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Live, growing, expensive: we checked the prices of fresh food and were amazed - voila! Of money


Nutritionists recommend the consumption of fresh and healthy food, so we checked the prices of fruits, vegetables and meat this time. The disparities are huge - and there is also one surprising figure, related to the ultra-orthodox sector

When it comes to fruits, vegetables and fresh meat products, we prefer to see, smell and touch.

What is difficult to see is the price differences (Photo: ShutterStock)

Over 20% of household expenses in the field of food and consumption are for the consumption of fresh and frozen vegetable, fruit and meat products.

It turns out that we are fighting for every percent of our consumer products, but the control over the prices of plant and animal products is almost non-existent: can someone tell us how much a tomato or a chicken leg will cost tomorrow - and in a week?

Even if you are not able to quote a close amount, do not feel bad: the price fluctuations are such that it is not possible to have a regular monitoring that would give us, the consumers, a reliable parameter to check.

According to nutritionists' recommendations, consumption of vegetables, fruits and low-fat chicken and beef products is a key to good health and therefore many consumers give up processed food products and return to the sources.

The problem is that not only the consumers are returning to the sources, but also the retailers: in the last three years, the number of stores specializing in the field of vegetables and fruits, as well as the private butchers, have doubled in number.

More and more customers began to split their shopping between the grocery products purchased at the supermarket, and the purchase of vegetable and meat products at specialized boutique stores, in order to enjoy a rich variety, quality and improve the shopping experience.

The ranking of the prices of the fresh basket in the 12 chains tested (photo: Walla! system, no)

The field where they prefer the shopping experience over the price

The prices in the specialized stores are often more expensive than those paid in the supermarket (especially in the discount branches that are usually located outside the city), but the personal service and the improved shopping experience instills in us a feeling of healthier consumption, even when the selection is the same as the offer in the fresh meat department in the supermarket.

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The fresh basket, the price ranking in general sector chains (not including chains identified with the ultra-orthodox sector) (photo: Walla! system, none)

In the big chains, they try to imitate the butcher's shop and the greengrocer's

Although the retail chains try to market to us the experience of the butcher's shop or the vegetable shop as part of a large chain, there are areas of consumption where we only trust the sight of our eyes: we like to see the piece of meat, touch each tomato, check that the fruit is ripe but not too soft... and more Parameters that are sometimes also present in large supermarkets, but are usually more possible in specialized stores.

There we will not purchase frozen food that we do not have much understanding of its origin, but fresh food, such that has not undergone preservation and freezing processes.

The ranking of the fresh basket among the chains identified with the ultra-orthodox sector (photo: None)

The ultra-Orthodox pay dearly for fancy kosher

We conducted a sample survey with the common product basket in every household for plant and animal products, we selected 47 vegetable products, fruits, fresh chicken and its parts, fresh and frozen beef as well as fancy kosher products in the 12 leading marketing chains in the general and ultra-Orthodox sectors, we examined 6 general chains and 6 Haredi networks.

Where will we pay more for the same basket, which chain offers the cheapest basket and which chain is the cheapest in the ultra-orthodox sector.

The national basket (in the general sector and the ultra-orthodox sector) - the price differences between the sectors.

The ultra-Orthodox pay more (photo: Walla! system, without)

Based on a survey dated 01/31/2023 through the Pricez website and the Ministry of Economy website conducted by the Retail Research Institute T. L. H. The

author is the CEO of the Retail Research Institute

Price differences according to retail chains (photo: Walla! system, none)

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