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From fintech to Kfar Saba: happy hour with "Finestra" - voila! Of money


About financial services, all rock and roll design, sinks for washing hands and portraits of Uma Thurman and Freddie Mercury. Happy Hour at the Finstra Research and Development Center

From Fintech to Kfar Saba: Happy Hour with "Finestra"

About financial services, all rock and roll design, sinks for washing hands and portraits of Uma Thurman and Freddie Mercury.

Happy Hour at the Finstra Research and Development Center

Liat Ron


Thursday, August 18, 2022, 1:20 p.m. Updated: 3:50 p.m.

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Right: Maor Leon, Anastasia Hamandritov and Shira Reinhartz (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What we do

: Finstra develops an open platform that accelerates the collaboration and innovation of financial services, and provides a deep and wide portfolio of software services of its kind to financial institutions and fintech start-ups.

The Israeli R&D Center is responsible for the development of the Fusion Global PAYplus payment system, which has been implemented among 300 financial institutions worldwide.



Anastasia Khamendritov

, 26 years old, in a relationship, lives in Yavneh. Position: Full stuck developer, four and a half years in the company.

Maor Leon

, son 47, married plus four, lives in Petah Tikva. Position: Director of product management, seven and a half months at the company.

Shira Reinharts

, 27, married, lives in Jerusalem. Position: Trainer and Instructional Designer, four months at the company.

Seating areas designed in the style of musical styles (Photo: Reuven Castro)


: On the spacious fourth floor, in a large building in Kfar Saba, is the Israeli development center of Finstra, which is attended by the 350 employees in Israel, out of 10,000 worldwide.

The design: rock'n'roll, full of musical motifs, with an amazing view of the Samaria mountains, a huge spice rack and a plant wall in the lobby.

Pop art works by Israeli artists hang on the walls, in the meeting room "Mira", for example, a colorful portrait of Uma Thurman hangs, and the seating areas are decorated in musical styles, "jazz", "blues", "classic".

Here there is an electric guitar that lights up with purple light, there is a painting of keyboards with a real trumpet.

The games room has a playstation, billiards, table hockey, table football and tension for athletes, along with sofas and armchairs.

Freddie Mercury's face is plastered on the wall of the music room, behind the keyboards and guitars.

Coffee break

: The dining room is spacious, dark flooring, white and black tables, a TV screen, all around are benches with cushions as the space becomes an amphitheater for large gatherings.

The kitchenette is decorated in a combination of black and wood, and on the large island there is a basket of onion, tomato and grain breads, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and sauces.

In the transparent refrigerator there is pastrami, sahug, Tabasco, Gvanetz, tuna, Bulgarian cheese, butter and Napoleon cheese and milk of all kinds. On the counter there is a Nespresso coffee machine, black coffee, sugar and chocolate, a drawer full of tea in 13 flavors and microwaves.

On the other side of the hall there is a stand with cornflakes, halvah in individual portions, waffles, pretzels, crackers, and a bowl with Twix, Snickers and Mers snacks. In the large refrigerator there are soft drinks, regular and pro yogurts, fruit and milky delicacies and in the freezer equal popsicles. In the morning there is a spread of a pampering meal and in the afternoons "Sibos".


: Shira says that the company allows those who are careful to do it comfortably, without coercion and entry into the private sphere.

There are sinks for washing hands, meat and dairy microwaves, and kosher food.

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"People watched someone in distress and did nothing. This disturbing side interested us"

In collaboration with the lottery

In the kitchen: a basket of onion, tomato, and grain-flavored breads (we have plain bread and eight-inch pretzels. Rekaomers) (Photo: Reuven Castro)




, that's what everyone calls her, was born in Russia and immigrated to Israel at the age of nine.

She never dealt with technology, and when her parents pushed her to study in a technology and computer class, she went along with them and fell in love along the way.

"Programming has always attracted me," she says, "I was a QA in the army and I served in the Marine Corps.

After the release, I opened a LinkedIn page and immediately landed on Pinstra.

I started with software testing and today I develop the system that users see.

At the same time, I'm studying for a bachelor's degree in computer science in Arabic studies."


, who comes from a religious family, was born in Moshav Nahalim and as soon as it was possible, she got involved in training. She was an instructor in a youth movement, in camps for children with cancer, the training in the welfare girls' club, in the last stage before they were taken out of the home, as part of the service National, at the end of which she left for a year on the mission of the agency, as a mentor in the Jewish community of New Jersey. And if that was not enough, when she returned to Israel she mentored in the project "

She did her first degree at Ben Gurion University in Be'er Sheva, in neuroscience and cognition, focusing on neurology, computer science, philosophy, linguistics and psychology.

In the process, she was part of a team that founded the association "Kulture", for cultural events in a Jewish-Israeli spirit and for three years managed it.

Six months ago, she felt that the association was stable enough to continue without her and she continued on.

"I wanted to get into training development in the high-tech worlds and it took me a while to understand how I get into the field and what to look for. Every company is a complex technological product and it needs someone to take the technological information and make it accessible to the customers and employees of the company. My team builds different learning options for different types of people. When I was interviewed I felt which is true.

"Finestra gave me an opportunity, even though I don't come from the field. I had to study the financial field, because I had a technological background at a certain level. What was amazing, they allowed me a period of personal learning, so that landing the job would be better."


got his first computer at the

age of 7. Everyone then had a colorful "Commodore" and he settled for Apple's green screen, because a relative was the company's importer at the time.

His parents sent him to a "Basic" course and throughout his childhood he played on the computer and fought with his sisters for the right to sit in front of him.

At a later stage he got a relatively sophisticated IBM compatible and put together a communication network with a friend who lived two floors above him.

He learned a lot of computer and communication units, and managed to burn down the electrical laboratory before he was recruited to take care of electronic systems in aircraft. When his technical officer was transferred to the "Arrow project" which was then in the stages of construction, he took Maor with him, and for four years,

He explains that the technology was the edge of the edge, but the environment was dire and when the project moved to an operational state, his contribution was only in maintenance, he decided to move on and moved to "ECI", engaged in field engineering, for five years he traveled the world, upgrading and installing systems mainly in South America.

"I was at a crossroads. Should I advance to the worlds of development and I decided to go into product management. I bypassed 'Frisale' for a few years in Colombia and Chile, a position of product management, team management of a 20-year-old product that underwent modernization and cloud and after 20 years and five careers within the company , I decided to leave the media and go to the worlds of finance or autonomous vehicles.

"I started sending resumes through friends and ended up on Finstra.

I manage a team in construction and bring my ability in transitioning between old technology and modern technology, breaking the large systems into small systems and moving the networks to the cloud."

Those who want to keep kosher, enjoy all the conditions (Photo: Reuven Castro)

For the soul

: Shira's mother is Swiss, and since she was four years old she flew with the family to ski in the snow, and even worked for a short time as a ski instructor at a French resort.

Nastya has no time to breathe, because of the impossible combination of degree studies and full-time work.

In the little free time she has, she goes trekking around the country with her partner and does a lot of yoga and fitness.

Deeply versed in sports and a member of the "Am Moshevat" running group in his neighborhood, considered one of the largest in Israel, which trains for marathons, triathlons, road bikes and running.

A few years ago he started learning drumming and took one of the children with him.

In order not to drive the family and neighbors crazy, they drum on an electric drum set with headphones, when only they hear the drums and look incredibly ridiculous.

In Corona, they distributed a kit for making pancakes (photo: Reuven Castro)

Added value

: when Nastya got sick with Corona, they sent her a box with indulgent chocolates and besides, the employees received home a kit for making pancakes, breads, cakes, materials for a cooking workshop.

To raise morale, there was a lecture on positive psychology online, a meeting with Adi Altoshler about volunteering and Dror Gloverman about technology and the activity of "Identify the song. Each team organizes its own happy hour, in Maor's they like to spend it with beers, crackers, watermelon and laughter And in the last forum they raised a strong party with a performance by the Hebrew leader.

Shira is a member of the group that organizes the volunteers in the company and now they are working on renovating a building for girls who have left the cycle of prostitution.

The employees can learn from a variety of enrichment courses and lectures and next month the gym will finally open in the building to Maor's joy.

He is also very satisfied with the globality, "No position is limited to a territory and if I want to recruit someone I can recruit someone from India. People around me have relocated and returned and this flexibility and the lack of boundaries are a crazy advantage.

Not only vacation days, also four "silence" days a year (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Unlimited vacation days

: Shira was debating whether the ability to take time off whenever she wanted would make her feel uncomfortable, but she feels so much support every time she announces a vacation.

In addition, Finstra gives four more days of silence a year, which facilitates the balance between work and leisure and reduces stress.

What to wear

: between casual and business casual, depending on the meetings.

Where do you work from

: at Finstra they worked from home even before the corona virus and today the employees come twice a week, according to the team's decision.


: "The salary is competitive for the environment," says Maor, "and the bonus plan is transparent, which gives a very good feeling. We receive an email from the CEO with our performance and the bonus." Shira felt at all stages of the recruitment that the discussion on the topic of salary was pleasant, clear and supportive

. further

: Nastya is here for the long term.

She has already held several positions within the company and intends to gain more experience and knowledge here.

Maor is at the beginning of a process to build his team, which he intends to take him forward to new worlds and such new poetry, which is completely in Finstra.

The future - completely in Pinstra (Photo: Reuven Castro)

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