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Bruno Ginesty, Eva Mendes, Alexandre Cressiot... These "cleanfluencers" who make cleaning trendy


The latest chic on social networks? The first influencers of drudgery, which elevate domestic chores to the rank of art of living. Really ?

“I have a new best friend: Bruno!” writes Ines de la Fressange in her newsletter.

“He used to work for the Opera, but, during confinement, he posted tips & recipes on Instagram for cleaning everything at home, and he was a triumph!

All these ideas are now brought together in what has become my bible:

Household & you!

(Marabout Editions).

No, you're not dreaming, the ex-top model of Chanel, the embodiment of French chic, is a great advocate of laundry and deep cleaning.

And she is not the only one to follow those who are now called on social networks "cleanfluencers", these specialists in storage and cleaning.

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Notable change: it is no longer just women who share their science of scrubbing.

Men also post their grandmother's tricks, their


and their before / after (which are a hit on TikTok) in a sort of whirlwind à la Monsieur Propre which delights even those resistant to brooms and mop.

The figures speak for themselves: take the hashtag "cleaning" which refers to nearly 33.5 million publications on Instagram and some 38.9 billion views on TikTok (to which we can add 288.2 million views on

cleaning challenges

), and you will understand the extent of the phenomenon.

Cleaning has indeed become a subject and, moreover, a trendy subject, which ignores prejudices.

Because the activity is no longer as banal or matriarchal as it seems.

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Eco duster

This is what the famous Bruno – alias bgin.clean – of Ines de la Fressange emphasizes, who punctuates all his washing and ironing videos with: "I don't know about you, but I'm … happy."

This eco-friendly feather duster hero (161,000 subscribers on Instagram and 359,000 on TikTok), who also counts actress Karin Viard among his fans, explains: “If I wake up in the morning and see my kitchen in a mess, I have the cockroach, on the other hand, if it is clean, my day starts better.”

Bruno Ginesty is 36 years old and his journey is quite astonishing: after having worked as a tour manager for a great conductor of baroque music, he opened, due to idleness during the first confinement, an Instagram account where he posted his lively and passionate videos based on highly virtuous scouring for the planet, mainly with Marseille soap and other natural products.

“I immediately received a lot of messages and the craze did not stop post-containment, quite the contrary”, continues the one who recently made 2.5 million views on the topic “how to remove limescale at the bottom of a toilet bowl!

Full screen

Bruno Ginesty, alias @bgin.clean, delivers his advice on his Instagram account.

BGIN CLEAN/Rebecca Genet

Other cleanliness freaks who dusted off the clichés: Alexandre Cressiot, a basketball player nicknamed the "Viking of the household", coach of the show


on TFX, and author of

Don't throw in the towel!

(Éditions Leduc), or even the sublime Hollywood actress Eva Mendes who, on her Instagram, proclaims her love of cleaning and praises the antimicrobial sponges of the Skura Style brand.

Let's also mention Margaux Motin, cartoonist, figure of a generation of fun and uninhibited girls.

His hilarious test (“What is your level of manicness?”), posted last February on his Instagram, made the rounds of these new household addicts who no longer hide.

"It made a lot of Internet users laugh who recognized themselves in my test", says the one who also says to tick all the boxes "ultimate level of mania", such as vacuuming her shoes, cleaning her switches every day, having a sponge from each color for the different tasks… “I have an artistic profession and it

Full screen

Defender of task sharing, Alexandre Cressiot, the “Viking of the household”.

Instagram screenshot/@2m05

“Cleaning up allows you to take control of your life”

Certainly, but how to explain that all these tasks considered thankless, far from the glamorous clichés shared by traditional influencers, now arouse so much interest?

“We live in an anxiety-provoking period where everyone sees themselves as a pawn on a chessboard whose outcome we cannot see.

Cleaning up allows you to take control of your life, to connect the mind with manual action to refocus and control the universe in which you evolve, analyzes Abdu Gnaba, anthropologist and director of the SocioLab institute.

Bricking, cleaning, confronting the dust also means obtaining immediate results and developing your creativity and sense of hierarchy, so it's not as trivial and stupid as that.

Household chores,


“Industrialists have been able to encourage the phenomenon, however Abdu Gnaba has fun, connoting it, via social media, with a sexy, glamorous and modern spirit.

This is what is called the "Popeye syndrome" or how to make attractive, by a hero, a off-putting product... like spinach was for a whole generation of children.

Full screen

On Instagram, actress Eva Mendes turns into a housewife and promotes antimicrobial sponges.

Instagram @skurastyle

So, easier to sell white vinegar and other detergents of the moment with the new 2.0 heroes, these Instagrammers, Tiktokeurs and other fashionable influencers?

It is also true that one of the pioneers of the movement, the British Sophie Hinchliffe (alias @mrshinchhome, 4.6 million followers on Instagram) is best known for having changed the lives of her subscribers by explaining to them that household chores could be pleasant and contribute to their well-being.

In summary: making your house shine is good for morale.

Cleaning allows you to disconnect and clear your head by chasing away dark thoughts, because it is an activity that requires you to concentrate on what you are doing

Aurélia Schneider, psychiatrist

What does Aurélia Schneider, psychiatrist and author of

The Mental Charge of Women and Men

(Editions Larousse) think?

“Doing the house allows you to disconnect – especially from your mobile phone – and clear your head by chasing away dark thoughts, because it is an activity that requires you to concentrate on what you are doing.

But be careful not to fall into rigidity and misplaced perfectionism!

You have to be able to put off some household chores until the next day, such as unfortunate washing up, if you don't have the energy to do it at the end of the evening.

It is essential not to end up in a state of badly managed exhaustion.

So a piece of advice, if you have a Monica Geller or a Bree Van de Kamp sleeping in you, cut the

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