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So how do you prefer your app? Happy Hour with Glassbox - voila! Of money


Glassbox which specializes in user experience analysis in order to personalize the browsing experience on the website or the use of the application. We went to their weekly happy hour at the offices in Kiryat Aryeh

So how do you prefer your app?

Happy Hour with Glassbox

Get to know Glassbox, which specializes in user experience analysis in order to personalize the experience of browsing the website or using the application.

We went to their weekly happy hour at the offices in Kiryat Aryeh, and met happy people in their work environment

Liat Ron


Thursday, July 28, 2022, 09:00 Updated: 16:46

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From the right: Nitzan Salmi, Guy Shevron, Adi Rosenfried (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What we do

: Glassbox provides solutions for user experience analysis in digital channels (websites and mobile apps) to maximize user experiences and optimize and improve service.

The data analysis makes it possible to understand the user's behavior and adapt the website or application to it.

For example, if he buys on the website and abandons the shopping cart in the middle of the process, Glassbox's platform will understand what caused him to stop shopping, identify the failure in the process, correct and optimize it.



Guy Shevron

, 49 years old, married + 3, lives in Kfar Saba.

Position: Senior Director R&D, working for two months in the company.

Nitzan Salmi

, 24 years old, single, lives in Petah Tikva.

Position: Global Sourcing Specialist, seven months in the company.

Adi Rosenfried

, married + 1, 35 years old, lives in Ramat Gan.

Position: Solutions Architect and Support Team Lead, five and a half years in the company.

So what did we do in the afternoon - ping pong or virtual reality? (Photo: Reuven Castro)


Glassbox's office is located in Kiryat Aryeh, Rothschild Boulevard of Hi Tech in Petah Tikva, where the 150 employees in Israel, out of about 400 around the world, come. The floors are gray and in front of the reception desk there is a seating area with mouse gray armchairs and pink pillows Shelves display awards that the company has won over the years.

They all work in a great spice manner with cheap corners in gray - pink - blue colors, for those who need to catch some rest and loosen their backs. There are meeting rooms of all sizes, from very large to intimate rooms with two armchairs. Those who feel that he has to release energy can play ping pong or play in virtual reality

Coffee break

: The dining room is not far from the entrance and has wooden diner benches, with blue cushions, arranged back to back.

The shade of wood also dominates the kitchen and the large island has jars with Abadi cookies, pretzels and flavored date snacks.

Below it is a snack drawer loaded with potato chips, bamba, beasley, doritos and nachos.

Next to it are fitness snacks, flavored crackers, plain cornflakes, chocolate and honey, and granola.

On the counter there is a coffee machine with capsules, one of them, light blue in color, is intended for cold coffee and is considered a hit in the office.

There is a soda machine and several bottles of Vitamanchik that are poured into jugs, and run out at a high rate.

The first refrigerator has all types of milk imaginable, an impressive collection that includes oat, soy with sugar, without sugar, rice milk, milk for whipping, lactose-free milk and rice milk.

In the second refrigerator, the door of which is covered with magnetic photos from the company's events, there is flavored cottage, cheeses of all kinds, fruit, mini carrots, small cucumbers and cherry tomatoes that you can grab whenever you feel like it.

There is also gbanat, smooth yogurts and with fruit and in the Ben Ang Jerrys freezer, ice creams and the hit - Bamba frozen nougat. In the morning there is no orderly layout, everyone takes what they like and the whole team eats together. The same at lunch, only with orders from outside.

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In collaboration with French Zvi and his sons

Guys, don't forget - the blue capsule is only for cold coffee! (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Nitzan does not have a glorious technological history, but rather a humanitarian background of majoring in social sciences and GG in high school and aspiring to be a teacher, kindergarten teacher, psychologist or educational consultant, a one-on-one profession, more or less what she does today in the HR department. Because of surgery Passed before the draft, volunteered for military service as a TA activist and then moved on to become a Lt. Col.'s lieutenant in the Third Division in Tzalim and was an outstanding soldier.

A week after her release she started working in a clothing store, a few months later she became a shift manager and within a year she was already running the store and started studying for a bachelor's degree in behavioral sciences.

At some point she decided to make a change and was accepted to Glassbox for a recruitment position and she works full time and studies at the same time.

"I started with no knowledge and no experience," says Nitzan, "but the company gave me courses that helped me develop my abilities. I do outsourcing, search the networks and LinkedIn according to the job and the skills we are looking for. I filter the search by companies, titles, locate the people suitable candidates and transfers to our system, makes the first contact to the suitable candidates and the telephone interview and refers to the recruiter."

The computer kept company for Adi, the only son of his parents, from the age of three.

His grandfather, who was a teacher, got a 1st generation IRA from work and he was drawn to it from the first moment.

For the next five years, his parents spent a lot of money on repairs, but at the age of eight, he was already taking apart and assembling a computer by himself, which paved the way for him to work as a computer technician and earn money.

In high school he increased computers and was recruited to 8200 for a team that is engaged in monitoring, maintenance and ongoing control of the unit's entire system, which is called 24/7 operational intelligence.

After six months of permanent service, he flew to Central America and when he returned he started studying computer science at the Open University, but quickly realized that he would not be able to sustain it along with a full-time job.

His first experience in high tech was at "Corlix", which was involved in maximizing performance in Algotrade, from there he moved to the company "Aman Computers" and other companies that used the abilities and experience he gained in the field of monitoring and in 2016, he says, he found himself at Glassbox.

"I arrived following someone who worked here. We were 13 employees and I served as Kolboinik, when I arrived at the offices they told me to 'grab a keyboard and give it a try', so I gave in. I did roles of training, accompanying the sales process, accompanying customers, and today I manage a support team of six employees."

When he turned ten, Guy Petach Tikva's family moved to Kenya and there he received the Commodore 64, his first computer.

Somehow he got hold of a copy of BASIC and he taught himself how to program.

When they returned to Israel, he majored in computers and internet data processing, and when he got involved in the army, he enlisted in a combat unit and signed a permanent one and a half year contract.

After the trip abroad, he started studying computer science in high school, a degree he finished after six long years, and at the same time he worked at the "IFN" company, where he worked for eight years and in the last position was a development manager. From there he moved to "Afcon", then to "Logic" And when it closed, he went on to "Elbit" and "Gal Or". Somehow his resume was rolled into Glassbox and already in the first interview he felt like he was at home. Today he manages the development of several teams, mainly abroad, and concentrates on improving processes and work methods.

The distance level aims for zero (Photo: Reuven Castro)

For the soul

: Guy is a beginner skipper, marathoner and triathlete who recently retired from competitions.

Next week he will fly with the family and the three children to Canada, for a trip before the eldest enlists.

Adi's wife is a special education teacher, and she instructs him on how to introduce their son to technology matters, at the age when he enters there, and he already has a Lego robot and has excellent mouse control.

Nitzan danced flamenco for seven years as a child and traveled from Eilat to Tel Aviv to perform at the Susan Dalal Center.

Precisely when she moved to the center of the country, she stopped the castanets and replaced the fan with high shoes and a travel backpack.

Added value

: You won't find ramen taps here, nor kinetic sculptures, but humanity is here and in abundance.

"The level of distance with us aims for zero," says Adi, "anyone can talk to the founders whenever they want, everything is very open, and this closeness has increased with Corona."

The employees took home an invested work position, challah and wine for Fridays, participated in sports classes, yoga and Zumba at Zoom and a disco ball before the virtual party for which they prepared for five weeks, with teasers in a box that they opened every week.

If an employee is infected, he receives something personalized to make him happy, for example a delivery from his favorite restaurant.

Every Thursday there is a Happy Hour dedicated to some event, sometimes far-fetched: World Junk Food Day, Chocolate Day, and Georgian Independence Day which filled the office with Khachapuri and the like.

The "Opening 2022" party was celebrated together in all the branches in the world and the employees in Israel watched a kind of talk show that they specially created for the event and a performance by the house band.

Donating to society is a top value and Glassbox donates to the "Sun Rise" association that provides a holistic solution to children with cancer and their families.

Guy: "When I came to the company, they offered me to donate the signature grant to the association we choose, which is amazing to me. I donated to Net"

"They take us out to conferences," adds Nitzan, "and at HR we went on a training day with breakfast in Jaffa and then we went to a Japanese spa together."

Adi went especially to the USA to consolidate his team there and took them to a training day in karting, which he defines as "Nachshonite plus plus".

So where are you on World Junk Food Day? (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What to wear

: Guy got used to coming to work with a button-down shirt and he still sticks to the decent block.

Nitzan says that when she worked in the clothing store, she dressed casually and today there are quite a few days when she puts on a sweet show.

Where do you work from: come two to three times a week to the office, subject to the manager's decision.


: Guy says that the salary is competitive, there is a share plan and bonuses, everything is subject to the personal contract.

Nitzan, who recruits employees, explains that the company estimates how much an employee will be paid during the recruitment process and depending on what happens in the market, "I personally don't deal with the salary of the employees, but the recruiter."

What next

: Adi, the oldest in the group, has no interest in continuing.

"Every day in this company is a pleasure. The freedom, the lack of distance, the transparency of the management, all of this allows us to learn and touch areas that apparently we shouldn't bother with. If you get into something and give of yourself, there is no such thing as not listening to what you have to say."

Nitzan aspires to learn to move forward and Guy, with the shortest amount of time, wants to make the most significant contribution he can, this is his goal.

"Every day in the company is a pleasure" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

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