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Order as a gift: what will we bring to the hosts on the eve of the holiday? - Walla! Of money


The guests on the eve of the holiday do not arrive empty-handed. What once amounted to wine or flowers, has become a world of vouchers, experiences and treats. We brought gift ideas, from tools to spa and treats

Sorting out a gift: what to buy for the hosts on the eve of the holiday? (Photo: ShutterStock)

social value

From the symbols of the holiday such as a handmade Passover Seder plate and matzah and Haggadot - to a set of yeshiva markers and gift boxes for the host, at a cost of up to NIS 200.

In the Anushop social store, products prepared in the employment centers of the Anous Mental Health Association are sold and all proceeds will be transferred directly to Nefesh contestants who are responsible for all stages of production, assembly and packaging.

Among the holiday gifts displayed on the website we found: a Passover plate for NIS 105, matzah for NIS 75, a Seder plate for NIS 155 and more.

Can be obtained on the 'Anshop' website.

The heart decides

The reality in Israel has recently become complex, the feeling in the nation is divided and there is less recognition of the difference and its acceptance.

One of the sayings that is repeated over and over again is that there is one model for a family and any other model is an exception to the norm.

Just before the holiday of freedom and the gathering of families around the holiday table, Sodastream partnered with artist Ido Greenberg (MISMAS@) for a special edition of bottles with the phrase 'It's only the heart that determines what a family is', which is designed to raise awareness of the different shades of an Israeli family in different compositions.

The bottles will be sold on the Sodastream website and proceeds will be donated to the LGBT Association in Israel.

Only the heart determines what a family is (photo: courtesy of Sodastream)

Useful and symbolic

Wine opener and nutcracker case.

Although we usually prefer to buy peeled walnuts, at the same time, the sound of cracking the nuts next to the desserts after the seder will give a different experience as part of the holiday tradition.

A Passover box offered by the Gentleman gift chain, includes a designed nutcracker and a wine bottle opener as a symbolic and classic gift for the hosts on the eve of the holiday.

Want to upgrade?

You can add a bottle of wine and nuts to crack, a gift that will be served directly to the holiday table and will spice up any arrangement.

The price: NIS 129.

Available on the Gentleman website and online.

Gentleman, wine opener and nutcracker, price: NIS 129 (Photo: PR)

polo who

The American luxury brand Polo Ralph Lauren, represented by Factory 54, presents for the first time in Israel a line of tools and fashion for the home, including: housewares, glasses, crystals and textile items such as tablecloths, blankets and napkins, in the iconic designs of the brand.

The home line will be available at the flagship store in the Ramat Aviv mall, and will present many options for holiday gifts.

The price of the items in the collection: NIS 2,230-86.

Available at the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store in Ramat Aviv Mall.

polo ralph lauren home, price: NIS 1,050, to factory54 (photo: PR)

Limited edition package

In preparation for Passover, the OIG company that imports and markets small electrical appliances for the kitchen and home of international brands and the manufacturer of the brands DAVO and NOVO will offer a Passover package at a special price.

The package includes four different devices: a NOVO popcorn maker that works quickly with hot air flow and saves oil use, a Magic Bolt blender with a powerful motor and an extractor blade, a DAVO coffee and spice grinder and a NOVO French crepe pan for blinches and 20-diameter omelettes cm is coated with a non-stick material.

The price for the Passover package: NIS 699. Available in chains and electrical stores and trade websites

A special package from oig for Passover, novo popcorn, a Magic Bolt blender, a davo coffee and spice grinder, and a novo blintz pan at a price of NIS 699 (Photo: Walla! System, PR)

A refreshing twist

The Soltam cookware and baking brand launches the new 'Twist' cookware series, boasting a modern and different design.

As its name implies, it provides an unexpected twist to the home kitchen.

At first glance, the most striking feature is the innovative design in a monochromatic charcoal black color with a rounded appearance that allows a proud presentation in the center of the guest table.

The series includes a variety of pots, pans and cauldrons in many sizes made of durable aluminum with a three-layer Non Stick Food Safe coating.

They are easy to clean by hand washing and are suitable for use on all types of stoves.

Price range: NIS 115-350 per item.

Can be obtained at the chain's branches and on the Soltam website.

Twist collection from Soltham NIS 350-115 (Photo: Anatoli Michaeli)

Enjoy both worlds

The HYBRIDPAN Podafil cookware series offers the best of both worlds: cooking properties of stainless steel, ease of cleaning of nonstick.

The series offers hybrid cookware with a strong and scratch-resistant HEXACOMB cooking surface.

The body of the cookware is built in 3 layers and distributes heat quickly and evenly, saves energy and enables precise control of the cooking temperature thanks to the special base, the cookware series is suitable for all types of stoves, including induction.

* Not recommended for putting in the dishwasher

. Product features: quality burn marks on vegetables and meats, ergonomic handles that are comfortable to the touch, cooking food easily at a perfect temperature, little use of oil or butter, safe for metal utensils - you can use metal spatulas, knives, forks without scratching the cooking surface, Simple and quick cleaning, can be used in the oven - without a lid 260 degrees \ with a lid 200 degrees

The set includes:

Pot 20 cm, 2.5 liters, pot 24 cm, 4.5 liters, Sautage 28 cm, 4 liters, frying pan 24 cm, frying pan 28 cm

Sale price: NIS 799 (instead of NIS 2,199) Valid until the 1.5

8-piece set, Food Appeal at a special price for the holiday: NIS 799 instead of NIS 2199 (photo: food appeal)

The house wears a holiday

Pampering holiday gift set for hosts from Castro Home:

ALL WHITE set that includes: a pair of checkered kitchen towels, a white serving bowl, a set of mango wood serving spoons with a rustic look, a festive Lorax tablecloth, a white porcelain vase L, a white porcelain vase S Price: NIS 290.

The FUN TIME package includes: a pleasant 100% cotton kerbolit, in black and white colors, 2 mugs designed for hot drinks in tiger and zebra print, a photo frame with a black leather-like look and a pair of blue handmade glass candlesticks at a price of NIS 260.

Available at Castro Home chain stores.

catsro home - all white case, price: NIS 290 (Photo: Udi Dagan)

A drop of luxury

BLESSEDINISRAEL, an Israeli company specializing in the production and marketing of diamonds, is launching a unique series of cases that combine a natural illuminated diamond as a unique and surprising gift that will allow you to place it on a piece of jewelry, hang it as a picture and even pass it down from generation to generation.

The carefully selected diamond is served in a transparent capsule, locked and packed in a high-quality and designed cover.

You can choose the size of the diamond from 3 carat points to 18 carat points and its characteristics: GH color, clarity grade SI1 or higher, cut grade VG or higher.

Each diamond is numbered and documented and each case includes a gemological certificate from the lnlight company detailing the value of the diamond to the insurance company.

The price range is wide depending on the size of the selected diamond and its level of cleanliness: NIS 438-1,800.

For purchase on the company website.

A diamond for generations: a case combined with a natural diamond as a unique and surprising gift (photo: courtesy of blessedinisrael)

The Braun boutique hotel collection specializes in urban and luxurious spa experiences in its hotels (in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and soon also in the new resort hotels in Eilat), with groundbreaking and spectacular designs, fine cuisine and vibrant nightlife in the hotel's bars and clubs.

No two hotels in the collection are alike, and accordingly - all the spa complexes are different from each other and each one provides its own unique experience.

In one hotel the spa is on the rooftop, in another hotel in a pampering suite bathed in light and in another in a dim and intimate vibe.

Every spa package, with or without breakfast, also includes a glass of cava or a cocktail as a gift.

The price varies depending on the selected hotel.

Duration of the massage: 45 minutes.

The voucher is valid for the hotels of the chain with the exception of the Polyhouse Hotel and Brown Bobo.

For use of the pool at the Polyhouse and Brown Bobo hotels, there is an additional charge of NIS 100.

lighthouse hotel wellness center, a voucher for a 45-deco massage at the spa complexes of the Braun boutique hotel chain (photo: photo processing, Max Kowalski)

A treat for the soul

Gift Voucher for the Gesher Theater The Gesher Theater offers a gift card as a stimulating gift, one that will send your hosts to an evening of cultural entertainment.

The recipients will be able to choose the show according to their personal taste and perform at a time that is convenient for them.

Simply choose a gift, add a blessing, and schedule the sending of the gift (to the recipient's mobile phone) for the perfect moment of your choosing.

The Gesher Theater is a repertory theater, one of the four largest theaters in Israel and it appeals to the audience of cultural consumers who are theater lovers on an international level.

The Gesher Theater has represented Israel at many festivals around the world and won coveted awards, praise and positive reviews.

Double ticket price for the show: NIS 300, subscription price with 4 tickets to the show: NIS 520.

To order on the theater website.

A ticket to the show as a gift for Passover - Gesher Theater, price: 300 NIS for a double ticket, 520 NIS for 4 tickets (photo: courtesy of the Gesher Theater)

Massage the holiday

The Stay Tel Aviv Hotel offers for purchase a pampering package of spa accommodation combined with breakfast at the hotel's "Kishla" restaurant.

The package includes a 50-minute spa treatment for one person, use of the spa facilities including the latest gym, Turkish bath, dry sauna and a relaxing rest area with tea and a glass of cava.

The price of the package for one person: NIS 600.

Can be purchased by phone: 03-6016014

Stay Hotel Tel Aviv - spa package for one person at the price of NIS 600 (Photo: Assaf Pinchuk)

The icing on the cake

Your hosts spent days and weeks on the evening of the Seder night, and gathered around the holiday table a considerable number of guests?

You can share the cost of the gift and buy together a gift that will send them on a particularly pampering holiday!

The boutique hotel 'Gordonia' on the fifth floor is expected to be a perfect answer to this kind of gift.

The hotel overlooking the Jerusalem mountains offers a hospitality experience that combines tranquility, pampering and a breathtaking view.

The gift voucher includes accommodation for a couple on a half-board basis for one night in the middle of the week, in a luxurious junior suite with a private pool, hot tub and a 50-minute spa treatment for a couple.

The price of the voucher: NIS 3,200 and it can be purchased until 04/04/23 at the hotel's reservation center.

(Not valid in July and August and/or on holidays).

Gordonia Hotel, perfect gift voucher for hosts who invested, price: NIS 3,200 (Photo: Edi Israel)

Meditation in a capsule

These days, when we are all experiencing it at the stress level, you can purchase a gift that will recharge your body and soul.

The laboratory for optimal health EVER LAB offers to take a break from the race of life and enjoy a variety of experiences such as: an infrared sauna, a lymphatic massage and a cold sauna of -85 degrees or even sink for 20 minutes in a relaxing meditation capsule.

The indulgent NAP POD pod capsule simulates a floating state with NASA's patented technology, and it allows the brain to enter a meditative state (theta wave) in a short period of time to induce calmness, improve mood, compensate for missing hours of sleep and improve sleep quality.

Cost Single treatment: NIS 250. Additional packages are possible in the price range of NIS 380-680. For more information on WhatsApp: 079-6299079 or on the ever-lab website

The laboratory for optimal health EVER LAB offers a meditation capsule for rejuvenation, price for a single treatment: NIS 250 (Photo: PR)

Beautiful care

Lancome, the leading luxury cosmetics brand in the world and in Israel, launches the perfect gift for the holiday BEAUTY BOX, a luxury box that comes in a fancy make-up case that includes a selection of the brand's make-up and care products, full and special size.

The case contains everything a woman needs on her beauty table: BI-FACIL eye makeup remover, ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE serum, TONIC COMFORT face water, LASH IDOLE mascara, limited edition eye shadow palette, GENIFIQUE eye cream, RENERGIE MULTI-LIFT anti-aging cream , L'ABSOLUE ROUGE CREAM lipstick, L'ABSOLUE Gloss Cream 213.

In addition to all the indulgences, the applied care suitcase also includes Lancome's best-selling perfume LA VIE EST BELLE.

The case will be sold at a special price: 559 NIS (value of the products in the case: 2,087 NIS)

lancÔme beauty box 2023, Lancome beauty box case, price: NIS 559 (instead of NIS 2,087) (Photo: Foreign Relations)

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