteer site in the area you have chosen and a short explanation about it.

I am glad that this is the theme of our site, and that it also has important significance for the community.

At QueenB I was exposed to the technological work in the offices of the high-tech company Western Digital Kfar Saba, I knew a lot of companies and I was happy to meet new companies from Qalansawa who were really nice, and we even sang songs together in Arabic. "

Orr Ramarez (right) (Photo: PR)

Orr Ramraz, ninth grade student, Herzliya:

"In the last two years I participated in the activities of QueenB in Herzliya. In the program I was exposed to the high-tech world, I learned to program in several languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT and more. We got to encode and experiment with the new material and at the same time also practice what we had already learned.

Always during the work the instructors helped everyone who had a problem and always had teamwork. It feels like working in high-tech, I got to experience the work environment, people, etc. It was a very fun experience to visit the offices of high-tech companies.

Although not everything always came easily, I would leave the meetings feeling good thanks to the fact that the group always supported me and we were very cohesive.

This year we came to Hackathon as adults after an initial experience last year.

We had an intense month before the hackathon where every week we met several times and worked on the site, during the preparations we learned more material that was not in the sessions for the site to come out the best possible.

Within a month we managed to set up a site that commemorates IDF casualties in an accessible way by presenting memorial sites such as monuments, museums, observations and a story about the spaces at the sites we mentioned. I was the group's product manager I was in charge of the schedule of the meetings, and responsible for lifting the atmosphere in the group.In the last lesson I went into a lecture hall at Microsoft and practiced presenting the site in Hackathon in front of lots of empty chairs and it helped me get into the atmosphere and think of a good way to present our site.

I feel like I learned a lot this year.

When we finished the site I was filled with a sense of pride and satisfaction that we were able to build a site ourselves.

It was worth the effort of the whole year and an amazing experience that not every boy or girl gets to experience.

Next year I'm starting high school in a cyber class.

The knowledge thanks to the activities at QueenB helped me to be accepted and gives me a feeling that I know what I am heading towards. "

Sidra Johari (right) (Photo: PR)

Sidra Johari (right), eighth grader, Majdal Shams


"My dream is to work in the field of computers and programming and succeed. It was a year full of experiences and I learned a lot of new things in the field of technology but not only, I met a lot of new girls, and most "It's

important that I learned to write code.

Our project was a student teaching through short videos that explain different topics and in a simpler way (we are the ones who made the videos)



cooperates with a variety of high-tech companies, and this year is leading a unique program with Western Digital to raise awareness of the technological world even among young girls in Arab society.

The collaboration between the association and the company began about three years ago with the opening of the association's center on the company's website in Kfar Saba, which currently hosts dozens of girls from Qalansawa and Hod Hasharon.

This year it was decided to expand the collaboration and initiate new programs nationwide: a large ticking campaign in honor of Girls' Day in Science, aimed at creating exposure and positive experience with a technological challenge among hundreds of thousands of girls and women from across the country, and another multi-year program to expand the association , And increase the community of girls and students.

Thanks to the support, a new center for Druze girls was opened this year in Majdal Shams, and the ambition is to open more centers in other areas.

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