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Open a table: tables that can be opened for a meal with many participants - voila! Of money


The holiday season is full of family culinary gatherings around the table. The hospitality culture typical of the Tishrei holidays puts the dining chairs and tables in the center of the stage, here are ideas for some of these

Open a table: tables that can be opened for a meal with many participants

The holiday season is full of culinary gatherings for the whole family around the table.

The hospitality culture typical of the Tishrei holidays puts the dining tables in the center of the stage.

This is the best time to renew the table, and get to know alternatives, innovations and trends for a practical, designed table and most importantly: let it be festive

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Monday, September 12, 2022, 10:26 a.m. Updated: Thursday, September 22, 2022, 1:12 p.m.

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In Israeli culture, the dinner table is the "tribal campfire" (photo: Anatoli Michaeli)

The dining area is the "tribal campfire"

The holiday dinner is just around the corner, and if you are among the hosts - don't leave the decoration of the holiday table to the last minute, you would like to create an unforgettable holiday atmosphere that your family and friends will talk about until the next holiday.

The holiday season as a whole is the time to renew and spend a lot with the family around the dinner table.

In Israeli culture, the dining area is the "tribal campfire", the place where the family sits to eat together and hosts especially on holidays and weekends.

So how do you choose a dining table?

Yahav Shalov, project manager from the ellita living chain

, offers:

Functionality: the most important, if daily, weekend or just a few times a year use is needed.

If the table is for daily use - it is important to choose a table with a strong and scratch-free surface, one that will be used both by children for lessons and to sit around it at dinner.

In general, the preference is for practical surfaces such as porcelain and glass with a matte finish (fingerprints). If it is a table that we use for holidays and special events - the choice is for a table that is more of a design sculpture that draws the focus when entering the house.

What do you do when there is no space in the space? Preference for small tables Like consoles of various kinds, with extension options for up to 12 diners. So that during the day the table is integrated into the space, it is adjacent to the wall.

Consider round tables: some prefer them to make eye contact with all the diners. These are suitable when the space is suitable and the table does not block the passages.

Israel is known as a country that likes to host.

People are looking for tables that open "infinitely".

For them there are tables with an opening of up to 360 cm by 120 cm. The recommendation - is only when there is a constant need of at least once a week for such a number of diners.

Israel is known as a country that likes to host (Photo: ShutterStock)

Italian host

ellita living and the CRUZ model, a dining table that is the BEST SELLER of the Italian Bontempi brand worldwide and also in Israel.

The table comes in a variety of sizes including an extension.

The table has a top plate made of sealed velvet glass, anti-scratch and no fingerprints.

The table legs are made of painted metal with about 8 shades to choose from.

The price starts from NIS 9,900 for a CRUZ table measuring 190 cm by 1 meter, and opens to 290 cm by 1 meter.

You can order the table with plates in other materials, including high-quality porcelain, and wood in different shades.

The table can be ordered in additional dimensions, including 160 cm x 90 cm, opens to 260 cm.

Dining chair: a benefit for the holidays - EVA chair from the Italian brand Bontempi, polymer molding comes in a variety of shades, the price starts at NIS 799.

Kendra model chair from the Italian Bontempi house, prices start at NIS 999.

Available at ellita living network branches and on the website:

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Bontempi brand cruz table, ellita living chain, starting at NIS 9,900 (photo: PR)

A combination of modern and rustic

Studio "Yafarah Ben Zvi" presents a designed dining table that was launched for the holidays, with a plate made of split oak and legs made of metal, a combination of modern and rustic.

The wood gives the rustic touch and the legs the modern style.

The table can be ordered in a variety of sizes according to needs.

The table has enlargement options.

For example, a table measuring 240 cm x 110 cm, (suitable for 12 diners) with the option of opening to 360 cm x 110 cm (suitable for 16 diners).

The table was matched with 46 cm deep chairs, made of aluminum combined with leather.

The price of the table: from 18,000 NIS. The price of chairs: 2300-2600 NIS per chair. Available at the furniture design studio Yafarah Ben Zvi, 52 Farhaim St., Ramat Hasharon http://www

Designer Yafarah Ben-Zvi, the price starts at NIS 16,000, a dining chair starts at NIS 2,300 (Photo: Udi Dagan)

Handcrafted handsome

Zahavi Gallery offers a wooden table that can be extended up to a length of 380 cm, around which 16 diners can comfortably eat.

The table was designed by a handmade craftsman, its upper part is made of architectural concrete and above it is a handmade drawing in a spiral shape with a patina finish.

Table dimensions: 2.80 meters length by 1.10 meters width in open position: 3.80 meters length by 1.10 meters width.

The table was matched with a chair made of natural oak wood, painted in a charcoal shade, with a linen cloth seat.

The price of the table: NIS 22,000.

The price of the chair: NIS 2,490 (currently at a sale price of NIS 1,700).

available at Zahavi Gallery

Hagana 26 Rishon LeZion.

Zahavi Gallery, NIS 22,000 (Photo: Itai Sikolski, Orli Bakshi design)

An impressive presence

Shemarat Zorea offers a variety of different styles of design, natural wood tables in different sizes specially adapted to the Israeli taste.

The collection of dining tables by Shemarat Zorea are characterized by a modern, elegant, clean and fresh style with an impressive presence.

All the furniture is functional, made of selected natural wood / innovative formicas combined with metal legs at the highest level of design and finish and thus also serves as a decorative item in any room of the house.

You can combine suitable chairs with high-quality and easy-to-clean fabric and leather-like upholstery in different shades so that you can adjust the corner to the space and complete the home design.

In preparation for the Tishrei holidays, and for every entertaining occasion throughout the year, the company 'Shimrat Zore' is launching a new and festive collection of dining areas with a rich selection of unique, innovative and designed tables.

In this year's outstanding model: Badolina in a modern style, 4 options for different formica braces and in 2 sizes.

The tables open and can seat up to 14 diners in a spacious manner.

Price to the consumer: a model table in Dolina including 6 Ford/Valentino/Roberto/Dior chairs at a price of NIS 5,890.

Available at the furniture and design chain Shimarat Zorea and on the company's website.

Bedolina model dining area includes 6 chairs price NIS 5890.

Shemat the Zore (photo: imaging by Keren Meir)

Like Pinocchio's nose

The ZAGA chain - dining areas, which specializes in the design of practical and modular dining areas, offers all the smart solutions for holiday entertaining:

a collection of drop-down tables:

is based on sophisticated systems and offers a variety of unique expansion solutions, which are adapted to the needs of the home.

The tables are suitable for any design line and a wide spectrum of shades, including: transparent (glass tables), gray, black zinc, natural wood, American walnut and more.

The length of the extensions - up to 2 meters:


- the shape of the circle is harmonious, transmits a complete flow and radiation and no guest sits in the corner of the table.


- create an intimate atmosphere, all the diners can see each other and talk to each other.


- allow entertaining easily and comfortably, with enough space to place bowls and plates full of goodies in the center.

The prices of the folding tables collection: from NIS 4,490.

Available at Zaga network branches throughout the country and at

Selfie dining table - 6 meters, Zega dining corners - from NIS 12,390 (Photo: Golan Studio)

Elegant, clean and doubles the number of diners

The zaga network presents the Atlanta table, which has a unique geometric texture and a thin palette.

The design is elegant and clean in shades: natural, American walnut, zinc black.

The table in its closed state allows 6 diners to sit comfortably and in its open state for up to 12 diners.

Diameter 150 cm + 2 extensions of 45 cm each extension.

The height of the table is 76 cm.

A tennis chair, made of a unique corduroy fabric that adds a touch, is offered with a green or black corduroy fabric.

Price: NIS 5,570. Available in the ZAGA network throughout the country, and on the website: .il/product-category/tables/

Zega dining corners - Atlanta table NIS 5,570 - 2.40 meters (Photo: Golan Studio)

is this table

Console table:

another from the ZAGA network, a console that transforms from a small square dresser, which does not add much space in the space to a large dining area that blends in with any design style.

The console chest can be placed in the hallway or entrance and only opened when the guests arrive.

The dresser has a clean design, is a perfect solution for small spaces and opens easily to a dining area of ​​about 3 meters, so that up to 12 diners can be accommodated.

Offered in 5 shades: zinc black, American walnut, concrete, natural wood and white.

The price: from NIS 5,990.

Available at Zaga network branches throughout the country and at

Zega chain, dining corners, console table, starting at NIS 5990 (Photo: Golan Studio)

There is room for everyone

"East" folding bench:

this is a design patent from ZAGA Dining areas: a modular and upholstered bench for dining or hospitality areas, which does not take up much space.

Grows from 70 cm to 3 meters and can comfortably seat up to seven people. The bench comes with a combination of soft and pleasant padding for maximum comfort and prolonged sitting.

Practical and carefully designed, suitable for small and large spaces and for any dining table, providing a perfect solution to the problem of storing chairs Stackable and can be placed under any table including the console table, thus saving a lot of space.

It can be opened to its maximum length next to long tables, which will create a dominant appearance for the table and a spacious seating area for guests. Shades: zinc tone, natural wood and white. Upholstery can be changed according to the customer's request (in addition Payment).

The price: NIS 4,290. Available at Zaga network branches throughout the country and on the website

Zega chain dining corners - folding bench price NIS 4,290 (Photo: Golan Studio)

Stacked and smart

Tabort chairs collection, do not take up space, Epson is light and comfortable, fit into all the spaces of the house at the

beginning of the holidays, ZAGA chain - dining corners offers: Tabort chairs collection (low chair without arms, backrest and back) with velvet upholstery in a selection of shades.

The tabort chairs do not take up much space and can be an addition to the dining area, especially when hosting, they are stacked on top of each other for an economical fit in an easy and comfortable place, they also add interest to any space and can also be combined with a console in the entrance, in the make-up corner, in the living room between the sofas, in the bedroom , in the closet and in all the spaces of the house.

The combination between the velvet upholstery in soft shades and the black metal legs gives the chair a fashionable urban look, which fits well in any space.

Comes in shades: green, gray, light gray, petrol blue and light blue.

Holiday sale price: NIS 220 (instead of NIS 380) until 9/28/22 Can be obtained at Zaga network branches throughout the country and on the website

Zaga dining corners - taboret chair price NIS 220 (Photo: Golan Studio)

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