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Kitzbühel massacre: indictment against 26-year-olds - he is said to have fired 13 shots


A young man wiped out his ex-girlfriend's family in Kitzbühel. Five people had to die. Charges are brought against the suspect. He is said to have fired 13 shots.

A young man wiped out his ex-girlfriend's family in Kitzbühel. Five people had to die. Charges are brought against the suspect. He is said to have fired 13 shots.

  • There was a terrible bloody deed in Kitzbühel on Sunday, October 6th.
  • A man (25) is said to have shot his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend and her family. The suspected motive: jealousy.
  • According to the report, the suspect was accountable for the crime.

Update from May 16, 2020, 10:58 a.m .: As the picture reports (article behind a payment barrier), the public prosecutor's office in Innsbruck has brought charges against the alleged five-man murderer from Kitzbühel . The now 26-year-old suspect is said not to have resigned himself to the fact that his girlfriend broke up after several years of relationships at the end of July 2019 , which is why he shot the 19-year-old, her new partner, her parents and her brother in cold blood in early October.

The young man took the murder weapon, a pistol , from the safe of his brother, who lived abroad. He also equipped himself with two full magazines and a baseball bat . In total, he is said to have fired 13 shots . First he killed the father of the family with two headshots, then the brother lying in bed, whom he shot five times in the head, torso and limbs. In the parents' bedroom, the accused is said to have killed the mother with a shot in the head.

Then he was accused of using the baseball bat with which the young man smashed the glass of the balcony door to gain access to his ex-girlfriend's apartment . He is said to have killed her with two headshots, so he shot her fleeing new partner once in the left hand and twice in the head.

According to the psychiatric report, the accused was at most uninhibited due to alcohol, but was accountable . He faces a life sentence .

Kitzbühel murders: The question of the perpetrator's responsibility should be clarified

Update of October 13, 2019, 9:30 p.m .: An indictment against 25-year-old suspects could be raised in the first half of 2020. The Tyrolean daily reports in relation to a spokesman for the responsible public prosecutor. A psychiatrist was also commissioned to prepare a psychiatric report. According to the report, it should be clarified whether the 25-year-old was sane at the time of the crime. 

The suspect is currently being held in the Innsbruck correctional facility, where he is also receiving psychiatric care.

Kitzbühel murders: Relatives publish moving funeral announcement 

Update from October 12, 2019, 11:29 am: Even days after the bloody deed in Kitzbühel, there is astonishment about the extent of the tragedy. Relatives and friends of the extinguished family say goodbye to their loved ones in a moving funeral announcement. “Because things are happening that we cannot understand. We are powerless and silent next to it, ”the relatives are shocked even days after the fact. 

The family is to be buried on Monday after a funeral service in Kitzbühel in the closest circle of the family. 

The 25-year-old ex-boyfriend of murder victim Nadine H. also killed ice hockey player Florian J. in the family home. The relationship between the victim and the murdered 19-year-old is still unclear. Meanwhile, Nadine H.'s ex-boyfriend is in custody. 


Nadine's 25-year-old boyfriend wiped out an entire family. 


In Rostock, a man has now stood at the police station to have killed his parents.

Update of October 10, 2019,  1:33 p.m .:  After the tragic death of goalkeeper Florian J. (one of the five victims of the Kitzbühel murder), the eagle family of the ice hockey club Kitzbühel on Instagram thanks them for their great sympathy and support. The home game against Vienna Capitals Silver scheduled for next Saturday has been canceled and postponed indefinitely. The next home game on October 17 against Jesenice is to commemorate Florian J. and the other victims of the tragedy in the sports park.

Check out this post on Instagram

Dear ice hockey fans, dear Adler family! Thank you for the overwhelming sympathy in the past few days! Even if the pain about the loss of our goalkeeper Florian Janny is indescribable, your sensitive words help us in these hours and give comfort. The home game against Vienna Capitals Silver scheduled for October 12 has been canceled. Our next match will take place on Thursday, October 17th, at 7:30 p.m. in the Sportpark Kitzbühel. This evening we would like to commemorate Florian and the other victims of this tragedy. . . . #wirsinddieadler

A post shared by EC Die Adler Kitzbühel (@kitz_adler) on Oct 9, 2019 at 9:31 am PDT

Dramatic scenes took place in Istanbul: after he had rushed to a stop in his bus, the driver got out and attacked with a knife.

Kitzbühel: Parish priest can no longer sleep

9.35  a.m .: Michael Struzynski has been a pastor in Kitzbühel for 26 years. He knows victims and perpetrators. "I baptized and confirmed both children, I know the families well," said the pastor of the " Kronenzeitung ". He was deeply shocked "The deed is killing me. I can't sleep anymore. "

Nadine and her family would have a simple urn funeral in the village, said the pastor. He would speak very little at the funeral mass - because he couldn't explain the madness either. "Why does God allow this?" Will be one of the few sentences in the cemetery.

A question that Mia's relatives are probably asking themselves: The girl's murderer has now been found dead in his cell.

Update from October 10:  As reported by the Austrian media, the alleged perpetrator is in a single cell and is monitored 24 hours a day due to the risk of suicide.

The alleged multiple killer has already chosen a lawyer. The latter wants to remain anonymous because he obviously fears a shit storm because he defends the "killer of Kitz". The prosecutor announced that a psychological report had been commissioned for the 25-year-old suspect.

Update from October 9, 5:55 p.m .:  The act not only makes Austria shiver. A 25-year-old had killed his ex-girlfriend along with her family and allegedly new friend - an ice hockey goalkeeper - last Sunday. Picture reports: Perpetrator Andreas E. fired more than ten shots.

Read also:  Three years after the assassination attempt in the OEZ Munich - investigators reevaluate events

And further details come to light: According to the report of the tabloid, there was still a dispute between Nadine and her ex Andreas in a bar on the night of the murders. She celebrated with her company. Ice hockey goalkeeper Florian is also said to have been there - with his team of "Adler Kitzbühel".

When the dispute arose, Florian is said to have intervened. Then Andreas started to cry in front of the bar, according to the Bild newspaper. Florian meanwhile drove Nadine home and stayed with her. The exact relationship between the two is currently "unclear" to the police.

Around 4:00 a.m., Andreas came to his ex's house, but was rejected there. Only an hour and a half later he returned and did the carnage.

Update from October 9, 7.55 a.m .: Walter Pupp, head of the Tyrolean State Criminal Police Office, continues to be shocked a few days after the crime in Kitzbühel. “Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for men to become violent after separation stories. But the fact that an entire family was wiped out is something else. Even police officers are completely stunned, ”he told Focus Online .

So far, no interrogations or other investigations have given any indication that the crime could have been prevented. The motive is still jealousy. “Naturally, doctors will now issue psychological reports to investigate why the perpetrator committed these five murders. But we may never find out the real motives, ”explained Pupp.

Kitzbühel massacre: autopsy result there - neighbor: "It is so unreal"

Update October 8, 3:31 pm: A direct neighbor of the Kitzbühel family, who was killed on Sunday, is stunned in conversation with Focus. “They were all really nice, helpful people. And now they're all dead. It's so unreal. I simply cannot imagine that there is no one in the house now, ”the woman is quoted as saying. The neighbor's husband never saw the alleged perpetrator Andreas E., as he says. But "he is said to have got on very well with Kevin ( editor's note: Kevin was the brother of Andreas E's ex-girlfriend who was killed )", the neighbor wants to know. 

A young woman who knows the victim Nadine from the vocational school tells Focus that Nadine never told her about her ex-boyfriend. "Not even that he was jealous. She didn't talk about him at all, "the acquaintance is quoted as saying.  

Suspected perpetrators from Kitzbühel are guarded around the clock

Update October 8, 1:34 pm: The alleged perpetrator from Kitzbühel, who has been in custody since his confession in the Innsbruck prison, is said to be housed in a cell with video surveillance. The Tyrolean daily reports . The accused is guarded around the clock "in order to prevent any attempted suicide in time," the report said.

Kitzbühel massacre: autopsy result there - "We are all very bad, including my son"

Update from October 8, 2019, 10:52 a.m .: After the mother of the alleged perpetrator already spoke in an interview with Bild , the mother of the young man now told RTL: "We are all very bad, including my son". The couple actually wanted to get married next year, but then the 19-year-old separated from her son. 

As the mother of the 25-year-old explains further, her family was offered support after the fact. “We have a lot of neighbors, acquaintances in the city. We got help from everywhere, ”said the woman. The mother of the alleged perpetrator explains that her son was very popular, "a little Sunnyboy". 

Kitzbühel: Mayor speaks out after terrible deed - "long-established family"

The mayor of Kitzbühel is horrified after the fact. In conversation with Focus , Klaus Winkler confirms that the perpetrator's family is "an impeccable, long-established family just like that of Nadine". The parents of the arrested are therefore retired business people who are socially committed. As the mayor further explained to Focus , none of the family's children had ever attracted negative attention. 

"I spoke to Andreas' father yesterday and assured him that the whole place was behind him and that he shouldn't worry about prejudices," explains Klaus Winkler. The mayor describes the alleged perpetrator as "unobtrusive and withdrawn". As Winkler then explains, the number of deaths at night could have increased. The 19-year-old Nadine had offered a friend to sleep with her on the tragic night. But the girl refused. 

"Then I don't know why she didn't come. But it is terrible to imagine that there would have been another death, ”Winkler explains. 

Update from October 8, 2019, 10.12 a.m .: As the Tyrolean state police announced in a press release on Tuesday morning, there are now findings from the autopsy of the five victims of Kitzbühel. According to the police, this resulted in "that all the people were killed by the shots fired from a very short distance." The knife and the baseball bat, which the perpetrator also carried, were not used for the crime. "With regard to the number of shots and hits fired, there is no detailed announcement for tactical and piety reasons," it continues.

Kitzbühel massacre: the perpetrator's mother raises many questions with one statement

Update from October 8, 2019, 8.07 a.m .: After the cruel bloody deed in Kitzbühel, reporters from the Bild newspaper reported that they met the mother of the alleged perpetrator (25). Your statement to journalists raises many questions. “Not five people died, but six. Our son also died, ”she is said to have said in front of her house on Monday. The mother of the 25-year-old leaves open what exactly she means - whether her son died for her or his life has no future after this cruel deed anyway. 

In any case, the perpetrator himself went to the police after his act and made a confession. He has been in custody since then. 

In Halle there was a shootout in the city center, the police confirmed several deaths. Gunshots were also fired in the Landsberg region, 15 kilometers away, as the police also confirmed. 

Kitzbühel massacre: Even the perpetrator's brother has to answer - father is stunned

News from October 7, 2019:

Update 19:20: The Münchner Merkur are now available additional information on the murder weapon. It is a nine millimeter pistol that has been properly stored. The pistol belongs to the perpetrator's brother, who is currently not in Austria. He must now expect administrative criminal proceedings under Austrian law. In Austria it is fundamentally easier than in Germany to get a gun ownership card. A psychological report must be obtained for the acquisition, the test may be repeated indefinitely. 

The five victims were autopsied on Monday. Andreas E. had already been transferred to Innsbruck on Sunday, where the public prosecutor has applied for pre-trial detention. 

The mayor of Kitzbühel, Klaus Winkler, emphasized the social dimension of the deed to the Austria Press Agency: "Everyone from the city knew at least one from the killed family." The family of the suspect also enjoys a high reputation in the ski resort. The mayor said that he could now speak to the father. "He is completely stunned."

Kitzbühel massacre: murdered ice hockey goalkeeper honored the evening before - SPÖ causes a scandal

Update 2:57 p.m .: The German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB) condoled via Twitter after the death of the young Austrian player Florian. "We are deeply shocked by the news from Kitzbühel. Our sympathy goes to the families and relatives of the five who died (including ice hockey goalie Florian J.) and the EC Kitzbühel. We and the entire German ice hockey family wish you a lot of strength!" DEB.

We are deeply shocked by the news from Kitzbühel. Our sympathy goes to the families and relatives of the five deceased (including ice hockey goalie Florian J.) and the EC # Kitzbühel. We and the entire German ice hockey family wish you a lot of strength! #RIP

- German Ice Hockey Federation (@deb_teams) October 7, 2019

After bloody deed in Kitzbühel: SPÖ causes a scandal by comparison

Update 2:09 p.m .:  The bloody deed of Kitzbühel has an aftermath for the Austrian parties FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) and SPÖ (Social Democratic Party of Austria). The 25-year-old suspect was a member of the FPÖ, which the SPÖ local group Langenzersdorf took as an opportunity to speak on Facebook of an "FPÖ killing spree". SPÖ state manager Wolfgang Kocevar condemned the posting on Monday. On behalf of the SPÖ Niederösterreich, he apologized "for the insensitive and completely pious posting of the SPÖ Langenzersdorf".

The SPÖ Langenzersdorf also apologized for "misunderstandings" in another Facebook post and explained the reasons for the first posting. Both this and the first post were deleted.

In the meantime, the FPÖ has excluded the alleged perpetrator from the party. "The fact is that the alleged perpetrator, in 2014, was a member of the city district leadership of the FPÖ Kitzbühel for two months as a youth officer," said the FPÖ Tirol on Monday. After leaving, he was a simple party member with no function or mandate.

A summary of the dramatic events in Kitzbühel can be found here. 

Video: Vortex around the Kitzbühel posting of the SPÖ-Langenzersdorf

Brother of the suspect: gun owner not available

Update 1:07 p.m .: The owner of the murder weapon is, according to initial knowledge, the brother of the suspect. This has not yet been reached because it is currently in the Far East. reports, citing the head of the State Criminal Police Office, Walter Pupp. 

Kitzbühel massacre: murdered ice hockey goalkeeper was honored the evening before

Update October 7th, 11:31 am: After the fivefold murder in Kitzbühel, the cruel bloody deed is stunned. Among the victims is the 24-year-old hockey goalkeeper Florian Janny.


The ice hockey goalkeeper Florian Janny is among the victims of the fivefold murder of Kitzbühel.

© screenshot Adler Kitzbühel

The websites of the two clubs where the talented young athlete played last will appear in black on Monday. The "Adler Kitzbühel", to which the 24-year-old only switched this year, write on their homepage: "EC Kitzbühel is shocked to announce that our goalkeeper Florian Janny and another four people have been victims of a terrible bloody deed."

The new addition was "universally appreciated and popular". Only on the eve of the bloody deed was Florian chosen for a game of "Man of the Match", it continues. 

Fivefold murder in Kitzbühel: ex-chancellor briefly "stunned"

Update October 7th, 9:11 am : Austria's ex-chancellor Sebastian Kurz was shocked after the cruel bloody deed in Kitzbühel. The ÖVP boss wrote on Twitter that it "stunned how a person can find so much hatred in himself to do so".

I am shocked by the cruel act in # Kitzbühel. It makes you stunned how a person can find so much hate in himself to do so. My sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims.

- Sebastian Kurz (@sebastiankurz) October 6, 2019

In the meantime, there seems to be movement again in a “cold case”. Around 25 years after a murder, the police in Hamburg are now looking for a witness with a current phantom picture.

Murder in Kitzbühel: Black flag at the town hall - ice hockey goalkeeper among the victims 

Update from October 7th: The day after the horrific bloody act, Kitzbühel is in shock. The mayor of the noble ski resort raised a black flag at the town hall as a sign of mourning. "We are all shocked and deeply saddened," said Klaus Winkler. The victim family, but also the family of the perpetrator, had been viewed in the village. "It has never been the case that an entire family has been so tragically wiped out."

The last victim has also been identified. It was a 24-year-old man who was under contract as a goalkeeper for the Kitzbühel ice hockey team, said the head of the State Criminal Police Office Walter Pupp to the Austrian news agency APA. According to media reports, the man was said to have been the girl's new friend. His club expressed dismay.

Check out this post on Instagram

On a day like today, we all just lack the words. Nothing we write or say now can express our pain. Florian, we will miss you. No matter where you are now, you will always be one of "us" - and as a friend, lovable person, athlete and of course as a LINZAAA will always remain in our hearts!

A post shared by EHC LIWEST ​​Black Wings Linz (@bwlinz) on Oct 6, 2019 at 8:47 p.m. PDT

Kitzbühel massacre: 25-year-old perpetrator shoots ex-girlfriend and her family

First report of October 6: Kitzbühel / Austria - In the municipality of Kitzbühel, the police investigated a five-fold murder case. The crime occurred on Sunday, according to the Tyrolean police department. 

In a first short message, the responsible authority also informed that the perpetrator has already been caught. The Tyrolean daily newspaper also reports that the crime occurred in a family home. 

Kitzbühel Murder: First Terrifying Details

The newspaper reported from the police press conference that the frightening details of the crime were mentioned. The perpetrator is a teenager who apparently jealously murdered his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend and three of her family members. The girl had separated from the perpetrator almost two months ago. 

Kitzbühel video: Perpetrator motif jealousy?

The sheet describes the crime scene with reference to the police as follows: During the night of Sunday, the perpetrator met his ex-girlfriend in a pub. There was a dispute between the two. Afterwards, they first went their separate ways.

Kitzbühel murder: The perpetrator first kills the family and then climbs over the balcony to his ex-girlfriend

In the morning, the perpetrator went to the girl's house. The father opened it and when the 19-year-old came over, there was a verbal battle, whereupon the father had asked the young man to leave the property.

The perpetrator then went home, got his brother's firearm and returned to his ex-girlfriend's house around 5:30 am. Here he killed the girl's father, 51-year-old mother and 25-year-old brother. 

Then he tried to get into the apartment where the ex-girlfriend was with her new boyfriend. Since this was apparently locked, he finally got into the apartment via the balcony by breaking a window. Here he also shot the 19-year-old and her boyfriend.

The perpetrator subsequently submitted himself to the police. He put the firearm on the counter at the police inspection at shortly before six in the morning and is said to have said: "I just killed five people." The police then ordered 25 units from the Kitzbühel area to the police inspection before the officers finally removed the bodies found at the scene. 


The drama is said to have taken place in this house.

© dpa / Zoom.Tirol

Kitzbühel murder: The perpetrator was known as a "calm person"

According to the police, the perpetrator is fully admitted. It is a 25-year-old local without a migration background. He also had no criminal record or had a police history. According to police, he is known as a "calm person". At the time of the crime, he was not drunk.

There is currently no evidence of an accomplice. The 25-year-old is said to have acted alone. As a motive, the police named "termination of a love relationship". The perpetrator lived with his family. His brother had legally owned the firearm. The registered weapon was locked in a safe. How the perpetrator could gain access is still unclear. In addition to the pistol, the young man is said to have carried a knife with him during the act. To what extent this was used in the crime is also not yet clear. 

Mayor of Kitzbühel reacts to murder with five deaths

After the crime of five deaths, the Austrian noble ski resort of Kitzbühel raised the black flag at the town hall as a sign of mourning. "We are all shocked and deeply saddened," said Kitzbühel Mayor Klaus Winkler of the German Press Agency on Sunday.

The victim's family, as well as the suspect's family, had been viewed in the village. "It has never been the case that an entire family has been so tragically wiped out," said Winkler.

According to the police, a 25-year-old confessed to murdering his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend, her parents and brother, and her new boyfriend. The 19-year-old's employer was also deeply shaken, said Winkler. "She was a particularly hardworking girl, everyone is stunned," said the mayor. 

Horror in Hamburg too: three years ago, a 16-year-old was the victim of an insidious knife murderer. As reported by * , the Hamburg police are now taking a new approach. 

Another bloody shock shocked Austria: In Vienna, a family father is said to have stabbed his wife and two-year-old daughter.

A quadruple murder in Paris caused a sensation just last week. A terrible incident also occurred in Bavaria. A senior citizen dispute escalated there: a 78-year-old man stabbed a 68-year-old. Yom Kippur: What does the highest Jewish holiday have to do with the indoor shootout?

In Linz there was an explosion at the airport. A tragic family drama has occurred in Detmold. A 15-year-old is said to have killed her little half-brother and then fled. 

His parents reported him missing in the afternoon and the sad news in the evening. A 16-year-old could only be found dead.

Three dead were found in a house in Starnberg on Sunday evening (January 12, 2020). Relatives had previously called the police.

A deadly attack was carried out in the Bavarian town of Töging am Inn from Saturday to Sunday during the night. A man stabbed his wife with a kitchen knife - in the shared apartment.


* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Source: merkur

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