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Coronavirus disease. 6.10|Above 12 years old can get an injection next week, up to 70% of school vaccination can go to school all day


The three mothers and daughters of Tin Shing Court in Tin Shui Wai have been diagnosed and tested with the variant virus Alpha (formerly known as the British variant virus). The Department of Health has yet to find out the source of their infection. They have requested the local virus gene sequence from Taiwan to see.

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Written by: Wang Jieen, Zhang Jiamin, Zhong Yan, Zhu Haiqi, Li Enci, Zheng Cuibi, Hu Jiaxin, Deng Yinglin, Huang Yongyu

2021-06-10 07:00

Last update date: 2021-06-10 23:25

The three mothers and daughters of Tin Shing Court in Tin Shui Wai have been diagnosed and tested with the variant virus Alpha (formerly known as the British variant virus). The Department of Health has yet to find out the source of their infection. They have requested the local virus gene sequence from Taiwan to see if it will match. This case is related.

Of their 100 close contacts, no one has been diagnosed yet.

The Center for Health Protection announced on Thursday (10th) that there have been zero confirmed cases in Japan for three consecutive times, and two new confirmed cases, all of which are imported.

The two scientific committees under the Centre for Health Protection announced after their meeting yesterday that they agreed that the age for vaccination with Fubitai has been reduced to 12; the government announced today the vaccination schedule, including sending staff to schools to vaccinate teachers and students and arranging special vehicles to take students to vaccination center.

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Continuous Update|Changshi Building for Changshi Building for the first prize of 5 million gift coupons given by Yangtze River Group

[22:55] The government will give detailed guidelines in the evening. If the school arrives at the vaccination center by appointment, the number of participants in each group appointment period should be 20-30; if the school outreach service is selected, each vaccination day will be at least 300 people are required to sign up.

Regardless of the former or the latter, the school should not arrange other vaccination activities within two weeks from the date of injection.

New Crown Vaccine|Group appointments for injections, up to 30 people per time slot, no other vaccines for two weeks after the injection

[22:00] The government announced that as of the evening, 1,636,400 people had received the first dose of the vaccine, and today 38,100 people received the vaccine, of which 27,900 received the first dose, of which 13,800 received the first dose and 14,100 received the first dose. Thai.

As of 0:00 today, a total of 9 cases have been sent to hospital by community vaccination centers or designated general outpatient clinics under the Hospital Authority in the past 24 hours. They were sent to hospital due to common side effects after vaccination. The situation is stable. Six of them have been discharged from the hospital, two have been in the hospital for observation, and one has been discharged without following the doctor's advice.

New Crown Vaccine|More than 1.63 million people have received their first injection, 35,000 people have made an appointment for injection

[21:10] The epidemic is not over. The latest document submitted by the Food and Health Bureau to the Legislative Council shows that the authorities estimate that it will need to apply for an additional funding of 2.3 billion yuan to maintain testing services until September this year, including nearly 40 million yuan for " SMS arrangement of test results", and compulsory testing in the closed area will cost 7 million yuan.

In addition, the authorities have arranged 140 people for quarantine for the 17-year-old girl who has the British variant virus and her two family members, and the family members of 350 close contacts are required to undergo compulsory testing.

The Food and Health Bureau applies to the Legislative Council for additional funding of 2.3 billion to maintain testing services until September

[21:00] The government announced the latest compulsory testing list, and 5 more schools are on the list, namely: SKH Kindergarten, 7 Eastern Hospital Road, Causeway Bay, and No. 201-218, 1st Floor, Block 23, Shek Kip Mei Village, Wo Tsai Street, Sham Shui Po Hong Kong Christian Service Shek Kip Mei Nursery School, Yau Tong Village Phase 2 Fujian Secondary School Affiliated School, Grade 1, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, No. 8 Xuelin Lane, Tseung Kwan O, Grade 4 Wang Yujiajie Memorial Primary School, and Grade 1 of Menghuang Huawo Memorial Primary School of Chinese Christian Church in Tian Jing Village .

Compulsory testing | 5 schools burst with respiratory infections on the list, including first-year students from Fu Primary School

[18:40] The tourism industry continues to halt, and outbound travel is a long way off.

Under the epidemic, Dongyingyou opened an online store to sell daily, Taiwan, and Malaysian products to allow employees to have income, which became the company's main source of income during the epidemic.

Yuan Haoyi, Executive Director of Dongying Tour, pointed out that the retail store was originally intended to be transitional, but the response was good. Today (10th) the travel agency store in Tsuen Wan was changed to a physical store. The retail business will become a long-term development, even if the tourism industry recovers. Continuing, we will also hire tour guides and other staff who were dismissed earlier, and temporarily recruit about 20 people.

Dongyingyou enters the retail industry and expects long-term development to increase its turnover during the trial period by 40% and hire tour guides

Dongyingyou EGL Market physical store opened today.

(Photo by Zhong Yan)

[16:35] The government announced that as the Singapore disease epidemic has gradually stabilized since early June, the governments of Hong Kong and Singapore will review the target departure date of the bilateral "air tourism bubble" in early July in response to the latest development of the Singapore epidemic. And announced the next step.

The spokesperson emphasized that the governments of Hong Kong and Singapore are still very much looking forward to the gradual and orderly restoration of cross-border exchanges through the "air travel bubble" under a series of stringent public health measures.

Travel bubble︱The Singapore epidemic is gradually stabilizing, and the departure date will be announced in early July

[16:20] Yang Runxiong was asked about the learning of Putonghua and simplified characters. He pointed out that Putonghua is now part of the local education curriculum. He also encourages students to learn simplified characters after learning traditional characters. There is no harm to benefit," because Hong Kong's contacts with the Greater Bay Area are predictably increasing.

[16:15] Nie Dequan said that the current government-purchased Coxing and Fubitai vaccines are sufficient for all Hong Kong citizens to vaccinate, and will continue to pay close attention to the incoming volume and arrange replenishment arrangements. Fubitai vaccines are currently insufficient in Hong Kong 500,000 doses.

Chen Zhaoshi pointed out that injections can improve the immunity of vaccinators against the virus and are a long-term way to protect themselves, while testing is to reduce the risk of infection.

"Injection and testing are not interchangeable, although testing can be done without knowing that there is a risk. But testing can't protect or improve immunity, so the best and only way is vaccination."


Yang Runxiong pointed out that if the vaccination rate in the school reaches 70% to 80%, it is indeed conditional to resume the full-day class schedule today.

He pointed out that there will be a related announcement later, emphasizing that vaccination "is the practice of protecting oneself and family members, and it is also a practice of social responsibility. Do not discriminate against discrimination. It should be the time to act for the interests of society as a whole.

If a teacher is indeed unable to get an injection due to physical reasons, constant testing is a measure that can also enhance safety or protect others, and we will continue to consider relevant arrangements in detail.


Nie Dequan reiterated that all community vaccination centers will be closed at the end of September. After that, only private clinics can be vaccinated with Kexing vaccination. As for whether there is still a place to vaccinate Fubitai vaccination, it depends on the venue arrangement, but it is certain. The overall inoculation capacity must be greatly reduced.

He also pointed out that if we want to regain Bitel: "The first shot will be given at the end of August. This is my message."

As for whether to make the information on the side effects of vaccination more transparent, Nie Dequan explained that after a few months of operation, the announcement strategy should be adjusted. It was announced at the first time, "It's not announced." He also pointed out that the government will have weekly press releases from July to explain the abnormal incident reports received in the past week. The injection and non-injection rates will be listed. When it's a picture, you won't see the trees or the woods, it's still open and open."

Yuan Guoyong advocates that the government continue to announce the deaths of vaccines

[15:35] Education Secretary Yang Runxiong refers to, as experts suggested that if the rate of vaccination in schools seven to eighty percent, is conditional may restart the "all-day classes," but also depends on the development of social epidemic,

"If the whole Hong Kong citizens are given injections together, and the epidemic will be more controlled, and conditions will be better for schools to resume normal activities."

[15:30] Chen Zhaoshi, director of the Bureau of Food and Health, said that according to the data submitted by Fosun Pharma, the Fubitai vaccine has a significant effect, the antibody is higher than that of adults, and it can prevent the disease 100%.

Many overseas drug regulatory agencies, including Canada, the United States, the European Union, and Singapore, have lowered the age of vaccination, which proves that the benefits outweigh the risks.

She also called on the school to actively participate and get vaccinated as soon as possible. Yesterday, she wrote to the dean of the medical school and related department heads, urging students to return to their alma mater to share their experience and relieve their doubts.

As to whether the age of vaccination with Fubitai will be lowered, it depends on the data submitted by the pharmaceutical factory in the future.

[15:20] The government held a press conference to explain the latest vaccination arrangements.

Nie Dequan, director of the Civil Service Bureau, said that the vaccination program has been launched for 105 days, and the vaccination age for Fubitai vaccination has been reduced to 12 years on June 3.

After adjustment, the population suitable for vaccination in Hong Kong will increase to 6.8 million.

He announced that there will be three ways to vaccinate school children.

The first method is tomorrow (from 9 a.m. on June 11) to vaccinate on the government’s appointment system website on the scheduled date.

The second method is to make a special appointment for pick-up and drop-off service to arrange to pick up students to the community center for vaccination; the third method is outreach vaccination service, where the government sends staff to the school for injection.

He specifically reminded that children who are getting injections need to bring their parents' consent form to the vaccination center for injections. The template of the consent form has been downloaded from the government website.

Nie Dequan pointed out that many vaccination centers are close to the school. Some of them can be passed by or are only 20 minutes away by car. The center has a professional team on site to provide services. Time will be reserved for the school. The government will arrange a school bus to pick up teachers, students, and parents. , It is a convenient and flexible arrangement to travel to and from the school and the vaccination center.

As for outreach vaccination services, as long as a certain number of faculty, students, and parents are vaccinated, the school has suitable venues and the school workers clean it, and the staff of the vaccination center can be arranged to give injections to the school.

Nie Dequan pointed out that the government will send a letter to all primary and secondary schools to explain the relevant arrangements later, starting on June 21 at the earliest, and picking up staff, schoolchildren, and parents to the center for injections, and outreach injection services as soon as June 28 Provide services to the school every day.

He said that as of 1 o'clock this afternoon, 1.622,000 citizens have received one dose, accounting for 24.7% of the total population of Hong Kong, but it is far from achieving herd immunity. Vaccine slowly every day."




We have stated that after September, 29 vaccination centers will complete their work. By then, private doctors will continue to provide Coxing vaccines, or there will be arrangements for certain groups that need to be vaccinated.

Director of the Food and Health Bureau Chen Zhao issued the "Ultimatum"

The new type of pneumonia is like a year in the sky and ten years in the world, which is terrible.

Think about how many things happened in four months, will you change it?

......If the elders have good spirits, many elders in their 80s are good spirits. Running around, they will fight against Bita, and also fight for science and technology.

The best vaccine is to enter the arm, and choose the one that suits you.

Liu Yulong, Chairman of the Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases, explains the revised guidelines for vaccination in residential care homes for the elderly

Certain groups will still be able to respond to Bitel news after September: for injections during follow-up visits by local medical management patients

[12:30] The Secretary for Food and Health, Chen Zhaoshi, said yesterday (9th) that after the community vaccine center ends operations at the end of September, private doctors will vaccinate the citizens with Kexing vaccine, and only certain groups can be vaccinated with Fubitai. vaccine.

According to the news, a certain group of patients is part of the Hospital Authority, and the authorities will deliver Fubitai vaccine to hospitals or outpatient clinics so that they can receive injections during follow-up consultations.

[11:30] This afternoon, Nie Dequan, Director of the Civil Service Bureau, Professor Chen Zhaoshi, Director of the Food and Health Bureau, and Yang Runxiong, Director of the Education Bureau, will meet with reporters on the arrangements for vaccination of school children.

According to the news, the school can make appointments for schoolchildren as early as tomorrow, and it will start next Monday (14th).

In addition, if the school has more than 300 people (including teachers, students and parents), you can make an appointment for vaccination outreach services and get an injection at the school.

There will be medicines on site, but it also depends on the school environment.

If the number of vaccinations is 20-30 people each time, the Civil Service Bureau will arrange vehicles to pick up the students to the vaccination center for injections.

New Crown Vaccine | Gao Yongwen: The vaccine protection period is less than one year, and herd immunization cannot be delayed

[14:15] The Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health announced that there have been two more confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia today. So far, the total number of cases in Hong Kong has been 11,875 (including 11,874 confirmed cases and one suspected case).

The two patients were imported cases. They were a 20-year-old man (#11874) who was found during testing after arriving in Hong Kong from the United Kingdom; the other was a 51-year-old man who arrived in Hong Kong from Mauritania and was in Tai Kok Tsui, Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Sheng Hotel was diagnosed during quarantine.

There are 2 more imported cases, 2 per capita with variant viruses, 3 consecutive cases in Japan, zero confirmed

The government raided the 6th building of Victoria Harbour in Tai Kok Tsui and checked 400 households and 12 people violated compulsory testing announcement

[11:51] A foreign domestic helper was diagnosed with N501Y mutant virus strain on the 6 blocks of Victoria Harbour above the MTR Olympic Station. The Hong Kong government raided the closed area on the 23rd of last month and arranged mandatory household testing.

More than two weeks after the incident, the Home Affairs Department went to 6 blocks of Victoria Harbour to enforce the law today (10th) and inspected about 400 persons under inspection. 12 of them violated the mandatory inspection notice and were fined $5,000.

No vaccine data under the age of 12 Xu Shuchang: It is still too early to lower the vaccination age and the threshold for hitting Kexing

[11:35] The two scientific committees under the Centre for Health Protection recommended last night (9th) that non-high-risk arrivals who completed vaccination in the future could shorten the quarantine period. Xu Shuchang, Chairman of the Scientific Committee on New Discoveries and Animal Infectious Diseases, this morning (10 Japan) The Hong Kong and Taiwan program stated that most people had good antibody levels 14 days after being vaccinated with the approved vaccine, and they had to be tested every two or three days, thinking that the risk of virus transmission was not high.

Xu Shuchang continued that there are currently no data on vaccination under 12 years of age, and it is too early to talk about further relaxing the age threshold for injections, and the committee has not studied reducing the vaccination age of Kexing.

Patients with variant virus in Tin Shui Wai take the Kingswood Villas Resident Bus NR955 and passengers must be checked

▼List of mandatory inspection buses and schools on June 9▼

▼Hong Kong government's new strategy for "Grain Needle": Benefits of vaccinated vs. vaccinated restrictions▼




▼The whereabouts of the three mothers and daughters infected with a variant virus in Tianshuiwei▼

▼The girl's sister who is infected with the mutant virus is recruited, and her whereabouts are at a glance▼




Under the epidemic, the Yulan Victory Society cannot set up a tent, and the Scholars Research Victory Society must be cancelled.

[08:00] The new crown pneumonia has affected different religious activities. Last year, in July of the lunar calendar, Yulan Shenghui was mostly cancelled due to epidemic prevention regulations and failed to build sheds in public places. This caused the Yulan Shenghui, which was already in a state of failure, and inheritance appeared. Dilemma.

Shue Yan University and Changchun Club will hold the "Hong Kong Chic Yulan Victory Club Comics and Short Film Release Conference and Forum" this Saturday (9th), hoping to understand the history of Yulan Victory Club in Hong Kong in different ways and understand Yulan Shenghui not only has religious significance, but also has the function of cohesive community.

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Vaccine Bubble|There are only 4 Class D dining establishments in Hong Kong including Four Seasons Hotel and The China Bar

[00:01] The government launched the "vaccine bubble", which divided restaurants into 4 categories. Category D restaurants can hold banquets with a maximum of 100 people. Each table can seat up to 8 people and open for dinning until 2 am. All employees are required to receive two doses of vaccine for 14 days, or check once every 7 days.

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department yesterday (9th) uploaded the list of category C and category D food and beverage establishments in Hong Kong to the special webpage. Among them, only 4 restaurants and bars in Hong Kong have registered to operate the category D model. Among them, bars and nightclubs are the main ones, and there is also Four Seasons Hotel. Ballroom.

A spokesman for the FEHD pointed out that after categorizing Category C or Category D catering premises, the FEHD will upload the names and addresses of the premises to the "Vaccine Bubble" thematic webpage, which will be updated from time to time for the public to search.

▼The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department announced the list of Category C food and beverage premises▼




▼See the details of the scheduled vaccination and side effects of Kexing and BioNTech in the three pictures▼

Yesterday's overview: new coronary pneumonia.

6.9|Add 4 input case experts: Elderly people who have had flu shots can get COVID-19 vaccine

The Science Committee agrees that from the age of 12, 7 adults in Bittai school have been able to resume classes.

New crown pneumonia | News: Schools over 20 people can take a special bus to the principal of the vaccination center to urge arrangements as soon as possible

China and Hong Kong relax the vaccination age, cross-border school buses will apply forbidden zone paper principals hope that primary and sixth students can return to Hong Kong in September

The quarantine period of the injections returned to Hong Kong has been reduced to 7 days, and the injection can be used to recover Bitai.

New Crown Vaccine|A total of 1.61 million people have been vaccinated by Chen Zhaoshi: From October onwards, they can only go to the clinic to get medicine

The Peninsula Hotel urges 70% of its employees to get injections within two months, if there is no improvement in the business, there will be a layoff plan

New Crown Vaccine | Park Island Passenger Transport requires employees not to take injections to be tested and vaccinated for two days with two days off

Hong Kong Airlines A320 passenger aircraft will be parked in July, and the pilots will have only one month's salary forecast for the half-year holiday.

Landfill employees can get up to 3,800 yuan for injections before the deadline, reaching 70% of the vaccination rate and sharing four-day leave

Vaccine Lucky Draw Privileges|Dream Cruises Grand Lucky Draw Grand Prize can be used for unlimited rides on Genting Dream in one year

New crown vaccine|Injection received 1,000 yuan from the grassroots, the Social Association points to consider low-income, residential housing first

Today, 4 more cases have been imported from Lebanon, a man who had come to Hong Kong had been injected with symptoms and had no source unknown for 4 days

Liang Zichao advocates two antibody tests for arrivals in the early and late stages of quarantine, but auxiliary measures are difficult to leak

Disney prepares for two years of daytime music party for summer vacation, but the night fireworks show is still indefinite

The government continues the current social distancing measures for 14 days, catering businesses or bars must choose one of two

Mark Six Lottery this Friday, with one bet of 46 million, starting from 6.15. Respond to draw 3 times a week

Vaccine Bubble|There are only 4 Class D dining establishments in Hong Kong including Four Seasons Hotel and The China Bar

Patients with variant virus in Tin Shui Wai take the Kingswood Villas Resident Bus NR955 and passengers must be checked

New Crown Vaccine|A total of 1.61 million people have been vaccinated by Chen Zhaoshi: From October onwards, they can only go to the clinic to get medicine

The quarantine period of the injections returned to Hong Kong has been reduced to 7 days, and the injection can be used to recover Bitai.

Consumer Coupons|Octopus avoids cashing out and bans transferring money to Octopus wallet prepaid cards, it is difficult for citizens to buy online


New crown pneumonia 01 Video I am home

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