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Following the Histadrut struggle: join the boycott of the expensive importers - voila! Of money


The heads of the largest committees in the economy responded to the initiative of the chairman of the Histadrut and promised that they would boycott the products of Diplomat, Shastovitch and Kimberly Clark. Also voila! join the call of the chairman of the Histadrut

Following the Histadrut struggle: join the boycott of the expensive importers

The heads of the largest committees in the economy responded to the initiative of the chairman of the Histadrut and promised that they would boycott Diplomat, Shastovich and Kimberly Clark products - and would not include them in the clothing packages for the employees for the holidays. And voila! We answered the challenge: we don't buy from the expensive ones


Of money


Tuesday, August 02, 2022, 13:22 Updated: 14:17

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Enough for the living!

Statements by Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David (Histadrut Spokesperson)

After the talk, it was time for action.

As part of the struggle for the subsistence allowance,

Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David

met with the heads of major committees in the economy to discuss the next steps. The heads of the committees pledged not to include Diplomat, Shastovitz and Kimberly Clark products in the holiday gift packages.

At the meeting, Bar-David said: "We succeeded after a week of struggle To put in the minds of the workers and citizens that we are not suckers.

You can't control us and raise prices whenever you want.

I get excellent responses from the field.

The wave of increases has been stopped, but it is not enough.

Our move is long-term.

This is not my protest but all of us.

It is not possible that in Europe and the USA the prices are one-third and two-thirds cheaper than in Israel. We are the responsible and stable body in the country, and if the government does not create change, the protest will also come to it. I call on the citizens: there is a possibility to change, don't sit at home. Buy smart, buy blue and white" .

It should be noted that last week

a diplomat announced

to the retail chains that it intends to cancel the discounts given to them, a move that the retailers claim would have led to an increase of about 25% in the prices of the importer's brands, including Gillette, Pampers diapers, Oreo, Jacobs, Milka chocolate, Kellogg's cereal, Mazola, Pringles , Tide washing powder and other brands found in almost every home in Israel.

After a tough fight with a number of retail chains, led by Shufersal, during which it was claimed that the company would prevent the supply of its products to those who did not align with the new prices, Diplomat announced that it was suspending the price increases until October, after the Tishrei holidays.

Also the importer


, which owns the brands: Revlon, Colgate, Ajax, O.Va, Pasta Barilla, Tuna Rio-Mara, Palmolive, Speed-Stick and other brands.

Raised the prices of a significant part of his products in the last six months.


, is known mainly from the field of toiletries with the following brands: Haggis, Kleenex, Nicole, Kotex, Titolim, Mult and more, some of which have become more expensive in recent months - and for some, the company has informed retailers that it intends to raise prices.

Pampers diaper.

One of Diplomat's strongest brands, which initiated a price increase and withdrew until after the holidays (Photo: Foreign Relations)

The meeting was attended by: Yair Katz (Aeronautical Industry), Miko Sarfati (Electricity Company), Eyal Eli (Mega), Prosper Ben Hamo (Klalit Health Services), Keren Ofek (Partner), Yehiel Shemen (Pelephone), Eliran Kozlik (Teva), Vadim Ebenstein (Tax Authority), Rami Ben-Gal (Telofah-Jaffa Municipality), Ariela Siso (Shufersel), Mazal Golan (Ministry of Welfare), Dr. Yuval Mazar (Bank of Israel), Mazal Bobalil (Soldier's Treasury), Roni Garfunkel (Bank Hapoalim), Rafi Kazalkofi (Discount Bank), Roni Raz (Kel Insurance), Eli Badash (Manager and Finance and Paramedical), Moshe Hadad (Rotem Ampert), Shimon Turgeman (Ichilov), Kuti Deri (Institut Wingate), Yaron Zrafati (National Insurance), Limor Lieberman Lavi (Bezeq International) and Sharon Ben Yitzhak (El Al).

Yair Katz from the Aerospace Industry

said at the meeting that "this struggle should reach all citizens through our employees. We will remove the confiscated products from all our consumer stores and broadcast to employees to buy smart."

Yuval Mazar from the Bank of Israel

He pointed out that "this is an important struggle. We must not let keyboard heroes let go of our hands and coordination between the committees must be maintained."

Yehiel Shemen from Pelephone

added that "the workers should take to the streets. This is a critical time and taking to the streets will help this important struggle."

Important Information

7 risk factors for heart disease and one way for early detection and damage prevention

Served on behalf of Shachel

Barilla pasta, a brand of the importer Shastovich.

She is also on the boycott list announced by the Histadrut (Photo: Barila)

At the same time, for the second day, hundreds of workers and members of the Histadrut, activists, people from regions and the working and studying youth continue to visit dozens of shopping centers throughout the country.

The activists hand out promotional materials, shirts and reusable bags to consumers for purchasing food, explain to them how to shop smart and assist in assembling a discounted and accessible basket of products.

Last night a protest rally was held in front of the house of the President of the Federation of Industrialists Dr. Ron Tomer, and this after last weekend dozens of representatives of the Histadrut, activists and ordinary citizens demonstrated in front of the house of the diplomat CEO Noam Weiman, waving signs that read, among other things: "Stop being Suckers - buy smart and fight the life thug", "I am not a sucker, and I am not a sucker", as well as "Diplomat, Shastovitz, Kimberly-Clark - the celebration is over".

More protest rallies are expected this week.

The Histadrut continues with a campaign that includes television advertising, the deployment of billboards, the distribution of promotional materials and press ads.

Millions of drivers have already been exposed to the campaign through the Wise app.

The Histadrut continues to receive more requests to join the struggle from social activists, committees and citizens.

The chairman of the Histadrut Arnon Bar-David with the heads of the largest committees in the economy, who promised: our employees will not receive any brand of the importers who raised prices for the holiday (photo: Histadrut spokespersons)

Why doesn't the low euro exchange rate lower prices?

Importers have quite a few reasons - apparently - for raising prices.

At first there was talk of

the sharp increase in transportation prices, especially those of marine transportation

- but these have decreased greatly in recent months.

Then the need to raise prices was explained due to the increase in the

prices of raw materials abroad

, partly due to the shortage created by the Corona epidemic and partly due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, here too there have already been changes in prices, for example

the prices of the grains that served as a basis for the increase in the prices of pasta, have already returned to their level on the eve of the war


will be said right away: there are definitely components in the importers' input section that have become very expensive, it is enough if we look at fuel prices (which have already dropped back to their level in January, after a steep increase) or electricity prices (at an increase of 8.6%, after a more moderate increase in the beginning of 2022.

However, at the same time as the price of these increased, there were changes that were in favor of the importers, one example from the last few days: the steep drop in the euro exchange rate due to the slowdown in Europe.

A large part of the best-selling brands in Israel originate in Europe, so the importers profited quite a bit as a result of the crash of the European currency.

When asked about this in the past, the importers claimed that although there was a change in the exchange rate in their favor, it offset only part of the increase in import inputs.

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