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Electricity during a break and wartime: the products that will save you in an emergency - voila! Of money


Highlights: Electricity during a break and wartime: the products that will save you in an emergency. Anker PowerHouse 521 offers a particularly large battery capacity for fast charging of up to 5 devices at the same time. Amishragaz "Monarch" model grill with 3 stainless steel burners and a side burner for frying and cooking. A flashlight is a necessary solution both inside the house and if God forbid you have to go to the shelter. In an emergency situation where we are asked to enter the MMD or a shelter for a long time, having a cooler will allow us access to food.

The fear of a war with Hezbollah that would cause prolonged power outages throughout the country made Israelis rush to the stores to stock up on emergency products. What should be in the house and how much will it cost? checked

Electricity during a break and wartime: the products that will save you in an emergency/ShutterStock

with all the power

The portable power station Anker PowerHouse 521 offers a particularly large battery capacity (with a volume of 256Wh) for fast charging of up to 5 devices at the same time.

The station has a front LED light strip for illumination during a power outage and an easy-to-read LED display showing the remaining battery capacity and estimated charging time.

It is especially suitable for people who maintain a modern lifestyle, who are at home, in nature and on the road and need to charge several devices at the same time.

The full charging time is about 4 hours.

Comes with a 5 year Hamilton warranty.

The price: NIS 1,590.

Available on the Hamilton website and at authorized dealers.

Anker portable powerhouse powerhouse 521/Hamilton Group importer of Anker to Israel

You have a backup

Portable backup battery Anker 323 Power Bank 10,000mAh A1334 - Portable backup battery with a large charging capacity of 10,000mAh, will be enough for the number of charging cycles of the mobile phone.

The battery has a two-way USB-Type C connection for fast charging of two devices at the same time up to 12W maximum, the Hamilton group, the official importer, provides 18 months of full warranty.

The price: NIS 169.

Available on the Hamilton website and at authorized dealers.

at an exclusive discount

The Israeli company that invented hair removers does it again

In collaboration with Epilady

Hamilton - Anker 323 power bank 10000m/Hamilton Importer of Anker to Israel

Eat in an emergency

During a long power outage it is important to be able to prepare something to eat and one of the products that is important to have in the yard is a gas grill, especially in a house with an electric stove (induction) and an electric baking oven, which will not work during power outages.

The gas grill is an ideal solution for cooking/heating and grilling without the need for electricity.

Amishragaz "Monarch" model grill with 3 stainless steel burners and a side burner for frying and cooking.

Sale price: NIS 2,700 (instead of NIS 3,590).

Comes with a 25-year warranty subject to the warranty certificate.

The price includes transport, a set of grill tools and a matching cover as a gift.

Available in stores and on the "Amishragaz" website

Monarch broil Amishragaz grill NIS 2700/amishragaz king

Light and atmosphere

A flashlight is a necessary solution both inside the house and if God forbid you have to go to the shelter.

We found a 3W rechargeable flashlight combined with a speaker that is enough for up to 3.5 hours.

The flashlight includes an automatic activation mode during a power outage and has a built-in Bluetooth connection that will allow you to distract yourself a bit in moments of crisis, and create a better atmosphere for the whole family.

The flashlight also includes SMD lighting with two different shades of light - warm lighting and white lighting.

The charging time is up to about 6 hours.

The price: NIS 69.

It can be obtained at Mishvir branches or the Mishvir 365 online store.

The breaker - a rechargeable flashlight combined with a speaker and lighting/goldline switch

Keep food accessible

In an emergency situation where we are asked to enter the MMD or a shelter for a long time, having a cooler will allow us access to food and drink products that will provide an accessible and convenient solution for hours.

In the Mishvir branches you can find a 16-liter cooler made of high-quality polyester with a main compartment with a double zipper and 2 front compartments , rigid bottom and adjustable shoulder strap. Price: NIS 40. Available at Mishbir branches or the Mishbir 365 online store

The Mashbir soft cooler 16 liters in red color.

Price: NIS 40/share of the Mishbir

Illuminate in an instant

Scented ambient candles that have become a sought-after item will provide soft light and a pleasant aroma in the space, even during an unexpected power outage or one for which you were not prepared with emergency lighting.

The candles of the fashion brand KENNETH COLE NEW YORK have a classic design and will fit in harmoniously in every corner of the house.

The candles are quite large and will be enough for a long burning time.

They reach a diameter of 13 cm, and a height of 10.5 cm.

The weight of the candle is 550 grams.

Price before discount: NIS 229.90.

Can be obtained exclusively in the Mishvir network and the Mishvir 365 online store.

Mashbir - a candle with an oriental scent from Kenneth Cole New York, price: NIS 230/Yonathan Levy

Not only at night

Portable wireless nightlight model - Yeelight Wireless Charging Nightlight with a 10W wireless charging surface in a minimalist design will provide up to 24 hours for warm yellow lighting and up to 11 hours for cold white lighting.

Charging time up to 4 hours and power of 15 watts (lamp + charging surface).

The surface charges a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones, headphones and more.

The price: NIS 149.

It can be obtained from authorized resellers, in the Mi Store network and on the official Xiaomi Israel website

night lamp yeelight wireless charging nightlight/Xiaomi

with open eyes

In an emergency or prolonged power outage, the K2.5 360° wireless security camera model Xiaomi Smart Camera C400 will continue to take pictures and deal with challenging lighting conditions.

The camera incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), and built-in infrared to detect human movement and reduce false alarms, and it can be connected to several devices such as a mobile phone or tablet.

The camera allows full control and operation through the Mi Home applet and voice control through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The price: NIS 299.

Available at authorized resellers, in the Mi Store network and on the official Xiaomi Israel website

Xiaomi security camera, price: NIS 299./share Xiaomi

Automatic door lock

Rav Barih presents an advanced generation of LOCKAPP technology to activate a smart cylinder to control the door from the smartphone and enter using a fingerprint.

The technology enables control of the entrance to the house and automatic locking of the door, which can be opened easily and quickly by the fingerprint and prevents break-in attempts. The price: NIS 1,699, not including installation. Available at Rav Barih network branches and authorized branches, or by calling 1-800-800- 100

Multi-bolt lockup, price: NIS 1,699 not including installation/PR

Emergency at a fair price

The OUTDOOR department of the Max Stock chain offers a rich variety of emergency items at attractive prices.

In the sea of ​​items we found: a 10000 backup battery for the price: NIS 50 and USB rechargeable headlamps for the price: NIS 16-20.

Available at the chain's branches.

The Marco Headlamp is USB rechargeable.

The price: NIS 20/max stock

Open with your finger

Rav Barih's SMART door is activated by an application for facial recognition, fingerprint, use of a code or remote control, without the need for keys. The door features advanced technology developed in Israel and manufactured in the company's factory in Ashkelon. You can choose a design according to personal taste and make the door smart already at the production stage The door includes a lock with the highest level of security, it incorporates an integral smart lock hidden in the body of the door and uses rechargeable batteries that will last for over 1,250 operating cycles. The price: from NIS 2,990


a SMART addition to an entrance door. Available at "Rav-Barih" showrooms throughout Country

The SMART Rab Barih/PR application

Safe in MMD

The multi-bolt MMD doors are designed to ensure the stay in the protected space. They are made of high-quality steel and include lateral reinforcements, a deadbolt lock with a central tab for tight locking and two side bolts, while meeting the most stringent standards.

The door is made of two steel sheaths and has an operating handle and three Nickel-plated pipe hinges. Price: starting at NIS 3,900. Available at Rav Barih branches throughout the country.

MMD multi-latch door, price: starting at NIS 3,900/unit

Powerful and economical

Portable power station for sustainable lifestyle BLUETTI EB3A is designed to be more energy efficient than traditional generators, it is compact and small, but you can rely on it during a power outage for large products.

80% charging in 40 minutes: EB3A - fast charging capacity of 430W.

BLUETTI EB3A can be charged in a variety of ways, using AC, solar panels, car, generator, AC+Solar or AC+Adapter. The dedicated intuitive app offers a convenient experience at your fingertips, gives you faster access to EB3A via Bluetooth within a 10 meter radius and keeps It is under your control around the clock.

The price: NIS 1,690.

Available in the iDigital store chain and on the website:

Portable power station for a sustainable lifestyle BLUETTI EB3A, price: NIS 1,690/retail


A wireless outdoor camera on a battery from Provision is your private home guard with rotating scanning and tilting in any direction and without limitation, including a large monitoring range.

The camera watches every corner of the house from the mobile when you are not there, and scans the home environment all the time, and this is thanks to double motors that allow precise control of the camera's movement.

The camera is protected from water and dust - the camera has an IP67 standard that protects it and keeps you safe around the clock in any weather.

The built-in lithium battery is charged and functions for up to 8 months under normal circumstances (provided that 20 videos of 10 seconds each are recorded per day and without the use of tilting and biasing), while it can function in standby mode (STAND-BY) for up to 24 months as long as it has not exited this mode.

Real-time two-way audio - built-in high-quality microphone and speaker, for talking and listening to the camera's immediate surroundings anytime, anywhere.

The price: NIS 569.

Available in the iDigital store network and on the website

Wireless outdoor camera on battery from Provision, price: NIS 569, iDigital/PR

Connecting to a power station

Electricity warehouses report that the most requested product for this period in the emergency category is a power station supported by solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, such that it can be inserted into a MMD or a receiver.

It provides electricity for up to 24 hours (depending on the number of devices that wish to charge electricity and their power) And its cost starts at NIS 990 and can reach NIS 30,000. Other products in demand are: a home generator that runs on gasoline starting at NIS 1,200. A

home generator suitable for apartments with a balcony or private houses at a price of: NIS 2,000. An inverter generator that produces a stable flow and consistent of electricity, work on gasoline and are economical in fuel Price: from 1,499. A silenced hybrid generator runs on gas or gasoline, extremely safe and quiet and can connect directly to the home gas system. Price: from NIS 2,000.

champion 3500 watt inverter petrol generator premier. The price is NIS 3499 on the website of electrical warehouses/public relations

Recruiting forces for an emergency

The Hamilton Group, the importer of the ANKER brand to Israel, reports a very high demand for portable chargers and portable home power stations that are able to charge 5 devices at the same time and at the same time provide emergency lighting.

"It is clear that the public in Israel is preparing and preparing for an emergency. In light of the growing demand, we are speeding up the supply of additional stocks of products that provide a home response in an emergency."


Efi Aharoni, CEO of the Hamilton Group,

the 'Electricity Stores' chain also reports a 500% increase in sales of home power stations over the past week. According to

Liron Katz, VP of Business Development and Digital Department Manager at the Electric Stores chain,

"Every time there is a threat Security-wise, we are witnessing high demand for emergency products. For example, following Nasrallah's speech and the national power outage, the network registered a 500% increase in the purchase of products in the emergency category such as transistors, emergency lighting, flashlights, batteries, power plants, solar panels and generators."

Katz also points out that during the last weekend with the publication of the zoom meeting on the assessments for the Alata scenario held by the Ministry of Health with the participation of the National Emergency Authority and the administrators of the authorities, more than 2,000 power plants and more than 1,200 generators were purchased, not only by private customers, but also by companies Large companies, especially in the high-tech sector, who made a concentrated purchase for them and their employees. "It is almost impossible to meet the demand.

Everyone is going crazy why they don't have something at home in Aleta's case.

The emergency products have become a basic consumer product."

"Beyond the emergency products, we are witnessing an increase in the sale of gauze.

People who have an electric stove at home, come to purchase a stove that connects directly to a gas cylinder.

Other products that are in demand are a radio that is powered by batteries with a USB connection to which you can download music for children and calm them down during a stay in a dimension without electricity and home security cameras with an internal battery," notes

Erez Wesner, VP of Sales at the Electric Warehouse chain.

"In terms of stocks, we identify supply problems with certain products, both because of the Houthi threat and because the manufacturers are not prepared to produce a quantity that will meet the unusual demands from Israel. As a response, we reached out to suppliers that we did not work with in the past and purchased all the stocks from them. As of this moment, we do not anticipate a shortage in these products".

Gili Sasson, Vice President of Marketing "Amishragaz"

: "In the last month, mainly against the background of the security situation and the fear of prolonged power outages, we have seen an increase of more than 30% in purchases of household products that are based on gas.

Example products: a portable gas stove, a portable cooking kit (burner + small gas tank), a coffee kit, grills that run on gas and also gas tanks for grills and more.''

Generator in a power storage network with a power of 3500 watts at a price of NIS 1290/power storage

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