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Israel Katz: "I will fight the powerful monopolies, not the ordinary citizens" - Voila! Money


The money speaks: the former finance minister and who is interested in returning to his position, Israel Katz, answered the questions "Wala money! What will he do on his first day in office and does he also have a good word for the current finance minister?"

Israel Katz: "I will fight the powerful monopolies, not the ordinary citizens"

The money speaks: the former Minister of Finance and who is interested in returning to his position, Israel Katz, answered the questions "Wala money! What will he do on his first day in office, if he returns to the Treasury - and does he also have a good word for Avigdor Lieberman?"

Bini Ashkenazi


Wednesday, 03 August 2022, 08:49 Updated: 09:00

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Whispering in Benjamin Netanyahu's ear.

Will he serve as finance minister again if Netanyahu forms the next government? (Photo: Reuters)

MK Israel Katz knows the treasury corridors from the inside, for several months he was the finance minister in the national emergency government headed by Netanyahu and Gantz, where he served for about a year, against the background of the corona crisis.

Before that, in the Netanyahu government, he was the Minister of Transportation.

We asked the Knesset the same questions that we asked Knesset members who deal with economic issues and want to put their economic outlook to the public test even in preparation for the next Knesset elections.

What is the first thing you will do on your first day in your second term in office?

"I will work to lower the cost of living.

The key is increasing growth in the economy by competing with the monopolies, removing barriers and reducing regulation. Continue to encourage the leading engines such as the high-tech industries, construction, small businesses, etc."

How will you fight the cost of living?

"I will fight the powerful monopolies and not the ordinary citizens. Just like I did as Minister of Transportation when I led unprecedented reforms. I went against the most powerful parties, cracked the monopolies. I confronted the ports, the railways, the aviation. I defeated the strong, not the weak. From the moment I entered To the Ministry of Finance in May 2020, I started a campaign of talking to the protestors, in those days there were hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets, I invited them to me, I heard them.

And what did I discover? That in most things they were right. The criteria were such that they did not allow them to receive assistance - so I changed it! Even in to confrontations with the finance officials who tried in every way to torpedo the transfer of funds to people who need them like air to breathe.

I did not give up, the direction changed completely and people received aid. I emptied the streets of protesters. I prepared reforms that would lower the cost of living and the current government is not carrying them out. Maybe they are afraid to confront With strong publics, with importers and with strong people in the Israeli economy."

MK Israel Katz during his tenure as Minister of Finance.

"I emptied the streets of protesters" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What is your vision for Israel's economy, for the coming years?

"First and foremost - we must get Israel out of the economic crisis, stop the crazy price increase. As Minister of Finance, alongside the decision to provide extensive aid to the unemployed and the self-employed, I simultaneously prepared a systematic plan to lower the cost of living, centered on competition and the fight against monopolies and the removal of barriers and regulation that inhibit growth and accelerate construction and infrastructure.

Instead of implementing the prepared plan, the current government raised taxes and raised prices, causing a jump in inflation and the cost of living. Inflation in Israel has already climbed over 4% - a negative record since 2011. We warned the government against imposing taxes and price increases, which would spike inflation and the cost of living.

Everything is getting more expensive - fuel, electricity, water, housing, food - and the purchasing power of the public in Israel was severely damaged. We were left with a soaring economy, with over 8% growth, a falling deficit, a high credit rating and low unemployment - and they are destroying everything."

And finally, do you have a word of encouragement for the current Minister of Finance?

"The decision to increase the income supplement allowance for the elderly is a correct action that I praise."

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