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Going back to school: we did our homework and compiled all the offers for you - voila! Of money


Preparation for the return to school is at its peak and the issue that preoccupies parents is buying school supplies. Where is the most profitable to buy, and where will you find everything in one place? We have put together top deals for you

Going back to school: we did our homework and put together all the promotions for you

The preparation for the return to school is at its peak and the issue that preoccupies parents today is buying school supplies.

The back to school basket is a heavy expense for families and with the wave of price increases, they are kneeling under the burden of payments.

We have compiled for you where it is most profitable to buy, and where you will find everything in one place

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Thursday, 04 August 2022, 10:31 Updated: Tuesday, 09 August 2022, 12:13

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going back to school

It is not only for the first grade that you need to prepare (Photo: ShutterStock)

The back-to-school market is estimated at approximately NIS 500 million and an average investment in a shopping basket for school is estimated at approximately NIS 350-600.

The back-to-school shopping celebration has not gone unnoticed by many parties who want to compete for our children's school budget, so what was once the property of the stationery stores and later of the specialized chains, has become trendy in quite a few chains whose school supplies are not necessarily their only area of ​​expertise.

The range of chains and prices is very wide this year - from small, non-branded items costing a few shekels - to bags made by fashion brands that cost hundreds of shekels per unit.

As for the chains, this year they include from "stock" chains where you can also find (for example) toys and housewares to the Rami Levy chain, which joined the race after the students this year - and whose special offers will be devoted to a special article next week.

By voting only: Who already knows where to buy the necessary items for back to school? (Photo: ShutterStock, shutterstock)

* * * * MAX STOCK * * * *

The MAX STOCK chain has become a leading player in the back-to-school market in recent years, when it led a revolution joined by hundreds of thousands of families who choose to stop paying dearly for a back-to-school basket.

At the top of the back-to-school shopping list is the schoolbag: you can find the orthopedic schoolbag collection on the Max Stock network, among other things, at a price of NIS 150, the schoolbags contain 3 compartments with durable and easy-to-use zippers, large side pockets for drinking bottles, and a strong handle.

You can purchase a cart with wheels that serves as a base for a backpack for NIS 65.

For the older children, throw away bags can be purchased for NIS 60.

You can also find pencil cases in various types and sizes among the chain's branches, starting at 16 NIS to which you can add a pack of 3 white erasers for 3 NIS, a pack of 8 markers for 7 NIS, a pack of 12 HB pencils for 5 NIS, white glue 60 grams For NIS 1.5, scissors for children with a round tip for NIS 3 and more.

Alongside the collection of satchels, pencil cases, binders, notebooks and more with the popular characters, known and loved by all of us: Spider-Man, Lol, Batman, Unicorn, Garfield, Bugs, etc., this year the chain launched new BACK TO SCHOOL collections with an exclusive design: a personal empowerment collection containing binders, Notebooks, a catalog triangle for storage, etc. centered on inspirational phrases such as: "Find love within me", "Be attentive to myself", believe that I can" and more.

And in addition, for those who care about the environment, also a collection of biodegradable materials - a series of items made from biodegradable materials and includes: notebooks, notebooks, scissors, pens, pencils and more; a planning and time management series that includes planners, planning boards and more.

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In collaboration with Banda Magnetic

Spiderman accessories collection (Photo: Yogev Azoghi)

* * * * Disney Home * * * *

Disney Home launches a happy and special Back to School collection and invites you to enjoy a 3 plus 1 gift promotion.

A cool back to school with Disney Home, the concept and lifestyle stores from Extra Retail, launches an original, rich and colorful collection for back to school, a variety of unique and exclusive products.

The designers of the home studio Tutto Arte have carefully chosen and also designed a variety of original and crazy items starring the beloved royal couple Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

In the new Back to School collection you will find stationery, a variety of notebooks and notepads, diaries, drinking bottles, binders, stickers and much more.

On the occasion of the launch, Disney Home offers a special benefit: buy 3 products and get a fourth product for free.

Price range: NIS 7-80.

Available at Disney Home stores throughout the country and on the website.

Disney Home softcover notebook NIS 30 (Photo: Shira Raz)

* * * * Toys 'R' Us * * * *

Go to first grade with Toys R S - the Toys R S network presents the leading sale in the network - buy for NIS 250 and pay only NIS 200.

In the chain's branches, it will also be possible to purchase a special lightweight case for classes A-B on sale for NIS 400 (instead of NIS 480) which will include: a high-quality X-BAG trolley bag, an expandable pencil case, a lunch box, a drinking bottle with a thermal cover, a carrying cart for the bag for towing sure

Available at chain stores or online at

Toys R Us grade 1-2 boxes, NIS 400 instead of NIS 480 and sale: buy for 250 pay 200 (Photo: PR)

* * * * chatterbox * * * *

Palpot presents an innovative collaboration with the sticker company Stick Tac in which the children can go to many branches and stores throughout the country, and choose the name sticker themselves, with a picture they like, and be an active part in the preparation process itself for school and the first year of studies.

In addition, the brand is launching a unique product (patent) a 4-compartment pencil case which will be used mainly by the younger ages in schools, such as grades 1-2 and comes in a variety of fashionable designs and colors.

You can use the pencil case according to your choice: 2,3 or 4 cells.

Has 4 different zippers, allowing quick opening to 4 compartments or by opening velcro to get 2 large compartments.

It will be offered at a price of NIS 45-55.

Stickers for first grade - this year Palpot launches "Stick Tac" - a collection of designed and high-quality stickers, washable in the dishwasher with an innovative development - you take pictures, scan, and print a sticker for children by yourself.

Stick Tac will place printers and stickers in stores where each child can choose a design and have their name printed on it.

The sticker set comes with a kit of 2 sheets of designed and colored stickers on which the customer's choice is printed and in addition 2 matching sheets of transparent stickers that stick on top of the colored stickers and this is to strengthen the sticker and prevent wear and tear and water resistance.

The price: NIS 40.

In addition, Palpot offers a wide variety of products intended for first grade, such as daily diaries, which come with stickers, or educational quotes and sayings, pencil holders, preparation and work booklets, and more.

The variety of Palphot company collections and catalogs can be seen on the website and obtained in selected stores, websites and chains throughout the country.

A stylistic gaming collection of the Palpot company is back to school (Photo: Tal Terry)

* * * * Kravitz * * * *

Kravitz presents trends, leading brands and exclusive brands, advanced technology and uncompromising quality in a wide variety of products bearing an Israeli standard.

The product basket is presented in a wide price range and presented in the branches according to the recommended products and the cheapest products, which allow us to purchase a high-quality, intelligent and correct product basket, so that everyone will enjoy a unique shopping experience that is tailored to their pocket.

The product mix in the network combines leading brands with exclusive models and exclusive benefits for the Kravitz consumer and the house brand "Kravitz" which continues to expand, and includes the house brands: SKETCH, STREET ART, PIXIE, BLOOM and more, which offer beyond fashion, trends and quality, also the shopping basket The

most profitable is

a promotion for the return to school:

buy an orthopedic bag from a lightweight brand and receive 70 NIS for the purchase of school equipment

buy Fluttershy products for 250 NIS and pay only 200 NIS

A variety of high-quality orthopedic bags starting at 179 NIS

The above promotions are valid until 10.8. Available in Kravitz branches and on the website

Kravitz is doing a chat, buy for 250 and pay only 200. Harad offers additional deals (photo: courtesy of Kravitz)

* * * * YOLO * * * *

YOLO presents the new and trendy news for all ages, from kindergarten through first grade and elementary school to high school.

For the first time for the coming year, YOLO products will also be available in a dedicated department within the "Office Depot" store chain and website.

This year YOLO completed its transformation into a ONE STOP SHOP in the field of back to school.

All the products required for school in a cool Yoloi design so you don't need to complete them in other stores.

This year, in the back-to-school field, flexible engineering kits, a set of smart notebooks, all the writing tools required for a pencil case, and other products were added, giving customers the full experience of a perfect purchase for school, while making sure that each collection has a product adaptation in every department, from the satchel, the pencils, and the writing tools, through The paper products - from notebooks and diaries to drink bottles, lunch bags.

Every child will be able to put together the series of their dreams. Of course, it is always important to know that at YOLO the designs are exclusive and come in limited editions only.

Examples of price range YOLO back to school 2022

bags and wipes 279-89 NIS

Erasers, glue, sharpeners 5-19 NIS

Scissors, rulers: 9-12 NIS

Pencils and pencil cases 9-17 NIS

Notebook cases 19-35 NIS

Can be obtained in chain stores nationwide and on the brand website.

Yulo back to school 2022 - everything you need, in one store (Photo: PR)

A branch of the YOLO chain - back to school 2022 (photo: PR)

* * Half free 2nd floor * *

A school of promotions in the Half Free network - in preparation for back to school, the 'Half Free' retail chain invites its customers to stock up on a variety of back to school products at attractive prices starting at NIS 3.

Among the products you can find a variety of products that are needed in every pencil case and bag, including: diaries, markers and markers, pencils, binders, lunch boxes, pencil cases and more, and also a wide variety of designed garden items starting at NIS 30 and backpacks starting at NIS 99.

Buyers of a variety of back-to-school products in the 'Half Free' network will enjoy benefits:

with a purchase over NIS 199, you will receive a kit that includes a pencil case, a drinking bottle, a ring binder and glowing markers.

With a purchase over NIS 149, you get a pencil case, ring binder and glowing markers.

When you buy over NIS 49 of return to home products, you get a package of glowing markers as a gift.

All products can be found in the branches of the 'Half Free' chain - Holon, 31 Hamarkaba St. / 22 Kishor, Holon / Rishon Lezion, 16 Lahi St. / Hod Hasharon, Harkon 2, Sharonim Complex

Half free, the 2nd floor (Photo: Public Relations)

* * * * Jumbo Stock * * * *

The Jumbo Stock chain launches: Back to School Collection 2022.. A wide collection of products for children and youth of all ages.

The collection offers a variety of items at cheap prices.

The collection includes bags and vests for kindergarten and school in a wide variety of models and patterns, smooth or printed pencil cases, binders and writing boards, notebooks and diaries and a wide variety of stationery in a wide range of colors.

Sample prices: garden bags for NIS 10, jeans pencil cases for NIS 0.9, 10 notebook covers for NIS 0.9, 3 spiral notebooks for NIS 10 and more. Also, a complementary collection of accessories is offered that includes reusable ecological drinking bottles, A variety of educational games for all ages and more.

Available at Jumbo Stock and Jumbo Street stores across the country and on the chain's website:

Back to school with Jumbo Stock, guaranteeing the cheapest prices in Israel (Photo: PR)

* * * * Terminal X * * * *

BACK TO SCHOOL on the fashion site TERMINAL X

In preparation for the return to school, the TERMINAL X site offers a wide range of school shirts with fast delivery 'from today to tomorrow' with a courier to your home, with an option for the symbol of a variety of educational institutions throughout the country.

On the website you can find a collection of back-to-school shirts in different models and cuts, as well as a variety of YOLO brand products such as bags and pencils, diaries, notebooks, folders, lunch boxes and more.

Terminal X offers the BACK TO SCHOOL category on the website (Photo: PR)

* * * SHOESONLINE * * *

The fashion site SHOESONLINE kicks up a gear and launches a particularly attractive sale in the bag category and invites customers to renew and enjoy a variety of leading brands at low prices during the month of August.

Now the site is embarking on a strong and surprising course of significant and sweeping price reductions, in particular in the "BACK TO SCHOOL" department in addition to the already existing promotions.

Among the offers you can find:

Nike bags at prices of NIS 99-149 instead of NIS 199

Herschel bag cream color, at a price of NIS 349 instead of NIS 599

Jansport bag purple color, price NIS 149 instead of NIS 255

Kanken bag light blue color, price NIS 279 instead of NIS 459

bag New Balance black color, price NIS 99 instead of NIS 249

A green Nike bag can be obtained on the Shuzoline website, price NIS 99 instead of NIS 199 (photo: PR)

* * * * Flying Tiger Copenhagen * * * *

Flying Tiger Copenhagen, the Danish lifestyle chain for designer accessories for the home and office, has launched a back-to-school collection of products, whose items are made from environmentally friendly materials.

The first day of school is fun and is always considered a milestone in the lives of students.

In preparation for the upcoming school year, the Danish chain has designed a limited edition of accessories that will not only make children smile and want to go back to school, but are also made from environmentally friendly materials.

The wood and paper products, such as the designed pencils and rulers, the notes or notebooks of the various sizes, received the FSC standard of the Forest Management Council, meaning that their sources are managed responsibly and in accordance with social environmental standards.

For the ten-day meal, the chain offers a lightweight, recycled metal lunch box with a convenient carrying handle.

Among the products in the collection: E1 pens in a variety of colors, reusable drinking bottles, satchels, pencil sharpeners, pouches, pencil cases, notebooks, notebooks, computer bags, pencil cases and more.

The price range ranges from NIS 5-45.

The items are available in the chain stores: Ayalon Mall Ramat Gan, Azrieli Mall Tel Aviv, Grand Mall Haifa, Port of Tel Aviv, BILO Center, Cinema City Rashlatz and Azrieli Rashonim Mall.

A case of 24 gel pens, NIS 25 (photo: flying tiger Copenhagen)

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