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Spotlight on the future life of the professional without a password


Passwordless authentication is gaining popularity. Here's how it could impact your digital life at work and at home.

Passwordless authentication is seeing great success thanks to Dashlane and tech companies such as Apple and Google, which have taken the step towards less reliance on passwords.

While this new login method isn't foolproof, it offers much better protection for your logins, and many people consider this

technology to usher in a new era of security


Security improvements often come at the expense of user experience.

But with passwordless security, the reverse happens.

Not only is this solution more secure, but it also makes accessing your accounts more seamless.

As the name suggests, passwordless authentication allows you to log into your accounts without a password.

There are several ways to do this, and the most popular method these days is to use an

access key

– a pair of cryptographic keys (one public and one private) unique to each of your accounts.

So what would

passwordless authentication

look like to the average citizen?

This is how we imagine a day in the life without a password.

Morning: simplified scrolling on social networks

You wake up, grab your smartphone and browse your social media feeds for a few minutes.

While following the news, you don't have to worry about your credentials.

This is because your authenticator (your mobile device or password manager that supports access keys) and the website have done all the work for you.

As you rub your eyes and open Twitter, the app instantly authenticates you by matching the public key stored on the provider's server to the private key that's only stored on your authenticator - all transparently and effortlessly.

While you're making your coffee and mentally going through your to-do list before heading to work, you don't worry about your login credentials ending up on

the dark web


Even if you accidentally click on

a phishing link

someone slipped into your News Feed, you don't have to panic.

Since your access keys only work for the specific sites they were created for, they cannot be used by a malicious website or application.

Lunchtime: a fluid and secure workflow

Throughout the day, you access your work email and various digital tools with passwordless authentication.

Knowing that your business accounts are protected gives you peace of mind, and since you never have to reset your company passwords, you also find

time in your busy schedule.

Today, your organization is onboarding your team to a new customer relationship management (CRM) system.

You quickly interrupt your daily tasks to use the new application.

Since you don't need to create and save a new password, you are sure to go through the onboarding process without a hitch.

All you need to do is allow the website to create a password, and the authenticator stores it for you securely.

Customer data in this new system is protected by WebAuthn, the technology that powers the security keys, and you're already moving on to the next thing on your to-do list – everyone wins.

Down the hall, your IT team raves about the ease with which business accounts are secured and the fact that they don't have to manage passwords.

According to the Gartner Group, between

20-50% of all help desk calls are for password resets


This time savings frees up the team to focus on more important tasks, such as

strengthening your organization's safety culture


In the evening: convenience and comfort

After work, you quickly catch up on some personal tasks.

You might log in to your bank's website or app to view your accounts and transfer money.

Thanks to passwordless authentication, your financial information is much better protected against cybercriminals.

Since passwordless authentication is not stored at the service provider, cybercriminals cannot steal these credentials by hacking into the provider's server or database.

After dinner, it's time to relax watching your favorite show.

You log into your streaming service, which you share with a few family members, some of whom aren't very tech-savvy.

Despite this shared access, you don't worry about your account being hacked because

of a weak or reused password


All day, you've relied on passwordless, phishing-resistant authentication to access your work and personal accounts.

Of course, you never really thought about it.

You had a great day enjoying secure access in just one or two clicks.

While passwords aren't going away, the technology that will replace them is already here.

Ultimately, you can go password-free and eliminate one of your biggest account security risks with the help of password management technology like Dashlane.

Want to protect your password now and prepare for a passwordless future?

Dashlane supports security keys in its password manager and was the first to offer an in-browser security key solution.

Learn more here


start your free trial of Dashlane today.

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