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Parking night: We spent happy hour at the Pango offices - voila! Of money


The name "Pango" has become almost synonymous with parking, even though the application has other features - such as paying for fuel and paying for public transportation. We went to visit the company's employees at the offices in

Parking night: we spent happy hour at the Pango offices

The name "Pango" has become almost synonymous with parking, even though the application has other features - such as paying for fuel and paying for public transportation.

We went to visit the company's employees at the offices in Petah Tikva - and were amazed to find out that they didn't reserve a parking space for us

Liat Ron


Thursday, August 11, 2022, 12:43 p.m. Updated: 2:36 p.m.

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Right: Sarit Ndaloni, Shakh Maimon and Tana Kimor Avraham (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What to do

: Pango's super-app provides comprehensive payment solutions for a variety of means of transportation for passengers and drivers in Israel, and allows payment with "Blue and White", payment in parking lots, payment for refueling and purchases at Sonol convenience stores, payment in public transportation with moovit, payment on toll roads, scooters Cooperatives, car wash, roadside services and more.



Shahak Maimon

, 34 years old, married plus one, lives in Ramat Gan.

Position: Android Tech Lead, four years in the company.

Tana Kimor Avraham

, 43 years old, married plus three, lives in Kiryat Ono.

Position: Product Manager, ten months in the company.

Sarit Nadolani

, 41 years old, married plus three, lives in Petah Tikva. Position: PA & Welfare manager, thirteen years in the company.

There are many choppers, but the main thing is that there is also arak, gin, wine and beer (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Most of the 30 floors in the new building in Petah Tikva in "Besar City" are still empty. Every day new tenants join Pango's 85 employees who are on the 17th floor, from whose windows you can see the roofs of the city and the horizon. The logo, and its blue and orange colors , are very present in the space, which is divided into closed offices and meeting rooms with a parquet floor, and a corridor covered with a brown carpet.

There is also a large space, arranged by departments and personal and couple "phone rooms", for those who need intimacy and quiet. Blue tires stand out from the walls of the "pan room" , which is adjacent to the kitchenette, and there is a fun sofa there that you can stretch out on and play PlayStation or Xbox.

Coffee break

: round wooden tables in the dining room, the kitchenette is decorated in wood and blue. On the long island there are several bowls with avocados, lemons, kiwis and apples There is also a soda tap and next to it an impressive collection of vitmintsik in many flavors,Containers with cornflakes and under them a refrigerator with cartons of milk of different types.

There is a capsule coffee machine, a ground coffee machine, a pressure toaster, meat and dairy microwaves, and above the counter hang shelves full of alcohol, including arak and gin, and the two large refrigerators have wine and beers, vegetables, yogurts and delicacies and bread, and cola, pineapple and grape flavored cocktails.

There are transparent refrigerators with products for a fee, and you can also find a hot dish, Bamba, Kinder, chewing gum, fizzy cans, black beer and energy drinks.

There is also a cabinet with flavos, crackers, three types of cookies and biscuits.

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An impressive collection of Vitminchik (Photo: Reuven Castro)

CV : He was exposed to


on his first computer

when he was three years old, and his father, who worked in the aerospace industry, made him a DOS game interface and dragged him inside.

In high school he started building games by himself and in high school he studied five computer units and experienced building websites and since the whole family surfs in all modes, wind, sap and waves, he built a website that gave a lot of information about the field, with the bonus of a calculator for adapting a surfboard according to the surfer's data.

Due to a knee injury, he was unable to enlist for the battle as he had planned, he found himself in a call center at the recruiting office and thought he was going crazy.

He turned to the commanders and asked to somehow interfere with the unit's computer system and they promised him that if he excelled in his position they would come to meet him, and so it was.

He took a course in "Wax", a software for managing users and got involved in the technological management of the call center.

After his release, he taught guitar and was debating whether to study computer science, as his heart desired, or electronic engineering, like his father.

He chose electronics and after the degree worked for a year in the field, realized it was not for him, resigned and decided to complete his computer science studies at the Open University.

He was hired as a developer in a hi-tech company and at the same time participated in a project of teaching electronics to girls before the army.

"Upon completing my degree, I met a guy who developed apps for Android," he says, "I got fired up, quit my job again, stopped my studies and devoted the next months to studying the field on my own. After five years of studying, I needed practice and together with a friend we developed an app for dog parks, with Locations and notifications of who is in the garden.

"I started looking for a job and came to Compay with my app. They were enthusiastic about it, I was their first employee and I stayed there for two and a half years, during which the company became a monster. I learned a lot there, but the company was a project company and I wanted to start something from scratch and run it forward, at the product level Then, by chance, I saw that Pango was looking for employees and I've been here ever since.

"I liked that the app came from a good place, to contribute to customers, its impact is felt and everyone knows and uses it.

I manage the development of Android in the company and I have a team of three employees, one of whom is from Ukraine." As a

child ,


was deep in art. She has been dancing since the age of three until today, was an avid tsupifniki, an instructor, a Rashgadist, and somehow accidentally turned into a computer major, but she was sure to deal with the media.

After being released from military service at the Ministry of Defense, she spent a year on the entertainment team at the Caesar Hotel in Eilat, saved money and went on a trip to South America.

Before she started studying politics, government and media in Beg, she worked for a period as a producer in Maariv's "Sufshavu" supplement instead of a waiter. a journalist

I heard that the News 2 web desk was about to be established and I felt that this was my place, that it was going to be the next thing and this was an opportunity to enter this world.

"I came to the VP of Interactive, Liran Dan, with a list of ideas and there was a click between us and over the course of three years we established a start-up, with many markers for my occupation today, characterizing products, creating a vision and added value and pouring added value into all of this and recruiting the right people.

When I gave birth to my first daughter, I felt like I had exhausted the energy and vibe of the news.

It's hard to be a mother there, because it's very intense.

"I decided not to return after the maternity leave. Liran moved to become Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's spokesman and I joined him and managed the digital, and towards the end of my second pregnancy, when I was already finding it difficult to travel to Jerusalem every day, I left and realized that I had a profession in hand, abilities I had acquired in the product field, and moved to 'Matrix Digital' which deals with the characterization and development of websites and applications.

"When the corona came in and I had references and the courage to be precise about what I wanted to do and I came to the conclusion that I was looking to work with one product that affects many people and when I saw Pango's ad it seemed interesting to me. I knew someone who worked here, she gave me a recommendation and I found a new home. I manage a product in the world Refueling and working on another new service that we will release soon."

The only one in the group that is not related to technology, but touches everyone in the company, is


, the right hand of the CEO and the company's welfare director. Ever since she can remember, she has been producing family events, organizing birthdays and bachelorette parties and being the listening ear of the companies.

In high school she studied sociology and economics, wanting to work in one way or another with people. After the military service, Took the car to Yarkon Street in Tel Aviv and started knocking on doors to get a job, save money and go on a big trip abroad.

"Avis" was among the first places she entered and she stayed there for five years, starting in a junior position and becoming a branch manager.

"I am so total in what I do," she admits, "that I forgot about the trip. I met my husband at work, who passed through Shlomo Sixt, and then I felt exhausted and wanted to make a change and left. I was immediately flooded with phone calls and moved to establish the business, leasing and rental department at 'Kel Auto' When I went on maternity leave I was sure that I was done with the automotive world.

"When I felt that I was ready to go back to work, I started sending out resumes and received a call from Pango. I remember entering old, unbranded offices, there were three of us and I didn't understand what I was doing here exactly. But after the interview with Roy, the CEO, who makes me Better and better all the time, I gave it a chance and I've been here for 13 years.

I was always his assistant, I managed his diary and today I manage 20 diaries.

I am responsible for all the fun and pan."

Today one can nostalgically recall the old, unbranded offices, with three employees (Photo: Reuven Castro)

For the soul

: Sarit admits that she is very timid, "but every time I travel abroad I somehow come out of my trembling shell and dare to do a new extreme adventure activity, parachuting, diving, omega, surfing and crazy amusement park facilities."

He played electric guitar for years and when he screwed up and moved to the area the center, abandoned it and switched to acoustic. He surfs everything there is and lately finds himself on a small sap, with which you can also catch waves. Tana dances modern and jazz. For years she danced in Studio B, but since the children it is much more challenging, so she devotes herself to yoga.

They enlisted the help of the Ukrainian workers who were recruited to work just before the invasion (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: Pango started employing seven workers in Ukraine just before the outbreak of hostilities and when the Russian invasion began it mobilized to help them immediately.

They got the space they needed to stabilize and within a relatively short period of time moved to a more protected pile and asked to go back to work.

Since currently recruiting in Ukraine is impossible, the company recently recruited three employees from Georgia.

Added value

: during the corona, the whole team tightened their ties and here and there there were virtual quizzes for the whole company, of childhood and "dark" photos.

Sarit made sure to be in touch with all the employees, picked up the phone, sent WhatsApp and took care of nice deliveries.

Except during the isolation period, the company has a tradition of an annual consolidation trip, last year he was in the south with omegas, sand activities, and relaxing at the "Kedma" hotel, and this year they will fly to Rhodes for three days, for a combination of sea activities, a crazy party and a night out.

Shahak: "The real added value is the people here. They care about each other and the work. Besides, they give me professional courses, I was sent to a management course and we have an 'employee development' program, a track specially built to promote them."

"The professionalism that Shachak mentioned also enters the professional world," says Tana, "I feel that the employees are seen and heard"

What they wear

: Sarit sees many branded shirts around her and for her there is no single greater pride.

Where do you work

: four days from the office and one day from home.


: Shahak says that relative to the market the salary is competitive and Sarit says that when the founders sold their shares, the employees received a bonus based on seniority.

"There is also a program for outstanding employees, benefits of a week off for an employee who gets married and two weeks of maternity leave for men."

What next

: Tana feels that she has found a home, and a home is not being left so quickly, Shakh says that, although he has been here for quite some time, there is still much room for development and Sarit informs all the brazen ones who dared to offer her a job, that the blue-orange of the logo flows in her blood, so there is no chance .

The blue-orange of the logo flows in their blood (Photo: Reuven Castro)

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