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Dawn: with one hand you embrace, with the other you prevent reparations - voila! Of money


What about the business owners in the south who leave the protected area and discover that their business has suffered a direct hit - not from a rocket launched by the Islamic Jihad but from the Israeli bureaucracy that denies them compensation?

Dawn: with one hand you embrace, with the other you prevent reparations

We have all been exposed to families who left the MMD and discovered that their home had been destroyed, but what about the business owners in the south who leave the protected area and discover that their business has suffered a direct hit - not from a rocket launched by Islamic Jihad, but from the Israeli bureaucracy that denies them compensation? A business owner in Sderot: "We finance terrorism "

Liat Ron


Sunday, 07 August 2022, 09:05 Updated: 09:30

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In the video: Prime Minister Lapid at the beginning of Operation "Dawn" says that Israel will not allow the terrorist organizations to set an agenda (Photo: Leam)

During the four days of tensions in the Gaza Strip, in which not a single shot was fired, but residents were prevented from leaving their homes, some due to the order of the security forces and some out of fear, Shimon Elhart, the owner of Cafe "Greg" in Sderot, barely worked.

Here and there someone came in, took a coffee and a pastry to go, the few brave ones who decided to sit at the tables were mostly journalists.

When Arya Malinyak and I spoke with him last Thursday on 103FM, he sounded discouraged: "Our work has been cut by 50% and it turns out that I and other business owners are financing terrorism.

"We pay a lot of money in taxes, but the state does not tell me to close the business to Not paying me compensation, and when they say to close it, they take my soul out until they pay and treat me like a thief.

I am a dairy cafe and the week before Tisha B'Av people don't eat meat so they come to me.

The damage is enormous."

Evening prayers on the 9th of Av in the south, under the rocket barrages.

When the fast ends, there will be those who will also cry over the destruction of the business (Photo: Avi Rokah)

Darkest before dawn

With "dawn" darkness once again descended on the business owners and farmers in the Gaza Strip.

As every time the State of Israel embarks on a round of combat, it conducts military tactics versus financial tactics.

The military tactic is directed outward, at the terrorist organizations, with the aim of damaging their capabilities and infrastructure, and the financial tactic is directed inward, against law-abiding citizens, who are forced to suffer severe economic damage because of the decision to contain the situation or go on the campaign trail.

These two systems, the military and the economic, operate in close cooperation.

The IDF refrains from declaring a "special state of emergency", "military operation" or "war", semantics that transfer the responsibility to the state, so that the tax authority does not have to pay compensation to the citizens. The guard of the Israel treasury will neither sleep nor sleep.

After countless rounds of fighting in the south and the north, there is still no regulated, uniform and independent compensation mechanism on the instructions of the commander-in-chief or on one or another convoluted wording, under expansion orders or temporary orders or emergency regulations that must be renewed every time, but there is an iron rule that must not be deviated from: whoever is injured Will receive compensation only after 24 hours.

No matter what catastrophe it is, noisy or silent, all businesses will absorb the damage of the first day, even if it is a 100% direct hit.

Restaurants and industrial establishments will be able to apply for compensation after 24 hours, the rest of the businesses only after a week.

Farmers will go through a nerve-wracking ordeal and will have to report how many workers they employ, even though the tax authority knows exactly how many workers each farmer employs, attach a certificate from a CPA, a lawyer, an order from the commanding general that prohibited going to open areas, and a host of other clarifications - until they see the shekel the first one.

The situation of the wage earners who live in the surrounding settlements and were unable to go to work is even worse.

They will not be able to receive compensation at all due to the lack of appropriate legislation and if they receive this compensation from the employer, which will be compensated, after a long and cumbersome bureaucratic procedure, by the state.

More in Walla!

The solution to knee pain is closer than ever - thanks to technology in the shoe

Submitted by Apostrophe

Sderot residents run to the protected areas when the "red color" alarm sounds.

The business owners have nowhere to hide from the economic damage (Photo: Reuters)

We are all orders of the Commander-in-Chief

At the end of the week, the commander of the Southern Command issued a letter to the residents, explaining that activities are underway to prepare regulations in the treasury that will allow compensation for employees, and after they are prepared they will be brought to the Knesset for approval, which means that those of them who were prevented from going to work in the four days preceding the "Dawn" operation, will not receive compensation and will absorb the loss.

Sorry for the question, but why is the commanding general giving explanations to the citizens about compensation and economic matters?

Are the residents soldiers?

Here is another expression of the confusion created between the army and the government, as to who is running the country here.

The guards of the state treasury, it is enough to hide behind the wall of semantics, wait for the computer to call the operation by name and for the defense minister to declare a state of emergency.

The State of Israel has enough money in the coffers designated for an emergency situation (how many times have we heard senior finance officials express themselves this way when asked what the state does with the surplus in tax collection?), to take care of those who guard our border.

Those from Jerusalem do not see the gap between words and reality and fail to understand that citizens in the line of fire must receive priority and shorten processes.

Interception of the Iron Dome system.

It is amazing that the mechanism that knew how to compensate an entire country during the corona virus is not able to provide for an economic iron dome for the residents of the Gaza Strip (Photo: Reuters)

Did we learn nothing from the corona?

Just as there is a clear and regulated rate for collecting taxes, there should be a clear and regulated mechanism for the automatic payment of compensation, straight to the bank account, without arguing, harassing and exhausting those who are harmed because of one or another security tension under the responsibility of the state.

We were already in a bigger catastrophe, certainly in terms of the damage to businesses, with Corona - during which an efficient mechanism was quickly established that knows how to compensate - first the employees (chalat) and then the businesses (grants) of an entire country by the eye and take them into account in retrospect. Use it. To the residents of the Otaf , for whom another operation is only a matter of time (as we have already learned over the past few years) not only comes physical protection but also financial security and peace of mind.

We are great at showing empathy for the residents of the south: the family that leaves the MMD and discovers that their house has been destroyed, is broadcast here (and rightfully so!) non-stop, but what about a family that leaves the MMD and discovers that the family business has collapsed - and not in the physical sense?

It turns out that it is easier to hide from the cameras:

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