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Haim Biebs: "If it continues like this, a general protest will break out" - Voila! Of money


The chairman of the local government center also clarifies what he means: "Not of the right and the left, but of the people who are under the stretcher and don't get what they deserve"

Haim Biebs: "If it continues like this, a general protest will break out"

The chairman of the local government center also clarifies what he means: "Not of the right and the left, but of the people who are under the stretcher and don't get what they deserve." And Binyamin Netanyahu?

Liat Ron


Thursday, August 04, 2022, 13:24 Updated: 13:39

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Haim Bivas, Mayor of Modi'in-Maccabim-Reot and Chairman of the Local Government Center (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Haim Bibbs, 52 years old, mayor of Modi'in-Maccabim-Reot, and chairman of the local government center.

Who I am

: I am under the stretcher, leading the way and perception. Analytical, quick-thinking, with a clear worldview - don't tell stories, bring tables , tell stories, believe in the management of actions and results. If they start smearing me - I cut.


: in Morocco. Grandfather on my father's side, Rabbi Chaim Biebs, was a mohel and head of the Jewish community and the city of Wazen. When the family arrived at Beit Shean, he would think of the municipality and make alliances for free for babies. Mother, who was born in the city of Mogador and moved with the family to Casablanca when grandfather got a job there, immigrated to Israel with her brother in the youth immigration when she was ten years old, studied in Kfar Batia and became a senior banker, by the way, David Levy's wife is her sister. Father worked in industry and was a department manager in the municipality.

Played soccer until youth age in Hapoel Beit Shean (Photo: Reuven Castro)

My childhood

: We are five children, I am the second in number.

The parents didn't deprive us of anything, it was very important to them that we learn, that's why we had private teachers.

Although we were light traditionalists, until the 10th grade I studied in a Torah track in a religious high school, which connected secular, religious, boys and girls, which in retrospect added a lot to me, then I switched to the economics and accounting major and did 31 matriculation units in total

. Shan and I was a trainee and instructor in the Beitar movement in the Madzim. I thought that when I grew up I would do something related to management and business and I knew at some point that I would be on a public mission of one kind or another, I thought more at the national level. After my release from the army I founded the national youth movement in Beit Shan.


: I did a bachelor's degree at Haifa University in International Relations and Sociology and at the same time I worked with guiding children in the National Youth and in security at the Allenby crossing.

In '97 I moved to the city of Modi'in, I pursued a master's degree in public administration and local government and in the thesis work that I finished with honors, I focused on local government reform and professional city management.


: My wife, the help against me, after all, you cannot succeed if there is no one who gives you the scope of action.

She works in the field of pension insurance, one of the major experts in the field, she has her own private world and is very uninvolved.

I have twins aged 23 and 20. If it was up to them I would not have been in politics for a long time, they would have preferred me to be in business.

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in cooperation with her

"The children would prefer that I be in business" (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: I started working in the local government, in the company for the economy and economy, of which I am today the chairman, as a project manager in the field of construction and development, environmental quality and transportation, construction of educational institutions and the public. I gained a lot of experience and worked with government ministries, for five years, and established the Kindergarten Parents' Committee The municipal.

At some point, looking inside Modi'in at some of the way things are conducted and the professional world view told me one of two things: either I go in and come to influence and lead, for the sake of my children, or I keep quiet. You can't sit on the couch and complain. In 2003 I was elected to the city council, I served As mayor and deputy mayor, and holds the development and planning portfolio.

In 2008 I contested and was elected mayor in the first round.


: Every five years I present a plan and ask the residents to keep an eye on me.

When I was elected, the city had a deficit of NIS 52 million, without roads and sidewalks.

Everyone is sure that everything comes easily.

We developed economic anchors - the technology park and the craft area of ​​the Einav center, with the help of a dedicated company that deals only with this.

This is my third term and there is still much to do.


government: The local government is the most stable body in the State of Israel.

At the beginning of next November I will have been in office for 15 years, during which seven interior ministers changed.

The clerks understand that the government is going home, and the clerks are returning to their rooms.

A law should be passed that every time there is a new government, the clerkship changes, that's the only way it will be possible to work.

I will give an example: three years ago the Accountant General decided to change the construction of classrooms and we promoted the construction of 1,000 classrooms ourselves, but then they stopped giving us the letters of commitment to pay the state and since then we are 3,500 classrooms short.

Because the state does not transfer budgets, 100,000 students study in trailers.

It turns out that you are building a neighborhood and it does not have schools and kindergartens and we are forced to slow down because there is no choice.

You don't have to wait for the state to issue tenders and build.

It is possible to let the powerful authorities build on their own, let the developer know in advance what the price of the apartment he will market is, and let them bring in outside workers to speed up the schedule.

I sat with the finance boys who are not ready to listen.

If it continues like this, a general protest will break out, not of the right or the left, but of the people who are under the stretcher and are not getting what they deserve.

"You don't have to wait for the state to issue tenders and build. You can let the powerful authorities build by themselves" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Transfer of powers from the central government

: The reform of the transfer of powers to the local authorities has begun, some of them are in the Law of Arrangements and when a new government is formed we will insist that it be implemented.

In Corona, we were the ones who connected the residents to the government's decisions and we proved that in times of emergency the officials do not know how to deal with these things.

Now, post Corona, the officials are back to their stupid games and we will fight them.

Raising the property tax

: For me, freeze the property tax.

If you know how to stop the consumer price index and the public wage index - no problem, but it won't happen.

Even strong authorities like Tel Aviv have South Tel Aviv and the foreign workers, who require financial investment. The Ministry of Finance wants to raise the residential property tax and lower the commercial property tax. At the moment, the process is to build a model with a uniform property tax order and uniform rates.

The Teachers' Struggle

: We support the teachers' struggle, but do not join the shutdowns.

If the teachers' union said it was fighting for teachers' and assistants' salaries, we would create one big force.

It is impossible for us to close the city for everything.

Even when we sat on the balance grants, all the organizations supported us, but no one suspended studies because of it.


: There is a terrible shortage of horticulturalists and we are in discussions about this with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Finance, in order to try and improve their conditions, with the broad support of the General Histadrut for a larger move.

Be an assistant is not just someone who is there as an auxiliary force, she functions as an assistant to the kindergartner and she needs to be trained for the position.

Post Corona has created a situation where helpers can earn the same salary or a little less, without the pressure of the children and parents.

We transfer teaching supports from place to place, when the main problem is in the center.

"If the Teachers' Union were to say that it was fighting for the salaries of teachers and assistants, we would create one great force" (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: This year she earned 30 billion shekels at the expense of the development we are doing in the local authorities, money that the treasury officials take from the young couples and use to cover the deficit, instead of helping them buy an apartment. Take at least half of this amount and allow them to buy a 100 square meter apartment at an equal price For every soul, even between her fence and her room.

A brave government, and not the current one, but Israeli governments for generations, would determine that 30% of each neighborhood should be allocated apartments for young couples.

Transport reform

: Public transport in Israel is bad.

I am a city of over 100,000 inhabitants and the Ministry of Transportation is unable to add lines to three neighborhoods.

It cannot be that a passenger who takes a line in the city is on the bus for two hours, there is no planning here, everything is broken.

It cannot be that 230,000 vehicles are brought into the State of Israel every year and turn the country into a traffic jam.

The treasury does not want to stop it, because the money goes into their pockets.

If you want to reform, to have a uniform price for everyone, create a subsidy.

In the periphery there will be a 20% to 30% discount and this will create uniformity among the citizens with a degree of compassion.

"Netanyahu is different from how people try to paint him, a pleasant and funny person" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Binyamin Netanyahu

: I am a member of the Likud movement, I grew up in the National Youth and was an instructor in the Beitar movement. I went through several election campaigns with him and I can say that he is three or four levels above Israeli politics and different from how people try to portray him, a pleasant and funny person.

I suggest to everyone not to rush to work our justice, because in the end everything is examined by the court's decision, and everyone has the presumption of innocence. The problem is that with us, first of all, the person is hanged in the city square, and even if he turns out to be innocent, it doesn't matter anymore. Mayors were also taken out of their beds at four in the morning, taken for questioning and charged in courts, and we saw how it is It ended in the case of the mayor of Netanya or the mayor of Yavne, who got away with it. But when someone turns out to be eligible, they publish a small line.

The mayors who were offended have to pay, because there are rotten apples everywhere, but the mass of the heads of the authorities came to give everything to the public and let's respect the The kingdom. We don't want to get to a situation where good people lose their feet from public office.


riding a road bike in Nahal Inba and Ben Shemen forest, wearing headphones, mostly riding alone, this is my peace.

I also run around the city, having fun and checking what's going on along the way, everything is photographed and recorded, that way no one can tell me that they did things.

I really like to cook, Friday meals with fish, meat, soups and side dishes and I'm in charge of the garden.

Also a form of therapy and creativity.

Looking ahead

: I will be where I will have the most impact.

Sitting in the central government, with the instability and lack of real action, is not what I want.

I am a city manager with plans for work and sustainability going forward, I am preparing the plan for 2050, for future generations.

I can influence the public sphere both in the city and in my country and there will also be enough time to do it at home.

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