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Did you remember it's late and the shops are already closed? Holiday gift ideas in the 90th minute - voila! Of money


A holiday is always a good opportunity to give thanks to the beloved people in our lives - family, friends and hosts who bother. Did you remember too late? Get some gift ideas in the 90th minute

Did you remember it's late and the shops are already closed?

Holiday gift ideas in the 90th minute

A holiday is always a good opportunity to give thanks to the beloved people in our lives - to family, friends and hosts who take the trouble for the sumptuous holiday meal.

Your routine is stressful and you didn't have time to buy a holiday gift for the hosts?

Remember when the shops are already closed and you don't want to arrive empty handed?

Here are ideas for a gift in the 90th minute

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Sunday, September 25, 2022, 00:33

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It's not too late: what can we buy if we remember on the eve of the holiday and the shops are already closed? (Photo: ShutterStock)

The stressful routine and arrangements before the holiday do not allow much time for wandering around the shops and looking for a holiday gift.

Did you remember on Shrovetide, the shops are already closed and you certainly don't want to arrive empty-handed to whoever took the trouble to host you for the holiday meal - so what are your options?

We have brought quite a few gift ideas that you can purchase at the last minute, but at the very last minute, even if you remembered a few hours before the holiday dinner - late, but not too late!

Before listing a selection of the offerings that await you online, we checked with the gifts and experiences website BUYME how much Israelis usually invest in a holiday gift, and what they mostly usually buy as a gift - just so you can stay updated.

So buyme's analysis department checked the gift-giving habits of Israelis for the New Year and found that the amount Israelis spend on a holiday gift is currently NIS 341, similar to the average amount of gifts in 2019 (NIS 342) before the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

The most popular gifts purchased at BUYME are: an experiential culinary gift card that combines a variety of cooking and baking workshops and meals at selected restaurants nationwide (27%), fashion and lifestyle items (23%), a surprising increase was recorded this year in gifts from the home design category (18%), relaxing experiences and indulgences in spa centers and hotels (12%) and less than that, gifts from the field of leisure, culture and entertainment (10%).

Dror Blumenthal, BUYME's Vice President of Marketing and Commerce

: "Rosh Hashanah is a holiday of family gathering which is an opportunity to rejoice and express our love to those around us through a personal blessing or a gift.

In the past year, we have been working on upgrading the application with the aim of providing an ultimate user experience and at the same time allowing giving a gift that is personal and personal, so we have added a unique feature to the application that allows you to record a greeting to the recipient of the gift along with an overall upgrade of the process of sending the gift."

More personal than ever: the gift site buyme allows you to record a personal greeting for the recipient of the gift (photo: screenshot, screenshot)

Experiences are the new indulgence

Another site that allows you to purchase experiences as a gift is the new experiences site toMix that launches the "Mixcard" - an experience gift card of the kind that everyone would be happy to receive.

On the site you will find suggestions for where it is most worth visiting, what is most worth seeing, trendy pop-up events, concerts and festivals, culinary experiences and exclusive projects that you will not find anywhere else.

And that's not all, the site also offers vacations, hotels and spas, wineries and breweries, health, tours, trips, workshops, and plenty of experiences for couples, friends, family, teachers or work buddies - experiences that will suit everyone.

On the toMix website, you simply choose who and how much, add a greeting, video or photo and schedule the exact moment to send the gift (say an hour before you arrive at the holiday table).

To the experiences website:

good to know (in advance)

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Served on behalf of B Cure Laser

The new experience site toMix launches the "Mixcard"

Tomix, a site of experiences (PR)

Are the hosts foodies or recently moved?

If the recipients of the gift are true foodies, you can purchase a BUYME FOODY culinary gift card that combines a variety of cooking and baking workshops, meals at selected chef restaurants and visits to wineries.

If you want to pamper a friend or family member who recently moved, you can send them a BUYME HOME DESIGN that is also suitable for home styling enthusiasts who always like to renew themselves with items and accessories that upgrade the home.

You decide the amount you want to invest yourself.

buyme foody, you will determine the amount, they will choose what to spend it on (photo: buyme)

Direct and immediate delivery to the dessert table

The Wolt delivery app offers a variety of honey cakes with immediate delivery from dozens of bakeries in the app nationwide.

For example: the Peace of Cake chain offers a honey cake in Chusha with black beer and apples for NIS 60, pistachio honey cookies for NIS 37, vegan Silan cranberries for NIS 35 and the "bee sting" cake for NIS 65.

From the Roldin chain you can order the honey cakes: Ebnana Lotus, almond basbosa, apricot amaretti for NIS 46 each or chocolate fudge cake, salted caramel toffee, praline, pecans, almonds and caramelized hazelnuts for NIS 65.

Magazine's pastry shop offers a honey cake with layers of cream cheese, vanilla and fruit - NIS 190-280, depending on the size.

Boutique Central chain offers nut honey cake and classic honey cake for NIS 46.

Boulangerie 96 in Tel Aviv offers apple honey cake or honey crumble cake for NIS 45.

At Kourtosh Bakery, they offer a variety of hearty cakes: nut honey cake, chocolate honey cake and apple honey cake for NIS 49.

Classic honey cakes can be ordered at Wolt from, among others, the bakeries: Piece of Cake, Roldin, Babka Bakery, Curtosh and Bethlehem Bakery.

Magazine honey cake with immediate delivery via wolt, price: NIS 190-230 (depending on size) (Photo: Wolt Israel)

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talk in flowers (and wine)

According to Yossi Cohen, CEO of the Zar Four You chain:

"Rosh Hashanah is one of the flower holidays in Israel.

The sales before the holiday are about 50% more than the average sales on a normal day and an average of about NIS 230 per purchase.

Most of the purchases are for wreaths and flower arrangements for the table, these are the most popular orders before the holiday." For the holiday,

Zer Four Yo offers boxes of the best Israeli produce with Israeli boutique wines to the classic addition of honey or olive oil.

Special offer for Rosh Hashanah: with a purchase of over NIS 159 from the variety of wreaths and arrangements - You get a bottle of red wine for the price of NIS 19 (instead of NIS 69)

The Rosh Hashanah collection is characterized by a festive and luxurious look, arrangements for the holiday table, combinations of vases, designed boxes, etc. The overall look radiates elegance on the purity of white or pink shades or combinations of white and purple.

In addition, and especially for Rosh Hashanah, the ZER4U chain offers packages that include Israeli boutique wines, honey or high-quality olive oil from Petora.

For orders: *5444 from any phone or 1-700-500-800 and on the website:

Zer Four U, arrangement of the pink forest and wine, price: NIS 368 (photo: zer4u)

The language of chocolate

Also in honor of Rosh Hashanah, 'Max Brenner' is launching the festive gift collection and combines the added value of donating to the community with the Make-A-Wish association, which grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses aged 3-18.

This time, Hillel, a 5-year-old girl from the association, whose wish was a wooden house.

She painted the wish on the packaging of the iconic Max Brenner chocolate bar and created her own new and unique design.

Thanks to the purchase of the chocolate table in cooperation with the association, more wishes for more children will come true.

The holiday boxes contain Max Brenner chocolate products, pralines, liqueurs and a selection of wines.

In addition, in honor of the holiday, new products will be launched.

The new case collection can be purchased at the chain's branches and stores, at the order center 1-700-70-88-77 and on the online website:

Max Brenner's gift collection for Rosh Hashanah. (Photo: Danny Golan)

The right time to sweeten

The gift site buyme offers a wide variety of gifts and experiences, including packages like this: Chocolate Time chocolate and wine box - De Karina - a luxury kosher chocolate and wine box that comes with home delivery.

The box includes: Mount Hermon - 5 cones "snowed" in white chocolate and filled with South American milk jam, Gamla Mirir - 7 bitter coffee chocolate mosaics with cocoa beans, New Perlites Mirir Shakad - chocolate pearls filled with almonds, New Mania roasted almond milk chocolate and sea salt, New Mania smooth white chocolate with roasted cocoa beans, Merlot wine from the Golan Heights winery, vegan dark chocolate bar 62% cocoa.

The price: NIS 315.

Available at the link:

Box of chocolate and wine chocolate time de Karina price NIS 315, buyme (photo: buyme)

Celebrating with Silvershine

Mers, the international candy giant, also makes sure there is something to buy on the road,

Mers expands the festive Celebrations series and launches the 'Silvershine' candy-shaped (98 g) and 'Silvershine' octagon-shaped (196 g) boxes and the 'Silvershine bottle' (312 g) - each of the cases will fit as a modest dish to bring to the holiday meal.

Celebration candy - a case containing 98 grams, recommended price for the consumer is NIS 10.

"Octagonal Silvershine" - a case containing 196 grams, recommended price for the consumer is NIS 20.

'Celebration bottle' - a case containing 312 g, recommended price for the consumer NIS 30.

Can be obtained in the leading marketing and pharmacy chains, in kiosks and selected stores.

Celebration for Rosh Hashanah, festive packages that fit every pocket, prices: NIS 10-30 (Photo: Public Relations)

The Hinawi Wine & More chain offers holiday packages that can be individually assembled according to any budget, with the close and professional support of the staff in the chain's branches, or through the online store on the Internet and in the app.

The delivery service is provided to the areas of Gush Dan, Hasharon and Nof HaGilil.

Packages vary according to the customer's demand from tens to thousands of shekels for a single package, depending on the composition of the products, with the most popular being wines, whiskey and cognac.

In addition, built-in cases are offered for the convenience of customers and to shorten processes.

This year a wide range of different cases will be offered at different pricing levels from wineries such as Teperberg, the Golan Heights and more, which will be available for sale in the chain's ten branches at a starting price of NIS 109.

Holiday specials: anyone who buys 5 bottles will receive a Friday bottle as a gift and will be able to enjoy a set of six premium wine glasses for NIS 20.

Price of customized wine boxes starting from NIS 59.

The price of built-in wine boxes starts at NIS 109.

Available at the chain's branches throughout the country, in the app and in the online store -

The Hinawi wine & more chain presents custom-assembled cases (Photo: Hinawi wine & more)

Kit for self-wrapping or direct delivery to recipients

FOX HOME is launching on its trade website a new category of gift boxes that are sold on the website at a 20% discount and come with a self-wrapping kit at no extra charge.

The FOX HOME chain is launching a category of holiday gift boxes on its trade website, which includes dozens of diverse boxes for the upcoming Tishrei holiday season.

The boxes consist of the new products from the chain's Fall-Winter 2022-2023 collection, which includes different design stories with a wide range of design styles so that gift solutions for everyone can easily be found.

The items arrive individually packaged, in order to protect them from damage during shipping.

Each order comes with a self-wrapping kit as a gift, which includes double-sided wrapping paper, cellophane paper, satin ribbon, stickers to hide the price and a greeting card.

The site allows you to send the gift boxes directly to the gift recipients, this must be marked at the checkout before payment.

Can be purchased on the website:

fox home, the gift box includes a baking pan with a pomegranate-shaped tool and a box of kitchen towels.

The price: NIS 200 (Photo: Efrat Eshel)

The house wears a holiday

The Nautica Home website also has a solution for those who remember too late to buy a holiday gift: the website offers to purchase a virtual gift card in an amount varying between NIS 50-1000, with which gift recipients will be able to enjoy the variety of home products offered by the website, including: bedding sets, towels, bathrobes and more .

The gift card can be scheduled for the date you want to send the gift and add a personal greeting to it.

Each gift card can be used up to two years from the time of purchase.

Available on the Nautica Home website:

Nautica Home, also a last minute solution (Photo: Shay Franco)

Atmosphere sets for the home of candles and scent diffusers that gently wrap the space with porcelain dishes by a top designer.

Unique atmosphere sets that combine meticulous design and a luxurious fragrance and are designed according to the unique line of the super designer Matteo Cibic, combining porcelain and gold animals from luxurious materials that present a balanced combination of frankincense with iris, carrot notes and an accord of saffron and sandalwood that gently envelop the space.

The price: NIS 594.

Available on the Essence Parfum website:

hfc paris my paradise, available on the Essence Parfum website (photo: Public Relations)

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