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Black Friday: The global slowdown will continue the shopping holidays until the end of 2022 - voila! Of money


The shopping month doesn't end on Black Friday, the deals in the US will last at least until the end of December so you have time to get ready with a list of products you really need and pay less

From the USA to the house? Not all companies do this and those that do, may charge you an additional fee (Photo: ShutterStock)

In November 2020, the shopping month of two years ago, most of the world was under prolonged shutdowns that dictated increased spending time in front of screens.

The world of shopping, which until that point was relatively conservative and offered the full experience of measuring, touching, consulting with the seller and paying in cash, changed beyond recognition when we could only purchase new items online.

The following year, in 2021, we were optimistic and many countries had already come out of the crisis, but the optimism did not permeate the worlds of online trade and met the reality of a lack of stocks, the electronic chip crisis and, above all, transportation problems from the East.

All of this led to prices going up, which was an unfortunate precedent for things to come.

And here November has come again, this time of the year 2022, without a global health crisis and without stock or chip shortages but with a different kind of crisis, one of economic instability and inflation that the West has not experienced in over a decade.

Will inflation in the US lead to more tempting opportunities for shopping in the coming month? (Photo: ShutterStock)

There is inflation and stocks, there are no buyers

In July of this year, Amazon announced its annual shopping day, "Prime Day", with quite high expectations, but as high as the expectations, so was the disappointment.

The data that Amazon was not so happy to publish showed poor sales compared to forecasts, which led to another shopping day under the same name just a month ago (October), and was the world's largest online store happy with the results?

Well, the dismissal of the hundreds of employees indicates (apparently) otherwise.

So inflation, yes!, full shelves and bursting warehouses, yes!, but buyers, no!

And what happens when there are many to sell and fewer interested?

You guessed it, prices drop significantly.

In order to fully qualify the promotions, it should be noted that some prices have not really dropped, the psychology that puts pressure on the consumer is still there and marketing tricks are not missing - that is precisely why we set out to check, together with DealTas, the shipping company that provides an address to Israelis in the United States, which truly profitable deals are waiting for us Across the sea.

Since the "shopping month" does not end on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, and the deals in the US will last at least until the end of December, you have time to prepare yourself with a list of products that you really need and also pay less.

Yaniv Kotter from the owner of the delivery company DealTas

: "The situation in the United States is like this , that it is impossible to ignore the price increases in everything related to the consumer index, so while the Americans are debating, comparing and trying to save, the retailers just want to sell and as much as possible.

That's why Israelis have the opportunity to find particularly worthwhile deals."

The DealTas company stated that "I want to note that most stores in the United States do not ship to Israel and those that do in most cases will leave you to handle the release of the packages, the costs of customs and taxes, therefore, you should use the services of the shipping companies and also check there for What do you pay and how much".

They also add: "In the past year, some of the prominent companies stopped sending directly to the home. Instead, they deliver the packages at pick-up and delivery points. Currently, DealTas is the only company from the United States that does not require an additional payment for home delivery."

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Carters ( children's clothing (photo: official website)

So what to buy and where?

Clothing and footwear:

Gap ( Clothing and footwear

- all pajamas from $12 (instead of $40), all sweatshirts from $20 (instead of $50), all dresses up to 60% (from $25), Jeans from $30 (instead of $80), shoes, sandals and boots from $30)

Old Navy ( Clothing

- dozens of items up to $20 per item - mini skirts, shirts, pants, jeans, Flannel ($10), scarves ($10), t-shirts ($8)

Carters ( Children's clothing

- items starting at $3, hundreds of shirts, pants and suits for all ages for $5

Gap ( clothing and footwear for the whole family (photo: official website)

Electrical and technology products:

Target ( store

- Ninja Foody for $99, Samsung 50" UHD TV for $400, Xbox Series S for $249, Apple Watch Series 8 for $349

Walmart (www.WALMART .com) -

laptops from $200, home theater audio systems from $99, up to $200 off cell phones, air fryer for $49, hard trolley suitcases for $35, roborock E5 smart robotic vacuum cleaner for $200 Instead of $360, an HD home theater projector for $56 instead of $200, a refurbished iPhone 11 for $270, a refurbished iPad Pro 10.5" for $300.

Target ( department store (photo: official website)

Best Buy ( Electricity and electronics

- up to $400 off iPads, up to $500 off Apple computers, $30 off games and accessories for Playstation 5, the new Google Pixel 7 phone for $600, refurbished iPhones from $180.

In the same electrical category, you should also go

to, which

offer discounts on hardware, computers and screens up to 84%.

- Note that they actually ship to Israel, but at higher costs than the shipping companies.

Best-Buy ( electricity and electronics (photo: official website)

How do you send and what do you pay?

Before you buy, go to the various shipping websites and check what special offers they offer during this period.

Most companies will offer discounts based on weight, meaning the heavier the package you send, the higher the shipping discount will be, for example DealTas offers up to a 65% discount, but this year they also offer a choice between a discount percentage and a free second delivery that you can use after the holiday period the shopping

For every package whose total number of items is over $75, you will have to pay VAT, the Israeli companies will collect the VAT for you and forward it to the authorities so that the package is not delayed at customs.

In recent years, many reforms have been published regarding what can be imported to Israel without filling out special reports, check the websites of the shipping companies to see what is possible and what is not.

Centralize the shopping

: It is always better to send more than one item at a time in order to save on shipping costs and to realize higher discounts.

In addition, for sending products such as clothes, phones/tablets or shoes, the companies offer a fixed cost starting at $20.

Beware of scams from unknown stores

, check the reliability of the site before you fill up your credit card and always know that if the product is unreasonably cheap it is probably a scam.

The shopping holidays do start on Black Friday, but they don't end. In December, before and after Christmas, the stores will offer additional discounts, some better and some less, so you have enough time to decide, what's more, the delivery companies offer to store purchases in their warehouses after the purchase, check which companies offer the The highest storage time at no cost.

And finally, of course - buy only what you need, this is the best way to save.

DealTas, the shipping company that provides an address to Israelis in the United States (photo: official website)

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