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The stormy days that the country is going through affect us all and do not stay outside the workplace either. How can you get employees to concentrate with their heads on the news?

Demonstration in front of the home of Defense Minister Yoav Galant, March 24, 2023 (no credit)

In recent weeks, Israeli society has been facing an unprecedented political and social crisis in the shadow of the debate over the advancement of legal legislation.

The personal feelings of many of us affect how productive we are at work.

This new reality has economic consequences that the various organizations and places of employment are dealing with and the way to deal with it is complex.

"You have to remember that the workers are human beings and not a machine that is programmed, but something complex with a different operating mechanism from one to the other, and so the interpretation of each event is different. For one, this will have a significant effect and for the other, it may even cause the opposite action, but there is no doubt that the personal feeling will be expressed in the end output," explains Or Borochov, owner and partner in A&O, an organizational consulting and business development company for companies, associations and defense bodies,

"Everything that goes through them in their personal lives also enters their workplaces. During this period, the discourse, concerns and worries touch the lives of many, there are whole communities that are in real existential fear, it cannot be separated from the daily conduct. Some of us go to demonstrations and are not physically present at the workplace , others are present but the head is not really present. This does not concern only one political side or another, this reality affects everyone and it is a natural thing."

There is no way that people don't take the luggage with them to work (Photo: Reuven Castro)

This situation also affects the managers and the heads of the organizations of course, but in their case the responsibility for the business or company is greater.

"The managers need to know how to contain this situation, to understand that everyone is going through things," explains Borochov, "just like if a certain employee gets a divorce or goes through another personal event, they need to show understanding and know how to support and provide backup, this is part of a holistic view of who the employee is."

This reality raises the broader question - what are the factors that affect employee productivity, and what tools do companies have to increase it.

The success of a commercial company stems from many and varied factors, but there is no doubt that its human capital and the degree of employee satisfaction are the main factors that affect productivity.

The managers can outline a path and plan winning management plans and rules, as well as choose the right tools and processes to use in the company's daily activities, but they cannot do the work alone and they depend on their executors - the employees.

"People in general want to feel that they are waking up to a meaningful morning, to a work day with meaningful work in a pleasant work environment," says Borochov, "They want to feel valued, therefore the organization must invest in all employees and give them the feeling that they are counted. The way is not only to invest in their talents But in all of them, since ultimately it is also in the interest of the company. If the work procedures of the employees are clear to them, if the tasks are understood, if they are treated with respect and also allow them the opportunity to advance and develop, their productivity will increase significantly."

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"To take the employee to professional and enriching courses, further training and the like".

The TOGO store in Eilat (Photo: Yachats)

According to Borochov, there are many ways to invest in employees: "An employee should feel that the organization or the company is developing him, giving him a set of tools to enrich his and the company's content worlds. This means, for example, taking the employee to professional and enriching courses, further training, etc. However, the company should allow him the time to go to courses, to allow him space and conditions to develop at the same time as day-to-day work. The first two days at the beginning of work, for example, are very critical. The initiation phase is the phase of the employee's impression of the new place. He needs to feel comfortable, to feel that he is being noticed, that he is being treated well, all It affects his motivation to continue working better."

You need to know how to choose quality employees

The CBS report that was published at the end of last year and checked with the managers of companies and organizations the main factor influencing their perception of productivity per working hour, found that the majority of managers of small and medium-sized companies that employ up to 100 employees in the retail trade branches estimated that the quality of employees is the most influencing factor on labor productivity in their company. In contrast, only 14 percent of managers in companies employing more than 100 employees claimed this.

Quality employees can be the decisive factor in the company's success and increasing productivity. Satisfied employees who know their goals and roles well and receive support from the company, may be more successful and creative in their work.

The employees, in fact, are the executors of the company's goals and plans, and when they do it professionally and successfully, it helps increase productivity and the company's success.

As mentioned, there are other factors that affect the output of a company such as management rules, work processes, advanced technology and other economic and logistical resources, but without quality and satisfied employees, the whole system will not be able to function properly.

"In my opinion, it is not possible to mark only one factor that affects the company's output, since it is measured by a combination of several factors, among them high-quality and professional employees who are loyal to the company, those with a good work ethic and good human relations," says Maya Abrahami, Human Resources Manager of TOGO shoe chain.

Alongside this, an employee should possess social and service skills, while the managers should be authoritative and sensitive at the same time, those who possess the right tools to manage and lead the teams.

In addition, a correct product offering that corresponds to the Israeli market both according to fashion and according to demand."

How do you know how to choose quality and professional employees?

"We choose our candidates first of all according to the requirements of the position, according to the skills required of him, carefully examining whether they exist in him and also according to the connection of the direct manager to the candidate. It is not possible to separate the first impression the manager receives from candidates for the position and the feelings that accompany him during the interview. It must be remembered that just as I interview the candidates, they also interview me."

In what ways can you encourage and increase employee productivity?

How do you make an employee satisfied?

"Increasing the productivity of employees is provided by internal social competitions, encouragement with the help of bonuses, giving personal treatment and respect to employees, listening to complaints and things that go through them and also throwing a good word of encouragement can be very helpful."

". Communication between employees and managers, good communication between employees can help them solve problems and work more efficiently."

Eran Shabtai (Photo: UDS)

Eran Shabtai, vice president of UDS International Ltd., which is engaged in the import and marketing of transportation equipment, lifting and electric vehicles, agrees with Abrahami: "There are a large number of factors that affect productivity and productivity at work. They include, among others, the The working conditions, whether the work matches the employee's skills and abilities, the level of pay and the physical conditions of the work can affect the employee's productivity. Good compensation and benefits systems, such as bonuses, vacations, training programs and health insurance, may stimulate productivity and improve productivity."

According to Shabtai, "support and guidance may help an employee be productive and able to deal with obstacles and difficulties that arise during work. Communication between employees and managers, good communication between employees can help them solve problems and work more efficiently."

The selection of management team and employees is an important and decisive process for the business or organization: "The main criteria we use as tools for selecting management team and employees concern their professional ability and experience. We

examine the professional ability and experience of the candidates for the relevant position, the previous achievements of the candidates, as well as the Their previous experience in similar positions. We make sure that the candidates can perform the tasks relevant to the job and that they can adapt to changing situations. We check the nature and ability of the candidates to communicate. This means candidates who fit the work style and organizational culture of the business or organization and also candidates who have the ability to communicate and work in a team."

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